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Thursday October 27th 2005, 9:30 pm
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I could not bare the torture last night. I kept reading kinky_husband’s blogs and becoming more and more aroused. I could not wait, I could not bare it so I masturbated. It did not feel as good as hoped. I needed some interaction…pain…a cock.

I bathed, put on tight, black panties and slutty red lipstick. I waited patiently for my husband to come in the room to see me laying there ready for the taking. He grabbed my breast and I squirmed, rubbing my legs together. Every touch he made I pressed into. He knew I was horny and knew I needed it bad. He got on top of me and shoved my legs apart. He pushed my head up and started kissing my neck. That one little action does so much for me. I am wet and I quiver. He comes close to kissing me and goes back to my neck. He doesn’t want to smear the slut, red lipstick on my face.

He moves off and lays right next to me. His mouth is dangerously close to my ear. He starts to whisper dirty words. My eyes roll up and I quiver. He fingers my clit and I grab my breast. My breathing grows heavy and panting comes around the corner. I wish I could remember every word he whispered. All I know is I was in heaven being a willing subject to each advance. At one point I am biting my tongue because the rush of pleasure is too much to handle.

He pushed the panties off and proceeds to lick my clit. I gasp and breathe. I squirm and every time I squirm, he lifts my right leg straight up and smacks my ass. I claw at the bed, at pillows. I needed this and it felt amazing. I grab his head and press him into me. I am lost in this moment. I want to be his personal fuck toy.

He flips me over and commands my ass up in the air. He wants to see my pussy. He licks all the way up and all the way down. He licks my asshole. I am going crazy as I shove my face into the bed and scream. He starts to bite my ass and pinches everywhere. He commands me to shake my ass for him. He wants me to beg for his dick in my cunt. Oh I beg…I wiggle…I shake…I want it.

He shoves his hard, thick dick into my wet pussy. He drops my ass down and spreads my ass apart. I wrap my legs behind him and lock on to his body. Each thrust is a release of my tension. He toys with my asshole, he rubs its, flicks it and even goes in a little. He smacks my ass over and over. I start to slam up against him, I want to hurt, I want to be fucked. I arch up and I look down to see that slut red lipstick smeared all over the comforter. He grabs my hair and pulls and I smirk. He knows what I want and knows what I like. He releases and his hand runs down my back as he scratches a little more then gently.

Pulling out he commands me to get up. I stand in front of him so vulnerable and used. He wants me to cum. We discuss what I should do. It is decided I will lay down and masturbate. He straddles my legs as I bury my face into a pillow. I am left with my thoughts and his touches. I slowly sway my ass from side to side. I am squirming finding my happy place. He comes down on my back and starts to bite. I arch up and I start to feel that orgasm to come to surface. It is a flood of emotions and tears stream. This orgasm was so long and satisfying. My husband lays to the right of me and I start immediately into a second part of this orgasm. He moves my hair from me face to see my sex expression. He loves it, he loves to see my face as I cum. He tells me to turn over and he shoves his fingers into my clenched pussy. The rush of another orgasm floods my body. I arch my back into this pleasure. Nothing runs in my mind except for the pure fact of this pleasure and pain. I sit there panting with my back still arched. I love my husband for feeding my desires.

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