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Thursday September 07th 2006, 2:06 pm
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E’s friend C is passing through staying a few nights again. i think we see him more now then we did before when he lived closer. i hinted at E this need i had. luckily he was calling in sick and was able to take care of me.

C is on the other side of our bedroom wall. E warns to be quiet. i can hear the tv blaring on the other side. but, the thought of him right there just a few feet away from my head. mmmmm.

i was laying back on the bed legs spread as instructed. E rests beside me and pushes in a smaller dildo in my cunt. i melt when he is working it in and out of me. my leg moves on to his lap as i am spread like the slut i am. i feel my body melt more and more.

“yeah you need this don’t you?” he whispers.

i am panting and gasping. my face displaying that pleasure that i have been aching for. i grab a pillow and moan into it.

“turn over.”

i turn over on to my knees pushing my head into the bed. he peels my black panties down enough to expose my ass and cunt.

“you want it in your ass?” he whispers.

i start shuddering. he starts to push the dildo. i am afraid he is going to push too fast and leave me in searing pain. he is slow and it easily pops in (perhaps those daily plugs were doing some good). he slowly moves it in and out of my. my whole body shakes as i stifle moans in the bed. his other hand gliding on my cunt and i am drenching his hand. i am getting wetter and wetter as he starts to fuck my ass faster. i start to feel something smooth press against my cunt. he forces in my other dildo. getting both holes fucked and i just lose it.

i notice the other side of the wall is quiet as i am sure my moans have peaked above what “quiet” should be. it makes me wonder if C can hear or if he is listening to the commotion on the other side of the wall.

everything gets pulled out of me and i am laying back on my back. i ask in a little girl voice for E to put both dildos in my cunt. i lay back and spread my legs wide.

he fidgets with cleaning things and comes to the bed and sits beside me again. he pushes in one and starts to attempt the second. he seems challenged like working a puzzle piece to get that second cock in. after some working i start to feel that pain of my cunt being stretched. mmmmm i gasp as he pushes it in. i feel like a whore having two cocks going in and out of me. the pain is delicious and i come hard on those two cocks.

he puts a fresh pair of panties on me and puts me on his lap. he stares me deep in the eyes and tells me i am such a slut. he tells me to repeat it and stare him in the eyes..”i am daddy’s slut.” he tells me to do it twice. i give him big eyes and pouty lips as i shake my head yes as he talks to me. he tells me he wants an “E” around my neck and that he still wants the “E” tattooed behind my ear. like a good girl i nod my head yes and he puts me to bed. i don’t even remember falling asleep.

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Wow… nice blog. I’m loving all the pictures you have on the side bar too. Very, very sexy doll.

Comment by Lola 09.07.06 @ 7:24 pm

Quite the kinky scenario, Gracie. And C didn’t have a clue? No . . . he must be taking a warm memory with him to fantasize over.

Comment by Cherrie 09.07.06 @ 9:16 pm

lola – thank you. i like your blog as well dirty girl.

cherrie – i am sure C knew. i wasn’t trying too hard to be quiet. i really got lost in the moment.

Comment by Gracie 09.07.06 @ 9:54 pm

that was incredible…..nice scene

Comment by Edtime Stories 09.08.06 @ 5:06 am

So very sweet … (well, compared to other posts … lol). Just imagine what went on in C’s mind …

You are so hot and sexy … fabulous !

Comment by Aragorn 09.08.06 @ 5:34 am

Perhaps you should give C a chance to join in. You could go for some true DP. The guys just have to be careful not to cross swrods, unless they’re into that kind of thing.

Comment by Al Sensu 09.08.06 @ 3:52 pm

ed – thank you *smile*

aragorn – mmmm yes, sometimes i can be tame. *wink* thank you!

al – mmmm that will happen. we are still searching.

Comment by Gracie 09.08.06 @ 5:50 pm

My god girl… what i wouldn’t give for one night with you!

Comment by Pandora 09.08.06 @ 7:47 pm

Lovely posting ..

I’m sure C had a glass up next to the wall 🙂

Comment by dirty thirties 09.09.06 @ 6:05 am

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