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Monday February 12th 2007, 12:01 am
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he gives me that mindfuck that sends my mind reeling and drenched panties. i sat there reading his words and shifting from side to side in my chair. my cunt was twitching non-stop. i kept pressing my cunt into the seat of the chair. my heart started to race as each word cycled through my blood.

i couldn’t take it anymore…i couldn’t.

“i have to go.”

he knew.

“stay hard, i wanna come knowing you are hard for me.”

i was well aware he would be raging and that he would have to force it away when anyone walked into the room.

i pulled out of the chair and checked for a wet spot, walked straight into the bedroom and dug for my rabbit. i starred at it with this anticipation of using it on myself, with my own hands. i pulled my white panties down and studied the wet spot. i felt it through the thin, see-through fabric and then tossed them aside.

i crawled into bed with a towel beneath me. i laid my head against the pillow and pushed the rabbit into my slippery hole. my finger hit one of the buttons and it started to vibrate and then started to rotate.

my head sunk into the pillow and my eyes closed. i could see vivid imagery and my breath quickened. i already felt i was there. my body jerked as i pushed the rabbit further in. i clenched the shaft and i could hear the motor struggling against my squeeze. i let up and heard it rev up again. i laid there fucking this ghost of what i read earlier. focused and at the same time lost behind my closed lids i thrust to this motion of lust.

i felt myself cumming on this fake, vibrating cock. i thought about my real, fleshy toy that breathed air. i put him between my legs. making this plastic cock him. objectifying my human toy to this plastic toy.

my body tensed and stiffened as i shuddered a last desperate breath in the empty room. i cursed him. he gets most of my orgasms and it fills me with a slight rage that he can do this to me with just words.

i clenched my teeth and slowly pulled out. i starred at the cum coated toy. what a waste to wash this down the drain with no one to lick it clean.

goddamn you.

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wonderful balance of desire and frustration……loved this.

thank you ed. i guess frustration can be a good thing at times.

Comment by Edtime 02.12.07 @ 4:34 am

Damn! I would, of course, have lovingly cleaned it up for you, but only after fucking my own ass with it for a while… I’m completely thrilled that you’ve found such fulfilling toys, both the human and the silicon-coated.

Tom i always keep learning a little bit more and more about you.

more toys are coming btw.

Comment by Tom 02.12.07 @ 5:27 am

It’s a rare thing to find someone who can fuck the mind so effectively. I find it to be so much better than someone who can just fuck the body. He really amplified the enjoyment of the rabbit (which I need to purchase).

yes, as i have said almost over and over, i prefer a great mindfuck over sex any day. there is something so much more satisfying and the fact that it can last for several days. it seems to stay longer in my memory banks.

Comment by Chris 02.12.07 @ 3:02 pm

The rabbit is an amazing toy, one I love to use on SMW. I’d love to hear about you using your plastic toy and real toy at the same time, we reach new heights of pleasure that way!

a toy is a toy. i always feel like i might break one or the other or even both. my fleshy toy would enjoy that. at least my attempts to break him apart.

Comment by SMH 02.12.07 @ 5:24 pm

Sometimes it’s a burden to bear the horrible weight of constant arousal, as though nymphomania was an entirely other entity taking over my body, and other days I’m reminded what a gift it truly is. The pleasures of the flesh, when partaken in with common sense, are one of the many gifts we’re graced with on this earth.

With your ability to write, you’re a gift as well.

aine, thank you. i don’t take to compliments very well.

i try to embrace constant arousal. as much as frustration can be so … well frustrating. i seem to enjoy the hurdles and waiting to get off. i am a being that is all about “anticipation”. i cannot stress that enough. it seems to be more arousing then the actual “act” itself. i hope that makes sense to you. if not, bug me. *wink*

also thank you for commenting and re-visiting. it is nice to see new “faces”. as always i am back logged in my reading. i try to make rounds when i can.

have a great one.

Comment by Aine 02.12.07 @ 5:42 pm

ahhhh…. feeding the beast. you are delicious.

you got it baby…the beast.

me delicious…well thank you.

but B, i wanna bite ya too. i bet you are just as yummy.

Comment by Bad Bad Girl 02.12.07 @ 5:50 pm

A great way to relieve my tension is to read how you relieve yours. Thanks!

well my dear i am glad to be a service. wow does that make me a whore yet? heh.

Comment by The Fury 02.12.07 @ 8:32 pm

i clenched the shaft and i could hear the motor struggling against my squeeze.

Killing poor little rabbits again are we?
You know toys get expensive. I think we should start sending each other gift cards for toy shopping 😉

And speaking of toys… I have a few to run by you.



mmmmm killing rabbits is the name of my game! yes toys are expensive but this one seems to be withstanding my cunt abuse.

my darling i am no toy expert, but indeed run them by me! that way i can see what to put on my wish list!



Comment by Desire X 02.12.07 @ 9:10 pm

I loved the frustration in this.

why thank you innocent. *smile*

Comment by Innocent 02.13.07 @ 3:34 am

what a shame indeed.. i would lick it clean for you.

mmmm now that is a sight i wanna see!

Comment by Pandora 02.14.07 @ 10:11 pm

The tension inside the sweetness, I an almost feel it myself.

And you say my light drives your darkness? Maybe the reverse is what we should examine.

mmmm, i am very willing to examine that.

Comment by Liras 02.21.07 @ 3:47 pm

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