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fuck the stress away
Friday May 12th 2006, 8:05 am
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i must admit my sex life is bipolar. when it is good…it is great and when it is bad…it is miserable.

last night was great. i wasn’t pushing, nor did i have expectations. i think he is starting to realize that i am stressed when i don’t get fucked. so, he took care of that.

it clicked to him last night, that i like it rough. he then tried to reason it, compare it to other women and i told him, well everyone is different. he seems to give me a little bit more each time of what i want without me expressing that desire.

this night was a combination of fucking me with a dildo and his cock. the words spewing out of his mouth were delicious and later confessed he thought they were a bit much (however, i immediately expressed my liking for his words). the one phrase that he said to me that i knew was arousing him because while he was fucking me and said it…i felt him grow ever so hard inside my cunt…

“i like giving you pain, it turns me on”

he commanded that i fuck this dildo like it was real. he told me to slow down or pound it harder. when he talks to me and says those dirty little things…he does not fuck my cock or you want my cock in your mouth. he says it…fuck this cock, you want a cock in your mouth. which implies to me in my deviant mind…someone else’s and not his. i must give him credit with his choice words to peak my arousal.

“get down on the ground and masturbate…now…now…now!” he demands.

i so submissively comply. he had thrown down a pillow and pointed at it as i laid on my stomach with a scarf around my neck. he straddles my legs closed and starts to fuck me with the dildo in my very tight cunt. i try to focus and the obvious comes to the front of my mind. i pull on it as it goes in and out of me without ease and within second i am flooded with a release that arches my back.

he tugs at the scarf and i focus to come again. he is getting his technique down in such a way that i come again with great intensity. yet, he does not stop and he squeezes at my neck as he forces his fingers inside my cunt and i scream, or at least try to.

just thinking about the intensity of those orgasms sends my mind reeling.

he then sits on the edge of the bed. tugs me up on my knees with the scarf stares into my face and brushing my hair away from my sticky face. he then looks down between his legs and pulls me towards his cock. i eagerly lick and suck on him. at that point…i felt utterly dominated.

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