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Monday April 02nd 2007, 11:59 am
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“come here,” i whisper spreading my legs pushing my mouth up against his ear. “i need you, i need your cock and need it now.” i press up against the bulge that is hardening just beneath the fabric of his pants. “come on, give me what i want,” i plea with a hiss. my hands grab at back of his shirt and feverishly pull it up over his head. “don’t fucking toy with me, you know i need this,” i snarl with conviction as i clench my teeth, give a curl to my lip while narrowing my eyes.

he smiles at me, i still don’t know what he’ll do.

“tell me grace, what is it that you NEED from me?” his tone is calm and full of malice.

“goddamn you, you know i need you to fuck me like a piece of meat,” i sneer going for the buttons of of his jeans. he pushes back quickly starring me square in the eyes.

“now grace,” he hushes with a smile.

what the fuck? is he really going to be coy with me while i am in this state? he has a grin on his face that is the ultimate tease. i am beyond dealing with teasing.

“now grace what?” my voice gets a little louder with a bitter tone. i try to calm myself. i pause to regain some sense of maturity. “please, please i need you to…fuck…me.” i say with composure and in all seriousness.

i watch his hands unbutton his jeans. my eyes fixated on what lies beneath the layers of material. i see his cock bounce out free from the prison of restriction. my lips part and i take in a small breath. my heart races faster and my skin starts to crawl with anticipation. i am already wet and never felt sluttier.

my legs are already spread as i lean back against my elbows eying him with suspicion. he crawls between my legs and wraps a hand around my throat and tightens with a force that restricts the blood flow to my head. my mouth gapes open instinctively even though it doesn’t help create more blood access to my brain. he snarls at me through clenched teeth, “is this what you want bitch? want me to fuck you like a piece of useless meat?” my eyes flutter under his grip and i fall back against the bed.

in one sweeping motion his cock is thrusting in and out of me with a force of uncaring lust. i don’t have that moment to enjoy his first insertion as i am over come with the “being fucked” sensation. my body is jerked with each thrust in and he never let up his grip around my neck. the whore in me has not recoil to my words and i just ooze wet lust for his invasive cock.

i can’t make a moan but the echo of a squeal or was it a grunt? more like a gurgle in my throat as he blew obscenities into my face. my head is dizzy with the lack of blood and the rush of his fuck. my body rattled against him like a motionless toy as he drilled his cock inside of me. my hands started to grab at his choking hand and slowly he lessened his grip around my neck. my mouth starts to move like a fish out of water as i am lost in this vertigo of an orgasm and blank thought. my body starts to squirm and panic as my orgasm hits with force of a collision. i gasp, scream, cry out i want to the world to hear the moment of my touching the heavens for a second.

he keeps grinding into me and i feel him tense up as i writhe beneath him, feeling the aftershocks of such intensity. he sends wave after wave of sensations in my cunt, through the core of my body reaching out of my limbs. his cock unloads into my swollen void and i close my eyes to really feel it inside of me, filling me. i always get off on him spilling his hot seed inside of me with the risk of conceiving.

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G, i love stopping by to see what new images you paint with your words. i am never disappointed.

and thank you for the nice bit of wood for the afternoon!

W, anytime my dear. you are so much fun, i cannot begin to describe it. *wink*

Comment by woodinhand 04.02.07 @ 12:36 pm

“i close my eyes to really feel it inside of me, filling me”

I love that.

mmmmmm yes. i am glad you love that.

Comment by Wendy 04.02.07 @ 2:09 pm

So intense, I worship this high you describe. Wonderful, as always!

thank you my dear Tom.

Comment by Tom 04.02.07 @ 2:47 pm



Comment by Bad Bad Girl 04.02.07 @ 2:47 pm

Wonderful, Gracie! Thanks for the arousing prose. Stimulating 😉 in a very, very good way!

oh sweet teacher, i am glad you enjoyed it. *smile*

Comment by The Teacher 04.02.07 @ 4:19 pm

I see you finally got impatient waiting for his initiation. I feel your pain. The craving overrides the principle. But at least you got fucked hard and hot. Good for you!

this fuck did not happen recently, but i miss it none the less.

but i ache and i still do.

Comment by Chris 04.02.07 @ 4:32 pm

You evil, evil muse of my twisted demented heart. Yet another story I must write for you? First on the list, a visit to “The Chair”, then “300 and 1″, now this…”Rare Meat”.

My walls are starting to look like a madperson lives here, bits of notepaper, scribbled in frantic prose. What next, sitting in the corner of my office in my underwear, writing, writing in Crayola red and black?

How do I keep the keys of the laptop from sticking when they’re covered in blood?


my darling S, i am glad i inspire such twisted words from you. i cannot wait to read what you have in store for me. *evil grin*

red and black…oh so nice.

Comment by silence up2nogood 04.02.07 @ 5:14 pm

Amazing as always! Heels!

thank you sexy one.

Comment by TeacherInHeels 04.02.07 @ 6:48 pm

Like a piece of meat huh? And what kind of piece would that be exactly? I’m guessing 100% Prime Rib myself. oh yeah.


as long as the piece you want is soft, tight, hot, yet raw oh and don’t forget wet. *wink*

Comment by ArtfulDodger 04.02.07 @ 7:40 pm

I’ve never been asked to fuck someone like a piece of meat, I’ve never thought about it…but now I’d luv to hear it.

never say never my dear.

Comment by The Fury 04.03.07 @ 8:06 pm

It gave me chills when you described the malice he spoke to you from… and being fucked like that, without sentiment, is one of my things. Love this post. A lot.

i am glad you enjoyed that so much Toy. *smile*

Comment by DL's toy 04.08.07 @ 7:25 am

Oh dear, so nice to identify … oooh yes

why thank you. nice to see new faces. do you have a blog as well? i like your name….”underused sex doll”. cute.

Comment by underused sex doll 04.11.07 @ 11:05 pm

Such a way with words. You devil!

You take me back to when I enjoyed getting soaked through and through with hot sticky semen, yet my knees were clacking the next day!

mmmmm, princess. *evil grin*

Comment by 1000sharppieces 04.17.07 @ 5:14 pm

mmm i love the “always get off on him spilling his hot seed inside of me with the risk of conceiving.” o also get off to that! such a naughty feeling. :}

yes, i enjoy that most taboo of thoughts and act.

Comment by Slut4Daddy 08.16.07 @ 9:00 am

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