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fuck me raw
Thursday November 23rd 2006, 11:57 am
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E was waiting for me and i was purposefully using V for foreplay. when i got what i needed and informed V of his “use” i had to stop our session to go to E as he kept calling for me. before i said my goodbyes to V he told me he “wished” that E would cum in my cunt and i take a picture of it seeping out of me. that way V could stare at it and lick it clean over and over again.

i slipped into bed squirming and wanted to be fucked, used, molested. it didn’t matter what it would be as long as he was invading my cunt. E teased with his hands and mouth but, i wanted his fingers to push aside my black panties and stuff me. i kept whimpering for him to finger fuck me. i wanted him to feel the wetness i came into bed with, the wetness that V caused. i feel his finger slip beneath my panties, “ooh you’re wet.”

i answer him with, “mmmmmm.”

his fingers push inside me, my back arches and his hand comes over my nose and mouth. my cunt floods his fingers and that starts the series of orgasms. he pulls me up and slams me to the edge of the bed draping my legs over the edge. he gets up to stand behind me, rubbing his cock against my sloppy wet cunt. he thrusts inside of me and i close my eyes to feel him move in and out roughly. his hands grab hold of my hips to yank me to and from him. his grip spreads my ass open wide for his view. i get off on this, i know he is looking and he spits right on my asshole and my head flies upward and back. i feel lost in this moment of a desperate grind and i am not not getting enough. he spits again and i can feel it drip towards the union of our bodies.

“do it again,” i hiss.

he spits again and i keep losing it. i slam myself against him and i can feel myself coming over and over. without warning he pulls away from me.

“put your feet on the ground, you bitch.”

i bend of the bed and the cold head of a dildo pushes into me. i can feel it spreading my cunt open forcefully to take it all. the pain hurts so good.

“damn you whore, your cunt is taking the whole thing. yeah, can you feel that? all the way to the balls.”

my body shudders as he rams my cunt, in and out, in and out. i start grunting as my legs shake and i start to wobble on my tippy toes. i feel myself coming on the edge of the bed. small screams fill the room as he yanks out the dildo to replace it with his fingers.

“stretch my cunt,” i slur.

i can fill him shoving three fingers, four fingers and his other hand joins him. i start screaming into the afternoon. i cannot get enough of the pain. i come again, push back, drop to my knees and pull his cock into my mouth. i can taste my cunt on his cock as suck him clean. he hardens in my mouth and starts to thrust into my throat.

“get on the ground and masturbate, now!”

my body buzzing, i lay on my stomach and start to masturbate. he sits on the edge of the bed resting his foot on my ass as he jacks off. i close my eyes and focus on what a sight this is, him jacking off looking at me like a piece of his property. i stare down at my breasts pressed against the floor and i pull upward to see their size. i start to grind into the ground, he shifts off the bed and as he starts cumming on my ass as it shoots up my back i immediately come convulsing.

panting limp against the ground all i could think of was taking a picture to show V. but, before i could even suggest it, E was cleaning up my back side smirking that some of his cum got in my hair.

maybe next time.

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Love the new site/template….. and wow that’s some afternoon. I’m jealous and horny now. 🙂

thank you doll. there is more to tell.


Comment by Samantha 11.23.06 @ 4:20 pm

There is a post to be Thankful for! (not that they all aren’t *wink*)

awww W thanks. sometimes it is hard to write, the next one is a good one. *wink*

Comment by WoodInHand 11.23.06 @ 9:11 pm

Ah, bliss story … ! Great new location. Updating my link as we speak … (send me the url for the avatar picture pls). Hugs !!

indeed bliss.

thank you kindly and i sent you an email love.

Comment by aragorn 11.24.06 @ 7:13 am

Im glad we have never met, we would kill each other !

heh, ya think? i have said that to someone else before.

Comment by Storm Rider 11.24.06 @ 7:13 am

Ah Gracie.. to see you covered in his cum laying there on the floor. *sigh* I would want to help clean that up.

you tease.

Comment by Pandora 11.24.06 @ 10:01 am

I am aching after reading this. Your desire is so honest and gripping I can taste it.

thank you doll. i am aching right now.


Comment by Bad Bad Girl 11.24.06 @ 6:34 pm

What a steamy scenario! Whenever I think I’ve seen it all, I come over here and learn someting new. That is so fucking hot . . .

why thank you cherrie. i like to keep it interesting.

Comment by Cherrie 11.24.06 @ 8:58 pm

*sighs* to be a picture hanging on the wall of that room – even if for just a moment – with a view of all that transpired and of gracie in all her sexiness, would be pure sexual bliss.

you are too cute cyris. thank you doll.

Comment by cyris 11.25.06 @ 4:16 am

Definately incredibly hot stuff…


thank you very much Naughty Boy.


Comment by naughtyboy 11.25.06 @ 11:36 am

Awww Sweetie… you know I would rather not tease 😉

mmhmmm. naughty girl.

Comment by pandora 11.25.06 @ 12:47 pm

I would say that that is fucked raw. Fucking hot and intense.

i couldn’t agree with you anymore. i was sore for a couple of days after that.

Comment by Chris 11.25.06 @ 1:03 pm

mmmmm- I came back for a second read… This is just delicious.

well that is a good thing. thank you. i am behind in writing.

Comment by Bad Bad Girl 11.26.06 @ 7:07 pm

Lately I haven’t had the tolerance to read other bloggers sex stories, they all started to seem the same… but this one drew me in right away. I was intrigued by the presence of V in addition to E and I liked the way he called you bitch.

This was my first time here, so I should probably go back and find the answers…

i completely understand what you mean.

thank you for visiting and i will have to visit your blog.

fyi, V and i go in depth not so much here, he just started a blog here ( you will find more history with E on this blog.

Comment by Miss Tender 11.26.06 @ 9:03 pm

I once had a guy tell me that i was too sweet and he could never imagine me saying “Fuck me Raw”…i should thank him,because that was the begining of my lust of kink…just to spite him….later.his friend heard me hiss”Fuck me Raw”

shame on that guy, his loss.

i like the twist….”his friend.”

Comment by La Petite Morte 05.29.07 @ 12:40 am

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