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fuck me here, fuck me now
Thursday February 22nd 2007, 10:05 am
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an hour after he had used me i was already ready for me. it is funny, the more you get fucked, the more you want it. i think that holds true for me.

“tomorrow morning we’ll play before i have to go to work.”

i accepted his answer and went to bed.

the next morning i woke up before him and went to what i like to call my “fuck room” and checked emails. i had the tv on and lazily laid around in my panties waiting for him to wake up.

he slumbered into the room a little while later and laid beside me. i started to squirm against him and he knew. his hand would graze my warm skin and grope at my nipples or trail between my legs as i would thrust hungrily against his hand. he pushed my panties down and without haste i kicked them off.

he crawled between my legs, pushing them wide to accommodate him. he hovered over me like a beast as he rubbed his cock up and down my wet slit and slid it inside of me. there is nothing like the feeling of his cock, no matter how many dildos or vibrators he shoves in and out of me…it is his cock that i crave to fill and fulfill me. my nails dug into his broad back and i saw slightly flinch at the pain. i love gripping his back, his large arms. i feel safe with him and i feel so small beneath him. his head nuzzled into my neck as he raked his teeth against my sensitive flesh. i groaned and sucked in a mouthful of air as he bite and sucked. i tightened around his cock as i pulled my legs up to allow him full penetration. i never want him to stop as clenched his cock so tight with this dying need for him. i hate when he pulls out of me, it always sudden and too soon for me. this physical connection and intimacy makes me feel whole with him.

i turned over with my ass in the air tempting him to fuck me again. his hands dug into my hips as he pushed back inside of me and i always let out a gasp when i feel that first thrust. i pushed my face into the pillow and gripped the edge of the futon as he railed into me with a force of punishment. his right hand reached around and pulled on my breast as he didn’t hesitate with his rhythm. he squeezed and hissed at me. when i hear him i feel i am cumming over and over. i get so lost, yet so focused on him going in and out of me.

he slapped my ass and my head shot upward. his hands dug into my ass and spread me open. i love when it when he stares at my asshole. i always want him to take it and use it. it is rare. he only defiles my ass when he wants to put me in place and he knows i want it. it is one of those rare treats that he will take advantage of that “other” hole.


last night was the first night in a week that we were awake and in the same room at the same time. we were in the tub and i turned over to let him “wash” me. he ritually lathered the soap and trailed it between my ass and down my pussy. i waited patiently with my head at the edge of the tub resting against the wall pushing my ass further out of the water. i waited…and waited. hmmmm he never invaded my cunt. he got out of the water and was toweling off as i sat there still.

“hey, you didn’t wash me.”


“you didn’t put your fingers inside me like you usually do.”

we started talking about plans for the weekend as i heard him pushing on a latex glove on his hand. i had a slight grin. he knelt at the edge of the and pushed in his fingers as he continued talking to me. i gasped and pushed my head into the wall. he kept talking and realized i wasn’t responding as he dug into my cunt. i clenched and shook.

“spread your legs.”

i pushed them apart to the width of the tub as he pushed in another finger. i kept pushing my head against the wall and had nothing to grip. i couldn’t even squirm or move as my legs would make small waves in the tub water. he kept fucking my cunt with his fingers till i came clenching him.

he pulled out and i turned to my side with a smile as i watched him pull off the glove.

we have a lot of making up for lost time to do. i am not sure that will even happen this weekend. maybe tomorrow morning.

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mmmm, Grace. I love it when you are like this. Craving…

yes i know and this weekend is not going to help my craving. i only hope that i have some “alone” time to masturbate.

i hope you are feeling a little better sweety. i am so sorry.

Comment by badbadgirlx 02.22.07 @ 1:15 pm

“it is funny, the more you get fucked, the more you want it.” So fucking true. So true! That’s why the binges with #2 are so damn hard on me. So much sex then nothing, and I’m left reeling.

I have to say that I fucking loved this post. The language you used to describe your connection with him with sex is outstanding. It truly painted its effect on you. I loved it. 😉

thank you chris. i say if you keep going without you won’t know what you’re missing till #2 comes back and fucks your brains out. do you at least have phone sex?

Comment by Chris 02.22.07 @ 4:19 pm

yr words certainly ring true …….

now that i am aroused with yr words ….. am heading to my woman for a ” fuck me here, fuck me now ” !!

good. i hope it’s good. i am sure it always is with you K.

Comment by kindabiz 02.22.07 @ 9:13 pm

you excite me.

i am very glad sweet and yummy pan.

Comment by Pandora 02.22.07 @ 9:34 pm

Cleanliness is next to godliness.

mmhmmm and i am glad i do that at least twice a day. makes me happy.

Comment by Al Sensu 02.22.07 @ 10:12 pm

God, I’m hard. Gonna need to stroke myself for an hour or so and not cum after reading that. Such exquisite turns of phrases, absolutely divine.

thank you tom.

i hope the torment pains you so.

Comment by Tom 02.23.07 @ 5:43 am

Whatever room Evil is in is a fuck room!!! WhoHooOOo! Hot daaaamn woman you get my volcano ready to erupt and knock over villages!!

then get over here.

when you knock over villages do you rape and pillage?

Comment by EvilDodger 02.23.07 @ 10:43 am

Damn that was incredibly hot. I need a fuck room…simply cuz it has a cool name.

i like a “fuck room”. i wish a had a basement so i could convert it into a fuck floor. *wink*

Comment by The Fury 02.23.07 @ 10:46 pm

Confession: Ive masturbated in your “fuck room”…more than once. 😉

HA HA! i knew it! that room is arousing..nah not really. it’s just naughty. at least the futon hasn’t fallen apart yet. i know it is barely staying together as is. i think we “broke” it within the first year of owning it. i remember that night. i was on top and somehow wedged my foot into the space of the wood and used that as my anchor. as i came we heard it crack. we laughed. it was in our living room at the time with the blinds open as cars whizzed by the window. i miss that place sometimes.

Comment by Bunny Lebowski 02.24.07 @ 12:05 am

i love this…you are so right. i am so turned on right now…i need a fuck room.

mmmmm that is good to know.

Comment by darkpixie 02.25.07 @ 12:58 pm

Love the morning session on the sofa. Perfect way to start the day.

why thank you jem!

i only wish every day was like that.

Comment by Jemima 02.26.07 @ 6:12 am

It is nice to see this passion…thank you, inspiring….

thank you Ed. it is always good to help in any regard.

Comment by Edtime 02.28.07 @ 10:57 am

This was worth reading more than once. I love the way you play!
Gracie baby, you are a total slut! But then that’s what we love about you. Raw, horny and undeniably fuckable. A girl after my own heart 😉

Love you babe


awwwww it takes a slut to know one. *wink*

thank you for the email to sweets.


Comment by Desire X 02.28.07 @ 10:57 pm

“no matter how many dildos or vibrators he shoves in and out of me…it is his cock that i crave to fill and fulfill me”

If I could only make Tiger understand this. I think men think as long as we get our cunt filled with ‘something, anything’ then we are satisfied. but it doesnt work that way with us women does it gracie?

yes my dear we always crave a little more then the obvious, yet it is so simple. fuck me with you cock and use your mouth to talk filth in my ear or suck on my flesh. we are not that complicated.

my kitty, you would be so easy to get you to purrrrrrr.


Comment by kitty 03.03.07 @ 6:05 am

Hi love the story its got my cock rock hard and wanting to fuck.Is there any way i can get a pic of u? Dose not have to be nude pic. I just would love to see u. Thanks for reading my reply. Bye sexy.

i am sorry, if i don’t know you…no pics.

Comment by Travis 08.20.07 @ 10:54 am

am so turn on that I Want a cock in me right fucking hot

Comment by precious 04.08.17 @ 10:31 am

Its impossible to out run Grace. Grace is true love

Comment by Friend 12.17.08 @ 11:04 am

I want to fuck your ass…

how nice to say to someone you do not know.
how about i fuck your ass?

Comment by Dean 02.20.09 @ 6:59 am

Fantastic n straight to the point… Thanks gal.

Comment by joseph 07.25.09 @ 12:55 pm

if only..

Comment by Roger 08.17.13 @ 5:00 am

I want to fuck now

Comment by joe 08.24.13 @ 2:46 pm

Joe, Yes, I know that feeling all the time.

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 08.27.13 @ 11:10 am

enyone would like to sext me

Comment by talor 09.09.13 @ 8:31 pm

just start saying what you would like to do to me

Comment by talor 09.09.13 @ 8:33 pm

I will rock your world and any other world you throw at me

Comment by ken 12.08.13 @ 9:15 pm

food for thought I’m a young male with a lot of ex’s that say I’m too much for them is there a real woman that can handle a real man like me

Comment by buck 03.17.14 @ 1:26 pm

email me. Hot creamy and ready when can you be here? I am very hot and very creamy. Whating for a large cock. Black would be fun; white is okay. Sucking you now. I have a very deep throat. XOXO Fuck me soon please….

Comment by Jodi 05.20.14 @ 10:21 am

I could fuck you better

Comment by Devin 06.26.14 @ 2:11 pm

Loved..just sad it ended like that

Comment by Morgan 07.06.14 @ 12:07 pm

Morgan, Sometimes reality is just not as sexy as fiction. 😉

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 07.29.14 @ 4:44 pm

My #is 9

Comment by Jafar Awineh 08.11.14 @ 8:47 pm

I want u fuck me im man have nice body as well

Comment by Cleancy 10.01.16 @ 3:51 pm

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