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Saturday September 09th 2006, 7:07 pm
Filed under: Deviant Dreams

our eyes keep catching one another in the room. we aren’t not supposed to let on that we fuck like two starving sluts at every chance we get. i am rather surprised that you had the gull to come to my show. it just makes that tension more delicious baby.

your eyes watch and it is obvious. i know you are waiting, waiting for everyone to clear out so you can help christen my work. i feel your eyes burning behind me. i sway my hips from side to side my black dress and heels. i glance back with a laugh giving you that…”fuck me” look. i see you shift as you stand as my head glances forward. you watch me take the hand of a male guest and round a corner.

the bulge in your pants needs to be dealt with. you walk to get a drink while making quick and not so subtle adjustments to your swelling cock. you are curious to know why i have left the room, but you know i am either sucking that guy off or letting him rail me quickly. you cock swells more at the the thought of me wearing nothing underneath and how convenient for a slut like me.

as you are pretending to care about my work hanging on the walls you swear you hear a muffled moan.

“cunt,” you slur into your drink as you take a swallow. yet, your cock twitches in your pants.

“mmmm, how ya doin babyyy,” i whisper into your ear. you jump a little at the sudden arousal. you feel my hand graze your cock and pat it as i walk away to get a drink.

you notice a tied scarf around my neck. you study my attire. no pantie line. if you could just get your hands on that scarf and “adjust” it for me. watch my cunt juices seep down my legs like a cheap whore. another twitch in your cock.

“fucking slut,” you murmur as you finish your drink.

you walk over to get another drink as i stir mine with a “i just got fucked” grin.

“you know grace, most people have these types of gatherings for spreading their name around the community, not their legs,” you whisper into my ear.

my smile grows to a laugh and i look deep in your eyes. i step in towards your ear, “i know baby, but since you are here, i might as well make it fun for you,” i coo.

i walk towards a different guest and your eyes follow like a jealous ex-lover. you fight a snarl as your cock is throbbing in your pants. your eyes follow me again around that same corner as i glance back at you with a wink.

“goddamn that whore,” you mumble as you down your drink in one swallow.

you contemplate leaving, but your cock keeps you in place. you want your fucking turn even if it means you are the dead last.

–to be continued–

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