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free will III
Tuesday September 12th 2006, 11:03 am
Filed under: Deviant Dreams

“baby come up here and get on all fours for me,” i whisper. “first, take everything off baby.”

i get up from the bed and pull my dress off. i watch you pull everything off. your hard on is flaccid. i walk over to M and kneel before him taking his cock in my mouth. M looks down at me and stares at your on all fours with your ass to us. i can feel M throb in my mouth as he stares at you baby. you sitting there waiting like a cock hungry slut. goddamn baby.

you can hear me slurping behind you. your cock twitches hard again. you feel so tortured as M gets my mouth and you don’t. you wonder how long is going to take till i let you cum. your cock is leaking precum now. the slurping stops and you hear me clicking my way back towards you.

“mmmmm baby, don’t you look so fucking ready to get fucked,” i coo as i grab your tight, full balls and squeeze them hard.

“unnnggggg!” you let out.

“ooooooo babyy,” i slither. “did i hurt you?” i baby to you.

“cunt,” you whisper.

“mmmmmm yesss baby, but you are the one getting fucked in yours tonight,” i hiss. “i am going to fuck your cunt baby, yeah fuck that tight cunt of yours.”

your cock twitches at the thought. then you start to wonder what M’s role was in all of this. you are certain he is not here to watch. you knew if someone was going to watch i would have a whole audience to adore our actions.

i spit on your cunt and you feel a lubed head press against your tightness. without any warning or working, in i shove my cock in you. you scream in pain. as i start fucking you hard and fast shoving in 9 inches into your cunt. you start grunting as the pain is constant and pulsing.

“mmmmmm babyyyy, did i hurt you going in?” i say in between thrusts.

i straddle your left leg as i fuck your cunt. i reach under to grab hold of your cock.

“oh, aren’t you fucking hard my slut,” i say in excitement. my nails start to dig in your cock. you hiss in pain and twitch as i continue to fuck you. i start to rub my cunt on your leg. you twitch again.

“mmmmm you like that baby? you like my cunt on you as i fuck your cunt?” i keep rubbing slowly. you can feel my wetness coating your skin.

you feel the bed shift and you look forward. it is M with a hard cock right in your face. you close your eyes. this could not be happening. he pushes the head of his cock into your mouth. you don’t even fight it since this was all the plan.

i start laughing, “goddamn baby, you fucking slut! you got all your slutty holes filled tonight! take that cock and suck it like a good slut. do it right baby or you going to be spending a lot of time practicing.”

you start to suck and he grabs the back of your head and just forces all of him inside of your mouth. he starts to fuck your face as i start to pound your cunt. you are grunting and almost gagging as he gets into your throat. M starts to grunt as his thrusts increase. goddamn baby you look so good sucking his cock. so fucking good my slut.

this is not what you had in mind for your turn with me. you are expecting M to cum down your throat but he stops and pulls out. he gets off the bed and walks around towards me. is he done, you question yourself. it is hard for you to think as your ass is getting railed by me. the nails in your cock are digging in further and the cunt on your leg is moving faster.

the thrusts in your ass slow down slightly and to a stop. you dare not look back in fear. you start to feel M’s cock press against your cunt.

“oh fuck,” you blurt out.

“mmmmhmmmmm baby, you are taking two for me,” i coo. “yeaahhhh baby so fucking hot. fuckkkk i wannaaaa cummmm n-nooowww.”

M’s cock presses and forces in you yelp in pain. he does not ease his thrusts he grabs your hips and fucks you like a bitch. the pressure of two cocks in your burns and sears. your grunts are more like yelps, over and over. M is grunting and we can tell he is going to cum in your cunt at any minute. my cunt is rubbing you feverishly. all at once M cums deep and hot in you, i scream with an intense orgasm while letting go of your cock and you scream in pain as my nails release their grip.

M pulls out of your used and stretched cunt and walks out of the room, closing the door. i lay beside you as you fall from your all fours position. i lay there panting glassy eyed as you are red in the face with beads of sweat on your forehead.

“oh fuckkk babyy,” i slur. “that was so fucking amazing.”

i stare at you as you look pained and used. your cock is bleeding from the nail bites. yet, it is still hard and aching.

“awww baby, you didn’t have any fun?” i whisper. i don’t expect an answer as i get up and take your cock in my mouth.

you groan with a longing need. my mouth is fucking heaven to you. but, my cunt is what you want so badly. i tongue your cock up and down and take it all the way in with long strokes. you grunt and thrust in need. you cannot even contain yourself to enjoy it and you lose your load in my mouth.

i crawl up to you with a throaty laugh as my mouth touches yours. you open to kiss me and i let your cum slip from my mouth into yours. i press my cunt into your stomach as we kiss and let you clean my mouth with your tongue.

“such a goddamn slut baby,” i whisper into your mouth.

“i want your cunt grace,” you whisper back.

“i know baby, not tonight. my cunt is sore.” i coo with a smile.

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That was wicked.. but oh so good.

mhm, it’s always good.

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