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free will II
Monday September 11th 2006, 12:00 am
Filed under: Deviant Dreams

glancing around the room you realize it is all men. that is not a coincidence you think. your mind dances around the idea this is just a front for me to be this free whore. you could be right baby.

several drinks in you, you watch the crowd slowly dwindle down. you are not sure if you are seeing things but at one point you swore you could see wetness running down my inner thigh. your cock twitches again. your growl a little with torment. you would think i would slow down and look disheveled, yet i appear to be in the same state i was in at the beginning of the evening. not even a wrinkle nor stain on my black dress.

your eyes follow me possessively as i wonder, leave, reappear and repeat. your cock is throbbing in your pants as a constant reminder you have not cum in days at my request. yet, i kept calling and emailing you with teases beyond belief that had you saying “fuck it” and jack off to a hard come. it hurts right now and you know i am enjoying it as i still make glances at you each time i leave and enter the room.

looking around you notice i am walking around the corner with the last man. you start to walk that direction with woozy steps. rounding the corner you see a door ajar with a faint light flowing from the crack. you can hear me full moan and gasping. your cock twitches again.

“goddamn her,” you mumble while grabbing your cock giving it a good squeeze.

my moans and gasps put you in a trance. so familiar with so many memories. you inch closer and closer with your hand still on the bulge in your pants. right through the crack you see a man’s ass standing, pants around his ankles and my legs spread and wrapped around his thrusting body. you wish you could see more of me instead of the block railing me. you close your eyes and listen. you hear the man cumming in me as he groans with a hiss. your eyes peep open and you see me starring you straight in the face with a grin. the man starts to pull up his pants you see me grab his hands.

“no baby,” i coo. let me clean you up first. with that i finger for you to come inside the room.

you redden with embarrassment and furry. your hand pushes from the bulge before the man can see you. you hesitate to enter, but slowly you force yourself to. you want your fucking turn.

“M, i would like for you to meet V,” i gesture as you walk in. “V is my slut and he is going to clean your cock for you.”

your eyes grow large as those words roll off my tongue. you stare at M and he just grins back at you and his cock hardening. you stare at me in a slight panic and i give you that look of “you better not disappoint me or else” look.

your cock softens in you pants and walk over to M, kneel and give me a final glance. i just smile and nod for you to start. M’s cock is right in your face, sticky and hard. you lightly pull his cock up and your mouth opens and you put the tip on your lips. you can taste my cunt and some of M’s cum. you start to lick hesitantly and you are fighting the idea of just vomiting everything at M’s feet.

“we don’t have all night baby, i suggest you hurry it up before i let M cum in your mouth,” i moan as i am touching my dirty, wet cunt.

you start licking M underneath to the tip, side, top as your hand touches him as little as possible. you can feel him throb and twitch as you hit the head of his cock. pre cum i leaking from him. you would rather be choking me to near death right about now.

“mmmmm you are such a good fucking slut baby,” as i come on the bed. you try to catch a glance of my legs spread and fingers deep inside. you see the mess on my cunt. your cock twitches.

“come here baby,” i whisper while licking two fingers clean. “crawl to me babyyyyy,” i moan.

you move on your hands and knees to get away from M’s hard cock. M grabs up his pants without fastening them. he walks over to a chair and sits with his cock in hand slowly stroking.

“clean me baby,” i moan. “clean the cum from me.”

you are not surprised by this request. you cannot count how many men came in my cunt this evening. all of them inside of me, dripping out of me and running down my thigh.

“you are such a dirty slut baby,” you whisper as you position between my legs.

“mmmmm yesssss, but you are the one cleaning me baby,” i coo. “did you know that the first sperm inside keep a army behind to fight off sperm that is not the same?” i say as a matter of fact to you as your tongue glides up my thigh.

you could care less about sexual facts as you choke down the various mixes of cum from my body. you feel my body shudder as you fight your way closer to my messy cunt that oozes with fresh cunt juices and cum.

“you really are a goddamn cum slut grace,” you hiss.

“mmmmmmhmmmmmm,” is all i can muster. the thought of you cleaning me with you tongue is making me come baby. i had been fucking all night let all those men cum deep inside of me one after another just so you could lick me clean. “g-god-damnnnnn,” i moan.

you are so close to my cunt, the center of the mess. it looks hideous but you cannot help but twitch because underneath is a cunt that you are addicted to. you start low with one long sweep upward, i gasp and buck. you gulp fast and take a moment to comfort your gag. you go back to my clit, that you want to feel so bad with you tongue and i sit up pushing your head back.

“goddamn baby, that is so fucking good,” i moan. my legs still spread wide in front of you.

your cock is twitching. you need to cum so bad. this evening has been pure torture.

i stare past you at M who is stroking his cock watching and listening. then my eyes meet yours with a grin.

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