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fluid speak, molest me
Thursday March 29th 2007, 6:28 pm
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he was on the phone with C again. this seems to be a reoccurring routine for what seems to be an inconvenient time for me. yet, i still do not say anything. i was running around the house in panties and tight t-shirt. i had to be clothed somewhat, i was still sick. his talking is like a machine to me with its rhythms and fluid flows. sometimes i tune it out and other times i tune it in. i especially tune in to his speech patterns when he is molesting me. it is a high turn on for me.

i am in the kitchen at the sink cleaning up and comes in behind me without warning and bends me into the sink and pulls down my panties. one would think his talking would be affected by such gestures and yet not one pause, not one overly pronounced word, not a flinch on his part. he keeps talking as if nothing has happened and he pushes the dildo inside of me and starts to fuck me with it without care. i grip the cold tile and puff ever so quietly into the sink and i focus on his speaking. i wonder if he would even make a notion if i was sucking his cock while on the phone. he exerts force on the arm that fucks me and yet not a heavy breath or grunt escapes his hypnotic speaking.

just yesterday i was on the fuck bed and he motioned for me to come to him. i stood before him like a girl with big eyes, he pulled off my shirt, tugged on my still sore nipples and whispered to me to take a nap behind him. i am not certain if C can hear his requests for me. i even wonder if C finds it so hard to believe that i would be talked to in such a manner without protest. i am sure C could care less but the thought just adds fuel to my own fire.

i crawled on the bed in my thong, sat on my legs as i positioned the pillows as such, making sure that he caught a glimpse of my cunt snug against the fabric of my attire as i had to pick up pillows that have fallen against the wall. i slightly turned my head to catch him starring in my peripheral view. i slowly positioned myself on my stomach laying down making sure to stick my ass just a little bit up for his viewing pleasure. i laid there with my eyes closed listening to his words flow like a river through my ears, into my mind and out again.

“hang on a sec,” he says into the phone. i hear the phone hit the desk, the chair squeaks as he gets up and i feel him on top of me. his mouth in my ear and his hands grabbing, groping at whatever he can reach. i moan into the pillow and thrust my ass up against his body. he pinches and grabs at my ass and takes a few smacks. he gives me a parting kiss and resumes his conversation.

sometimes he drives me wild.

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oh yeah baby, that would do it, got my fire lit tonight and here I am Ladyless this evening. Oh well, sure to be interesting dreams tonight. *bite*

i hope you have pleasant dreams my dear.

how dare you be ladyless.


Comment by ArtfulDodger 03.29.07 @ 6:56 pm

oh my.. what a delight!

*smile* thank you love.

Comment by Mina 03.29.07 @ 9:51 pm

he drives u wild ????

darling …. U DRIVE ME WILLLDDDD !!!

goood K.


Comment by kindabiz 03.29.07 @ 10:16 pm

This post is erotic literary perfection, so tantalizing and with such lurid and perfect details. Incredibly sexy, hits every button just the right way!

thank you my dear tom. i am glad we talked on friday. you always put a smile on my face.

Comment by Tom 03.30.07 @ 5:05 am

OMG. Such a tease he is! That would kill me. My fuck buddy plays with me when I’m on the phone, and I am so completely distracted. It takes ALL of my focus not to moan to the other person. I can understand this turn on. It turned me on just to read it. ๐Ÿ™‚

*laughing* yeah why i don’t let anyone play with me while i am on the phone. of course i can be a brat and mess with someone while they are on the phone. *evil grin*

Comment by Chris 03.30.07 @ 6:40 pm

As one who likes to use and tease, I love the imagery of him just standing there on the phone thinking, should I flip the TV on, or go make Gracie cum? TV or Gracie?

Now if we could get you a usb port installed, we all could casually use you on a whim. “” what a money maker it would be,


OH MY GOD S!!! that sounds fucking good to me! i would trust you and your handy skills and tools would rig something up for me. there is that internet rabbit vibrator. wanna play?

i am down for!

Comment by silence up2nogood 03.30.07 @ 7:47 pm

I would love to distract you while you were trying to focus on something else..

i bet you would B. *wink*

Comment by Bad Bad Girl 03.30.07 @ 9:35 pm

I can’t do it. If J touches me when I’m on the phone I have to hang up! He can stay as cool as anything though. How wonderfully erotic. I must where less around the house ๐Ÿ˜‰

you are so cute jem. YES you should wear less! *wink*

Comment by Jemima 03.31.07 @ 5:26 am

“sometimes he drives me wild.”…other times I want to kill him for leaving his socks on the couch.


oh damn girl don’t get me started on that side! *wink*

DUDE aren’t you here??? i need to check your flight itinerary! i gots to see you!!!

Comment by Bunny Lebowski 03.31.07 @ 9:07 am

Phone- sex– him– OHMYGOD.. I have done it when he is home and wondered HOW could he not know?
But then .. I am good at the lies and such.
Too bad he doesn’t want it more– what fun he would have!

that is very bold.

Comment by lea 03.31.07 @ 7:50 pm

Hell, he is driving me wild, too!

mmmmm you wild my dear angel? i’d like to witness that. *evil grin*

Comment by Liras 04.01.07 @ 6:32 am

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