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flesh feast
Monday April 23rd 2007, 10:06 am
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my eyes starred into your devouring eyes as they moved in towards me. i closed my lids as your mouth met mine wetting your appetite, tasting my lips and tongue. you pulled at my bottom lip letting go as your hand pushed up my shirt exposing my flesh for your ravishing. tugging at my nipple without care your teeth grazed upon me like a piece of meat. your hand came down slapping at my free breast as you tenderized it adding heat with your advances. you force my arms above my head as you had your rough way with my soft flesh.

i yelped and cried out in pain but when on deaf ears as you moved your down to unwrap my cunt. you only pulled my panties off one leg and wrapped your hand in the fabric forcing my legs to spread for your liking. making me fit to your size, making accommodate you. once again your hand stung at my bare wet folds of my cunt. i hissed and twitched at the searing pain. your hand stroked your cock preparing it to skewer me and i took in a deep breath before you hand closed down over my mouth as you cock invaded me with its full length and no remorse. i pushed back against the bed trying to alleviate the stabbing of your cock deep within me. i start to starve for air as i wrench and groan against your lid of a hand. you lift the cover to let me suck in life and continue to ram me. i can’t grip and bite your flesh, instead i hold fast on to the wood of the futon. my muscles tense and swell holding on for dear life.

your cock pulls out of me, i know it is not over, i know you are not done, i know i am not quite “done” and i don’t want you to stop. fierce hands grab me and flip me on to my stomach and my face buried into the mattress. your fire poker penetrates my insides even deeper as my muffled grunts press hotly into the cushion. my ass is spread apart,  so far that i feel i will tear and bleed. thumbs rub my tightness and stretch me further. my ripe clit rubs against your cock mixing pleasure with my pain and i just encourage your sadistic torment by pushing back against your vice grip. i feel a slow wetness every so slightly hit right on my tightness and my eyes roll into the back of my head. i start jolting back and to put the point more bluntly, i hear your mouth gather and spit right in the center of my ass. my head throws back and i come in a flash of color and light. i tighten and grasp the sheets as you make your final thrusts spilling your cum inside of me. i fall limp against the bed panting and marinating in your feast.

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Very intense, I love the mixing of so many delicate areas, erogenous zones. I know you’ve wanted that for so long – I’m happy you’re getting it.

thank you Tom. i may be getting it, but not often enough. *wink*

Comment by Tom 04.23.07 @ 2:52 pm

There is such a thin line between pain and pleasure, between agony and ecstasy.

That was some read! I am exhausted 😉

thank you Teacher. me exhausting you? hehe. *wink*

Comment by The Teacher 04.23.07 @ 3:47 pm

that was electric.

i think i stopped breathing at, “unwrap my cunt” and only began again after, “marinating in your feast” – my two favorite phrases in here.

very hot. i want to eat you from the inside.

mmmmm thank you love. those two of my favorite lines in there.

Comment by The Provocateur 04.23.07 @ 5:53 pm

Evil doesn’t mind you telling everyone what we’ve been up to, but setting such a high bar for others to reach for doesn’t seem fair!! Oh baby, that was a rocket red glare high-hopping jump up and down and spring BBQ on the beach winning lottery number kinda night!! WhoooHooOOoOoO!! *bite*


uh huh Evil.

all you baby. all you.

*many bites*

Comment by EvilDodger 04.23.07 @ 6:40 pm

Fucking wonderful. So rough and hot and sensual. I love it. Damn I miss sex.

heh, just because i got some…i am dying for more.

never satisfied.

Comment by Chris 04.23.07 @ 6:49 pm

fuck Grace. That was intense and vivid. I could taste it…

tell me B…what can you taste?

Comment by badbadgirlx 04.23.07 @ 8:54 pm

Wow that was Damn hot I have dreams like that . They are worse for me not having it happen with Master yet but i know It will be a wild ride looking forward to putting the experience to words for you all.

well my dear nisi, i wish you wild and painful experiences then. i hope you are used to the brink of exhaustion and even past that point.

Comment by Nisi 04.24.07 @ 7:34 am

“skewer”….good one.

hee hee, i was working the theme baby, working the theme!

Comment by Bunny Lebowski 04.24.07 @ 10:28 am

I dont know what it is about those little movements that make one erupt into orgasm. Such as a perfectly directed spit or fingers tightening around the neck. Whatever it is.. i dont care… it’s wonderful!

thank you sweet mina. spit and choking…could there be anything better to add on to fucking?

Comment by Mina 04.24.07 @ 12:57 pm

flesh, Grace, flesh and sweat. The hot taste of fuck.

hehe nice one B.


Comment by Bad Bad Girl 04.24.07 @ 4:54 pm

Passion as intense as anything could ever be.

thank you george.

Comment by George 04.24.07 @ 5:00 pm

wonderful…i have to go read more of you

thank you for stopping by. i will have to poke at your blog when i have some down time.

Comment by PixiePie 04.26.07 @ 1:05 am

I just stopped by for another *bite*, it’s that kind of night.

awwww you made me feel all warm, fuzzy and tingly with that comment!

want me to *bite* ya?


Comment by ArtfulDodger 04.26.07 @ 4:17 pm

oh, my…gracie!

very, very tasty, indeed.

~~I’m @ “Last Call,” and I’ll see you again, hun.


thank you my dear Res.

Comment by Res 04.29.07 @ 8:39 am


thank you S.

Comment by silence up2nogood 04.29.07 @ 7:07 pm

just checking… as I suspected. How about a post about something that happened when you was a wee gracie?

what did you have in mind oh evil one?? *raised eyebrow*

Comment by EvilDodger 04.30.07 @ 5:19 pm

Good grief woman, remember when you was sixteen?! You, me and the Farmer’s daughter? You were drunk, but not that drunk! Ohbaby

ohhhhh right Evil!! jeez, almost forgot about that night. *wink*

i will have to write about that one for you when i get that thought drawn up proper.


Comment by EvilDodger 05.01.07 @ 1:22 pm

Damn, Gracie… you know how to drive a depraved wanton woman close to the edges of insanity. This is fantastic descriptive wordplay- love it. Hot!

thank you so much DL’s toy. i hope i did not make your deprivation too torturous. hmmm on second thought i think i would enjoy that a lot. *wink*

Comment by DL's toy 05.01.07 @ 5:47 pm

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