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Tuesday November 28th 2006, 10:35 am
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E and i were out shopping together. i finally came across a pair of knee high boots that we found an excuse to wear for the winter. however, we both knew he wanted me in them with a pair of panties on with nothing else.

while E was at practice i decided to give him a little surprise when he got home. the leather hugged my flesh as the zipper was pulled closed. i had nothing but a pair of black panties and when i walked around i felt so much taller as my ass swished from side to side.

when i heard him fumbling with the lock on the front door i laid on the bed, just the way he liked. on my stomach, with my legs spread in a nice “V” and my head down. if only i could see E’s face when he rounded the corner to our bedroom. he let out a moan and grabbed on my ass.

“stand up i wanna see you.”

i stand up and walk around for him as he settles on the bed naked, pumping his cock. i bend over in front of him so he could get the view he enjoys.

“come here.”

he gets up and stands in front of me and pushes me back on the bed. his hands run down the length of the boots as he pushes my legs apart. he pushes the thin fabric aside and sinks his tongue between my lips. my eyes close and a my breathing grows heavy. i cannot remember the last time he licked me and every time it feels like a dream. his tongue rubbing and nudging my clit as it trails to my ass and back up again.

his fingers move inside me while he licks and i cannot stand it anymore. i come so hard panting and flailing about. it was the perfect act for my raw, swollen cunt.

“come on, i need to eat,” he pulls me up.

it is amazing what a man will do when his woman decides to cook for him in boots and panties. in fear of splashing against my stomach and chest he did run off to get me a thin shirt to wear. he cleaned the kitchen while i cooked for him as his eyes would burn into my backside as i cooked.


resting my head on his thigh with the close up of his hand moving up and down on his hardness. i would close my eyes and see V masturbating for me and open them to see E. it felt like i was watching two cocks as i rubbed on my clit. we laid there starring at each other, i had my hands down my thin pants with no panties on and he was completely naked. i love watching a man masturbate and he was looking at the pleasure in my face as i rested my head against his thigh to get a close up.

“can you cum for me?” i murmur.

his hand was pumping up and down and occasionally i would reach in to grab his tight balls. i started to moan as my fingers feverishly rubbed in my silky wetness and i would close my eyes to see V again. i glanced down at E’s cock and the milky whiteness started to flow from the head, down his shaft over his gripping fingers. my eyes fluttered as i came with him drenching my pants and the bed beneath me.

we sat there for a moment panting and i smiled, “mmmmm thank you.”

it is not often i get to watch him cum like that for me. so, when he does it feels like christmas.


i get so aroused sucking his cock, especially when he is on the phone. feeling his soft cock grow hard in my mouth as i suck him slowly up and down taking the time to enjoy every thick inch of him. pulling off him to lick him like a lolly pop. i start to grind into the bed as i suck him off wishing someone was behind me gripping my hips and planting his cock deep inside of me.

as i suck him i can hear his voice trailing off and losing his train of thought. it was to simply make a dinner reservation. in my devilish mind, i wanted him to fuck up because the thought of him trying to convey a sense of normalism aroused me, especially with my mouth running ever so quietly up and down his cock.

“i have to call my mom now.”

i pull off of him and throw the covers over his hardness as i rest my head on his blanketed thigh. we both laugh before she picks up the phone.

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as hot as ever gracie

thank you love.

Comment by cyris 11.28.06 @ 11:16 am

You have given me such lovely thoughts for cooking dinner tonight.. but to tell you the truth.. i wish I had you in my kitchen…. to start *wink*

well pan, if i was in your kitchen….we wouldn’t be cooking.

Comment by pandora 11.28.06 @ 12:18 pm

Amazin what some fuck me boots can do. You definitely played to his fantasy. Very erotic all around.

yes, i should wear them when i want the kitchen cleaned. *laughing*

Comment by Chris 11.28.06 @ 5:32 pm

I so love being eaten out when I am horny! I’m going to find a pair of boots, and then find Hardin. One change: no panties!

there is something naughty about being partially clothed and being sexual…at least in my book. panties pushed to the side to get to the cunt, panties just pushed pass the curve of your ass for a spanking, shirt lifted up with breasts exposed..mmmm that just gets me going.

Comment by Cherrie 11.28.06 @ 6:22 pm

Sexy boots and panties. yummy. I have a pair of “cum fuck me boots” too- I love them..

Crap, I got tagged. No rest for the wicked, so come be wicked (or weird) with me.

i just realized what you meant about “tagged” when i went to your blog today. i will work on the weird. i wonder if i should spruce it up and say “wicked” instead. hmmmm i think i will do that.

Comment by Bad Bad Girl 11.28.06 @ 7:48 pm

awesome as always gracie . mmmmm.

thank you love. i noticed IB is down again. any word on when that dumb thing is going back up? i need to ask you how to get into the archives again. i forgot how you helped me last year.


Comment by expei 11.28.06 @ 7:52 pm

so damn sexy, wish I could have seen you in you rboots and panties. A hot pair of black thigh highs would have made it even hotter.

yes, yes, you boys always want more eh?


Comment by marasgal 11.28.06 @ 9:01 pm

I was almost there with you during this 😉
Happy HNT and don’t do anything tooooo strenuous 😀

well that is a good thing then.

Comment by Suck Me 11.30.06 @ 4:29 am

Glad that you had some cloth on on your body. All I had was my clunky winter boots. I had to hang on the wall for balance, and keep the rhythm going, as I flipped the chicken.

goddamn, where have you been? your words no matter how long or few just get to me.

Comment by Liras 11.30.06 @ 5:19 pm

I am right here, Gracie, feel my breath on your shoulder. I am behind you, slightly to the right. Follow your nose; close your eyes and inhale, what is that scent? Does it make you think of how much closer we will grow to one another?

goddamn you, you seducer with words.

Comment by Liras 12.01.06 @ 5:05 pm

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