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Wednesday August 31st 2005, 9:26 pm
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My husband was at an appointment and we agreed he would call me before getting home so that I can get “ready” for his arrival home.

I prepare for that afternoon by looking at some porn on line. I do enjoy the more taboo porn (rape, rough, schoolgirl, etc.). I was getting so wet and turned on, as I just viewed little video clips here and there. I decided to grab my nubby g vibrator and a towel. I sat back on the chair and placed the nubby g on my clit. I did not want to insert to save my tightness for my husband. It felt so good vibrating away as I sat there looking at more and more video clips. This was really the first time I used a vibrator on myself as my husband likes to use them on me as my appetite for the penis is more then he can handle.

Losing myself in my “session” I realized I needed to start to prepare for my afternoon with my husband.

I took a nice bubble bath in vanilla scented bubble bath. Afterwards I slipped on some small holed fishnets without any underwear on. I then put on a bright, red swimsuit over the fishnets. My husband is into a fetish I can not begin to explain right now.

He came home pleasantly surprised to see me ready and waiting. We “played” in the living room. I like to be his submissive subject as he ties up my arms and fondles my body. I get so wet as he squeezes and tugs my large breasts. He runs his hands up and down my legs feeling the fishnet stockings.I am so wet and can feel the wetness when he presses his hand between my legs. He knows not to go inside my web, tight pussy till I am ready for his dick to go inside. The waiting and anticipation just makes me more wet.

We move to the bedroom as he undresses me like a birthday present. He loves to play with my large tits. He commands me to turn over on my stomach. He placed the nubby g on my clit, as I ask him not to put it inside me just yet. He then squeezes my pussy lips together (I love it when he does this) and tongues my ass. This streams such pleasure through my system. I groan and moan with pleasure. I love it when he “molests” me. I do everything he says so willingly.

He tried something new at my request. I asked him to place the vibrator on my ass. He does this as he plays with my pussy. I can not take it anymore as he knows it is time to fuck. It does not matter how much we have had sex my pussy always gets tight again. It always hurts real good when he shoves his hard dick inside me. I love it when he fucks me from behind. I can just feel it now. As he fucks me I ask him to cover my mouth and nose to suffocate me the lightest. It is a rush to feel so submissive to another human. I get so wet thinking about naughty things.

Who says married couples have boring sex? We are the perfect match…we are like two pervs in a pod.

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Thought I’d start at the beginning, say hi, and love your pagea. I’m working my way through – in between a cold shower here and there.–>

Comment by Anastasia 10.14.06 @ 4:55 am

I’m doing the same as Anastasia. But only because I’ve read the latest 5 months in a matter of 2 days and am now addicted to your blog.

wow, you flatter me. thank you for reading. i love to see new faces.

Comment by Jenny 03.20.07 @ 2:15 pm

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