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Thursday March 23rd 2006, 8:32 pm
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oh now this is just getting ridiculous. i wish our schedules were more in tuned.

i am throbbing worse then the prior days. i feel as if i will lose it if i don’t get fucked in a serious way. of course reading blogs don’t help either. my mind has just ran wild with thoughts of fucking. i must admit that i got wet from what i was reading. my heart is still racing from words..isn’t that wild? reading can make your body react in ways that you thought a touch, a smell or taste could do. i would love to one day climax from reading words without touching myself. that would be the ultimate experience for me. any takers?

if i don’t get laid tonight, i am sure i will have a sexual dream. now, i have come in my sleep before…actually many times. i love it. that rush while sleeping not knowing if it is really happening. feeling that orgasm and then drifting back off into the unconscious world. i love it more when i have multiple orgasms from dreaming.

i don’t think i can take these thoughts any longer. i need to somehow subdue this need before i go mad with lust.

what i need…is someone who can fuck on demand that lives within 10 minutes from me. that…would make me a happy girl. ladies do you think i am being gross? i doubt it. any willing guy would love to fuck at any time, given the right enticement and i assure you…i have that gift.

so chew on that as i run off to masturbate…again…what a waste of horniness. never waste a hard on.

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