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Saturday December 11th 2010, 12:31 am
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Since Oprah did this once a year, I figured I could tell you some of my favorite sex toys and I even have something to give away (No, it’s not a car OR an Njoy Eleven).

Yes, Christmas is near and I have been approached on several occasions by husbands/boyfriends for something sexy that want to give to their wives/girlfriends. I realized I have expensive taste in toys but I will try to give a sensible range to accommodate most budgets.

I know we are in a recession and with that I will be giving away a $30 Good Vibrations Gift Card and 100 Free VOD minutes. Please note this is the first time I have ever done anything like this and I thought about how to give this away without favoritism. I have picked a number in my head and I will send this number to my Good Vibrations Representative. If you are interested in this prize (you will have to provide a email and mailing address to me) please leave a comment on this post. The comment number that equals the number I have chosen will be the winner. I will announce the winner seven days from this post (Dec. 18th). If the comments do not reach the number I have chosen then the last commenter will get the prize. (Note: I will not reply to comments till this is over so I do not interfere with numbers. Multiple comments from the same email address will be deleted.)

Now on to my favorite things:

1. Njoy Eleven – I have written about this toy many times and this is a perfect toy for a couple. I get the most pleasure when he is fucking me with it and I have soaked a whole bed from sessions with this stainless steel beauty. Price: $300

2. Njoy Pure Wand – This toy is my absolute favorite g-spot stimulator and masturbation tool. I have been repeatedly using this toy while on phone sex calls and it hits the right spot and causes squirting and gushing (if applies to you) that soaks layers of towels. Highly recommended for the cunt and ass. Price: $108

3. Njoy Pure Plugs – These plugs are a heaven sent for those into anal plugs. I have the middle and large sized plugs; they were made for beauty and hours of wearing. I have worn a plug a whole work day without any discomfort and a lot of arousal. Price: $60 – $84

4. Lelo Gigi Rechargeable Vibrator – I was recommended this vibrator from my good friend Charlie Glickman after I was complaining about numbing after using my battery operated vibrator (#5). But I will mention that long periods or hard pressure of any vibrator is going to cause numbness. This is my vibrator of choice since I had purchased it during Gay Pride Weekend. The only draw back is not knowing when the battery going to die. I had a dreadful experience of not charging it and it dying on me mid-masturbation. Other than that it has varying speeds and pulses. I love the soft material and Lelo packages their products beautifully like Njoy. You are not getting this toy in a cheap plastic bag. Price: $109

5. Easy Glider Waterproof Vibrator – This toy I have purchased twice because I killed the first one. This had always been my cheap “go to” vibrator. It’s battery operated, loud as hell but gets the job done. I will warn it will leave your cunt numb after long periods of it pressed or shoved against genitalia. Price: $20

There you have it my fellow deviants: My favorite sex toys that I have used this year with orgasmic pleasure. I hope you get her/him what they want in the bedroom for Christmas and you have a deviant holiday season. I know I will be.

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Thank you for sharing. I have not ever purchased a toy, but plan on it soon

–Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a great experience with the toy you decide on and purchase.

Comment by Jilly 12.11.10 @ 12:52 am

Your list is very similar to the one I would make. The nJoy toys are the best. The Eleven is awesome to play with, to slide in and out of a lover, to feel her heave and struggle to take that fat end. The Pure Wand is beautiful, and can be used in so many ways. We have Lelo’s Iris and had a beautiful session with her yesterday . . . smiliar to Gigi but with a different tip. The Easy Glide looks interesting, but we’re more than happy with these others.

–The Easy Glide is my cheap “go to” favorite. I have to admit the Lelo is my current favorite. I really don’t like the numbness afterward but the Easy Glide has a much stronger vibration and I can come faster and more intense with it.

Comment by Hardin Reddy 12.11.10 @ 4:40 am

Thanks so much for doing this. It’s hard to find out which toys are good, unless of course you buy them all. I’ve been looking for a while for something that will work -if you know what I mean. Like so many other women (or so I read) I am having great difficulty reaching climax. But I’m not giving up! I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…

–Lucy recommendations always seem to be the best and I used to test out sex toy for a short while. There are a lot of duds out there. Reaching climax is so very mental with us women.

Try reading or watching something but not masturbating. Do this for as long as you can tolerate. When you are going to explode mentally try masturbating.

Comment by Lucy 12.11.10 @ 9:30 am

i just recently got a bullet from a friend. and its amazing. it has two different sized attachments with four speeds each. i like numbness afterwards because i can think about my orgasm the rest of the day. but i also tried a dildo, and it wasnt that exciting. i think i’m going to try anal plugs next.

–Dildos seem to be great when you are either having phone sex or it being used on you. Otherwise they are not that exciting unless you are looking to get fucked. I have had some great almost real feeling dildos but like I said I use that to enhance an already having experience.

Comment by Jamyra 12.11.10 @ 11:46 am

I really really want to try the Njoy Pure Wand 😉

–My absolute favorite.

Comment by Kelley 12.12.10 @ 6:57 pm

Excellent list, gives me some wicked ideas!

–Good and thank you!

Comment by Daisy Danger 12.13.10 @ 10:01 am

Odd to write, but recently my favorite “sex toy” is a somewhat wide very soft leather belt I’ve had for years, but use primarily for hitting now. That and hemp rope from Venus Ropes. For more traditional toys, I would say my Miracle Massager.

–Oh Jack, you know how to win a masochist over. XO

Comment by Jack 12.13.10 @ 10:02 am

My wife is more interested in the “vibe” style and less with penetration style toys. But this is very interesting and helpful. We will be looking (and giggling) together later. And who knows, maybe she will wanna try something um different.

–I like variety in the toy category. Yes, the vibrator toys give the best clitoral orgasms but g-spot toys gives me many many orgasms.

Comment by Brian 12.13.10 @ 10:02 am

I have the small njoy pure plug. I love it to death. Used it the other night. The boyfriend loves it too.

–Very awesome to hear. Njoy is my absolute, hands down favorite anal plug.

Comment by FlyRice 12.13.10 @ 10:02 am

My lover is always on the look out for new toys. She’ll be happy to know what you recommend. Looks like we might be getting something extra for Christmas.

–That is very good to hear. I hope you both have a filthy Christmas.

Comment by Andrew 12.13.10 @ 10:07 am

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Wonderful reviews! Gives me great ideas for x-mas gifts for my lady friend! 😀

–Thank you. I hope you found something delicious!

Comment by Steve Bishop 12.13.10 @ 10:22 am

great list!

–Thank you!

Comment by nita 12.13.10 @ 4:05 pm

I think I got wet just reading this.

–I love your comment. Thank you.

Comment by Jamie 12.13.10 @ 5:57 pm

Mmmmm, I love the thought of a metal buttplug!

–I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Njoy butt plug. It’s the only one that I can keep in for hours at a time without discomfort and not to mention the arousal it puts me in.

Comment by Jake Holden 12.14.10 @ 10:17 am

I’ve never used a sex toy, either on myself or somebody else. I feel all vanilla now.

–My first sex toy was one of those old school bullet looking vibrators and I wasn’t impressed. It took me years to actually get into toys and by recommendations from a friend. I wouldn’t feel vanilla. The best toys, I feel, are the ones that are not marketed as “sex toys”.

Comment by Mendicatus 12.14.10 @ 10:54 am

I love toys! Makes a great time an even more incredible time. Good ideas.. 😉

–Thanks Mr. PacketRat and thanks for commenting!

Comment by PacketRat 12.14.10 @ 11:08 am

A toy a toy. my kingdom for a toy!!

Love your attitude and intellect….

from the dark


–Caliban, thank you!! I enjoyed your witty comment!


Comment by Caliban 12.14.10 @ 11:32 am

I really enjoy toys.

–As do I! Thanks for stopping by.

Comment by Jill 12.14.10 @ 11:43 am

Haven’t played with toys in quite awhile.. Love what they can do for a partner.. Guess I would have to read a few more reviews and come up with a fun surprise for both of us

–Investing in expensive toys does take some research as you wouldn’t want to waste your money. I hope you find something that will work.

Comment by charlie 12.14.10 @ 11:53 am

Thanks for the generosity. Merry Christmas!

–Thanks for stopping by! Have a Happy Holidays!

Comment by drew 12.14.10 @ 10:39 pm

I’ve slowly been acquiring njoy products. I *love* them! I own both a pure wand, a pure plug (size large), and a fun wand. I’d love to someday try an Eleven. They really appeal to my desire for heft/weight in my toys and a love of cold, hard things.

I’m slowly learning to like vibrating toys. Slowly. I’d love to try a Hitachi someday.

–I am so glad to see another Njoy fan. They are truly a favorite toy line. It’s addicting to want to own it all. I would also love to try the Hitachi someday. I have yet to purchase or use one.

Thank you for stopping by.

Comment by Ai 12.15.10 @ 12:24 am

Having been one those to inquire, I’m really happy to see this post. FYI, I won’t be getting a “filthy” gift for my wife this Christmas, but will be getting her (OK, us :-D) the nJoy Pure Wand for her birthday this January.

–Thank you for inspiring and I do hope she enjoys the Pure Wand. I LOVE THAT THING. That is awesome her birthday is in January, so is mine. 🙂

Comment by bc42 12.15.10 @ 8:48 am

Thank you for being here , I now know what to get my GF for christmas. and you inspire the devient to me.

–Aaron, thank you so much for coming by and I hope your GF enjoys what you give her for Christmas.


Comment by Aaron Harris 12.15.10 @ 2:29 pm

Though pricey, rechargeables are the way to go. I hate being in the mood and then realizing i used my batteries for the flash in my camera.

–BREN! You are the Winner!! The only downfall with the rechargeables are when they die. Either way a dysfunctional toy is a bad one.


Comment by bren 12.15.10 @ 2:32 pm

my gf loves the Njoy Pure Wand we, she loves when i use it on her.

–Mario, The Pure Wand is my absolute favorite. Thank you for coming by.

Comment by Mario 12.15.10 @ 2:34 pm

New girlfriend so perhaps a new toy for her is in order =)

–Dave, congrats on the new GF. I hope you two have a naughty time together.

Comment by Dave 12.15.10 @ 4:34 pm

What a great list. Now I have to find someone to use all the fun toys on/in/upon. *grin*

–Liras, I have no doubts you wouldn’t find a suitable candidate.


Comment by Liras 12.15.10 @ 4:42 pm

The man and I have been looking for a few new things to end up as favorites. Lovely 🙂

–Alisha, I hope you find something that will work for you. Thank you for stopping by.

Comment by Alisha 12.15.10 @ 5:11 pm

Your list is amazing. I have yet to purchase any Njoy toy,but do plan on doing so very soon. Always a pleasure reading anything you post. Thank you.

–Thank you Allie. Njoy is definitely the way to go. They are my favorite toys on the market so far.

Comment by allie 12.16.10 @ 12:10 pm

Love your list. Got me in the mood to play with mine 🙂

–Good! I love to inspire naughty things.


Comment by puresecrets 12.16.10 @ 5:37 pm

I like toys, I know a certain lady who would love everyone of those toys 😉

–Oh Jack! I wish you would have won! I would have loved for her to have those toys as well!


Comment by Jack 12.16.10 @ 5:48 pm

The Njoy toys seem a bit expensive. Would love to get them for my wife.
Love reading your posts. I always wonder how you create these amazing images?

–The Njoy toys are expensive but I feel they are very worth it. You never have to worry about them breaking or the material going bad. They are beautiful and feel very very good.

Thank you for stopping by.

Comment by Ron 12.16.10 @ 10:25 pm

[…] of the $30 Good Vibrations Gift Card and 100 Free VOD minutes goes to the #24 comment on the Favorite Things blog […]

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