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Thursday June 12th 2008, 6:48 pm
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i spent the better part of yesterday gawking and salivating over steel toys. R was telling me about an Njoy toy that he wanted to get and i thought i knew which one he was talking about. he sent me a link and after seeing this toy, i want nothing other than this one. it’s the Njoy Eleven.

the website said “coming soon”. are you kidding me? i google for it and come across a video by Audacia Ray and after seeing it in her hands i am LUSTING for this toy. i sent Njoy an email asking when the toy will be available and almost pleading to review it for them. no response yet but i am hopeful.

i hate waiting. now, i almost wish i hadn’t seen this just yet especially since it is not available.

anyone out there that has any “in” with Njoy, i would be forever indebted to you (well to some degree).

btw, yes i mentioned R up above. i have been keeping my encounters with him private and on purpose. i want to write all the filthy things we are doing but i want to savor them more. my sex drive is back in full swing and it makes me smile to realize that two men is still not enough. it’s ok, i am enjoying the time i am spending with R. i like to think we are giving each other something more than just fucking. he is good to me and i appreciate it. even when i claw up his arms and back, break the skin, draw blood and leave bruises from biting. yes, life has been good to me.

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Wishing you many such deliciously filthy encounters.

Comment by Beth 06.12.08 @ 8:22 pm

Good on all counts.
You know I like intimacy, so savor every second before you release them to the light of day.

Comment by Liras 06.13.08 @ 8:30 pm

For some reason my mind smiles at the face you wear when being made to wait 🙂

Comment by Py 06.21.08 @ 9:55 pm

I’ve waited for The Eleven for almost a year. They’ve very recently listed more than just specs. It’s finally available for sale. Just thought you’d like to know.

Comment by K 06.22.08 @ 8:25 am

Oh my goodness, Gracie, that is quite a serious piece of equipment there. I’m sure you are just the girl to handle it! Love your blog. It is one of the very few I still visit on a daily basis. Your words never fail to make me hot, and inspire me to further heights of deviance.

Comment by Mimi 06.25.08 @ 7:07 pm

New around here and am glad to find your blog. I can’t wait to read previous posts!

Comment by Metrosxual 07.03.08 @ 1:22 am

Life sounds good, and I’m glad to hear it.

Comment by Chris 07.13.08 @ 8:39 pm

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