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Thursday March 05th 2009, 9:32 pm
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i walked in his front door and headed straight for the bathroom. peaking into his room i can see him sleeping with his back towards the door. i strip off the clothes and tip toe around his bed, the cats are greeting me or blocking me from laying down. i sit with my back to him and curl into my spot just under his chin (he’s almost a full 12 inches taller than me).

we wrap arms around each other.
he’s not asleep.
i feel his back.
i start to rub.
i start to want.
i start to ache.
i start to claw.

my hand travels to the front of his boxers and i find my way to his growing cock. it’s been weeks and all i have been focused on is the moment we are fucking again. he shuffles upward and i am crawling into position, ass in the air and face in his pillow. i feel him trying to push in and i am quivering and whimpering. he parts way inward and deep and i groan.

i come.
i melt.
i am his.

morning hard on means he toys with me. i am getting my overdue fill and yet i am not getting enough. i don’t want him to stop. that feeling of finally getting fucked plagues me and i feel this release of pent up need seep from me.

i grab the pillow.
i grab the bed.
i claw his arm.

when we are both pouring with sweat and i am hoarse from pleading for my life, he falls beside me. i lay there on my stomach next to him trying to catch my breath. when the panting ceases i finally look at him in the face.

“wow, this is the first time i have seen your face since i got here.”
“that’s pretty bad huh?” i say smiling.
“yeah, you will have to write about that one.”

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I love this! Great writing……

Comment by moonheart 03.22.09 @ 4:12 pm

Brava, maestra!

Comment by Liras 03.23.09 @ 4:17 pm

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