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Friday June 15th 2007, 7:51 am
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to my readers, i must extend an apology for what appears to be new posts scattered through out this blog. as of yesterday i decided to combine all three of my blogs into my main blog. the time and energy to maintain the three blogs was too much pressure for my brain. so, no you are not going crazy i was being sneaky and i ASSUMED (yeah how terrible of me) that people read the sidebar to the right of the posts. perhaps a lot of you did not realize i had three blogs but i did.

Deviant Dream readers, you will find all the posts categorized under the word “Deviant”.

Gracie’s Thoughts readers you will find all the posts categorized under the word “Thought”.

Gracie’s Playground readers expect more frequent and shorter posts in between my longer infrequent posts. the purpose of Gracie’s Thoughts was to expose shorter and sometimes raunchier thoughts and an almost daily basis. So…those smaller posts that you see scattered throughout my blog are the result of yesterday’s activities. you will also find some more graphic posts that are buried in here somewhere, if they are too much for you then simply do not read them. i expect these kinds of post may taper down and i will warn you if when i do post them.

to everyone, thank you for your understanding and support. please make sure to remove any Deviant Dreams or Gracie’s Thoughts links. i don’t plan on Gracie’s Playground to go anywhere at this point in time.

a Gracie’s Playground post will go up tomorrow at some point. have a great weekend.

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Ummm..I always read the sidebar.
Never know what you’ll find!!
xx,adam b.~~all the best, to you.


well thank you for being observant adam.

i hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Comment by adam b. 06.15.07 @ 10:38 am

Anything that makes it easier to write more is a good thing, I think. The medium should be about the convenience and the freedom of expression, not the labor of saying what you think.

thank you A for your words.

Comment by amorphous 06.15.07 @ 6:34 pm

I too maintain three blogs. It can be exhausting! I can see why you would want to consolidate. But I read all of them, so they will just be more conveniently located for me. 😉

well i do maintain more then these 3 sex blogs, but i thought i would keep it simple and just have 1 sex blog and 1 real life blog.

i know you read them all Chris and i appreciate your dedication. you are so good about commenting and seeing the deeper side to some of my posts.


Comment by Chris 06.15.07 @ 6:56 pm


thank you S.

Comment by silence 06.16.07 @ 9:29 am

Oh boy, three blogs! We have a hard time controlling one. That was a great idea and we look forward to reading it all together.

yes, i think 1 is enough for me.

you do such a wonderful job on your blog Teacher. you and Biker are wonderful to read daily. not to mention the peeks of flesh i get to see.


Comment by The Teacher 06.16.07 @ 4:09 pm

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