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Wednesday June 20th 2007, 11:38 am
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after our first kiss i wanted more, i wanted the next thrill that would make my panties soak again. i remember sneaking back into the house after we had kissed and feeling how wet i was. i had such a dreamy grin on my face and i was madly in love with him.

i remember we were talking on the phone and he wanted to see more of me. meaning, he wanted to see what lied beneath my back then baggy shirts. i was so nervous and never let anyone see any part of me naked voluntarily.

i snuck him into my dimly lit room. he sat on my bed and i stood between his legs. we kissed again and that rushing feeling swept over me. he starred at me when we broke free and his fingers reached the top button of my shirt. i was shaking, what if he didn’t like what he saw? was my skin too pale? i gave him a worried look the whole time he slowly unfastened each button. i could see the tops of my breasts being exposed, then the fabric of my bra. he opened the fabric and gave a look of opening a present. i felt somewhat relieved by the pleasant look on his face.

his hands touched the soft, warm flesh and i felt goosebumps raise on my skin. i watched his hand roam the tops of my breasts and i did not know what to expect. his hand pulled the fabric of my white bra down revealing my naked, bare breast. his fingers grazed the erect nipple and my knees buckled again. my heart was racing and my lips were parted. i watched his mouth inch closer and closer. my eyes closed and i felt him suck gently on my nipple. i propped myself up against him with my hands on his shoulders. i felt myself melting into him with these sensations running throughout my body like rapid electrical currants.

when he parted from my breast he carefully dressed me back and we spent our last sneaking moments kissing as his hands roamed across my body. his hand would creep between my legs and i would feel my squishy wetness hitting my skin. i would moan into his mouth trying to keep quiet from waking up my sleeping family.

every time we parted he left me wanting even more. i always felt sad when our time had run out. i never thought one could be so addicted to flesh.

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Your words are almost as addictive as the flesh.

why thank you M.


i will have to work on that “almost” part.

Comment by Megan 06.20.07 @ 5:55 pm

Nothing is more exciting than the beginning, the unknown of what you desire. It’s so fresh, so exciting. You describe it beautifully.

thank you Chris. considering my memory is so horrible, i am glad i was able to relive those “firsts”.

Comment by Chris 06.20.07 @ 7:40 pm

You are such a delicious slut…
I love to read your fuck-words…

thank you crow and welcome to my world.

Comment by crow 06.21.07 @ 5:04 am

So expressive. I remember those initial days of a new relationship. Uncertainty, anticipation, lust, control. Wonderful, Gracie!

Teacher, i loved reading about your memories with Biker. it made me think about how E and i started over 15 years ago.


Comment by The Teacher 06.21.07 @ 6:27 am

A lovely posting. It brings back fond memories..

thank you D. you of all people can relate since you have known Thirty since she was a young thing.


Comment by Dirty Thirty 06.21.07 @ 11:10 am

This is a beautiful post, my dear.

thank you Tom.


Comment by Tom 06.25.07 @ 5:20 am

Yes, firsts are wonderful. *sigh*

i LOVE them and they are always memorable.

Comment by Mina 06.25.07 @ 9:30 pm

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