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Friday May 06th 2016, 2:41 pm
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Photo by Rick Legal

Photo by Rick Legal

It was night; the curtains were drawn open on the huge window of the hotel room to let in the city lights from down below with the bright moon high in the sky. I was naked on my knees on the perfectly made bed, arms in front of me, cradling my head that was facing towards the glow. From the corner of my eye I could see his dark figure sitting in the corner facing my backside. I was so completely vulnerable, open and nervous.

The only time he touched me since getting inside the four walls was to slowly and methodically insert a metal plug into my ass with the bulb nestled against my g-spot. I was already wet with quickened breath. He then quietly sat down and remained, as my mind raced.

What was he thinking?

When would he move?

Why was he not using my body?

The months of texting and talking came to this very moment. So much was said, so many depraved acts spoken of and now here I was in the most submissive position I could be, when he knew full well I was no “sub”. But for him, I would do anything; only for him.

All I could hear was the pounding of my heart in my chest and my staggered breath. My lips parted as my mind thought of him fucking me till we bled and collapsed on the very bed I was positioned on. We only had so much time and it felt lost to him in a dark corner as he watched me.

I did not like it.

I hated it.

I wanted to cry.

This, I was not used to. Don’t stare at me. Why was he looking at me in such a fixated way? I felt like every flaw on my skin glowed at him. This was the epitome of torture for me. I was never an exhibitionist and I certainly did not like eyes on me. I would say his stare burned but the fact is, it burned everywhere. Being so exposed to this man that I have lusted and loved for months… years. All I wanted was our flesh joined in the way we have dreamt of for all this time.

Every second, every minute felt like an eternity. This bed was the stage and I was the only act. I had no blankets to hide under or clothes to wear. I felt faced with myself in front of him. Sure, I could have moved and hid but I didn’t move. My fingers wanted to grip the bedspread but there was nothing to grip without him noticing. I didn’t want to disappoint him. This wasn’t my time, it was his.

He could have been sitting there silently jerking off but I would not have known or been able to fully see. I wondered if his cock was hard or if he was in a Zen state staring at his prize.

I was his.

All his.

No other.

He possessed me long before this moment. I honestly don’t know what ran through his mind when it came to me specifically. I knew he carried the same dark monsters as mine but I never knew what he saw in his mind’s eye or if he had the courage to share. I knew I saw him as this force coming at me with pain, intensity and strength but attached, was love. I trusted him but right now I was terrified. I didn’t know which man I would be getting behind me.

I had no sense of time. The only noise was my mind screaming and panicking.

Please do something.



I’m not one to give up. I wasn’t going to break this challenge. He knew this was probably the one thing that would make me the most uncomfortable.

Only for him.

Because it’s him.

Don’t panic.

Yet, the whole time I was displayed as an object to be purchased with time, I was soaked. My cunt dripped wetness on to my inner thigh. Shame, I didn’t feel, till that moment.

He knew me.

I could hear his words in my mind. I wanted him. I needed him. Fate had crossed our paths for a reason. Here we were and I wanted nothing more than for his cock to invade me and make me scream with the countless orgasms he had given me in the past.

This moment.

This room.

Finally together.

As more wetness ran down my thigh, and as my mind raced in the frantic way it does when I was in an unbearable situation, he stood up and my mind snapped and focused.

I let out an audible gasp.

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Oh Gracie this was breathtaking. As I read I wondered if she would get her wish, but her mind … the wetness it caused … I want to know if she felt his cock inside her … her orgasms .. her lust and desires.

Very well written my dear. Bravo

Comment by Oldridge 05.15.16 @ 5:36 am

Fabulous, as always. You do so well with the buildup, the racing thoughts. Then you leave what is to come, deliciously unsaid. Brava!!

Comment by Liras 06.13.16 @ 10:19 pm

Love how this gets Naughty real quick. Great Naughty Job!!!

Comment by Playing Naughty 07.05.16 @ 9:15 am

Oh. My.

Comment by Sean 08.15.16 @ 10:25 pm

Pretty much poetry!

Comment by MikMac 09.26.16 @ 10:44 pm

‘More wetness ran down my thigh’ love it x

Comment by Romeo 11.05.16 @ 6:54 am

Great article

Comment by vee 03.19.17 @ 7:11 am

Anticipation is both delicious and excruciating. Very nice.

Comment by ansley 04.02.17 @ 9:18 am

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