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Tuesday August 25th 2009, 9:12 pm
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i have to face facts and this year just has been another shit year for me. life keeps bombarding my deviant life style leaving me rather “normal”. i have spent the last few days deciding if i am going to stop the blog and i am still undecided. my writing has definitely suffered with the stresses i have had to face. yet, i am still finding the time to be up to no good every weekend possible.

the hardest part in all of this is missing a muse. there may be someone but that has been put on hold until i work out my latest disaster.

i appreciate the people in my life that are keeping me sane. i am very focused on having a much better 2010 and if anything a better rest of this year.

if you need a “fix” follow me on twitter ( i do my best to keep the filth coming almost daily.

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i have read a few of your pieces on here and was blow away. ive never commented but i thought i would inlight of your latest stresses …

meditate …

“silence is the most powerful scream”

Comment by leelaa 08.25.09 @ 10:16 pm

well, you don’t need to close up shop and call it a day. So you stop writing for awhile.. that’s ok… we’ll all be thrilled when you reemerge Trust me, I know what it’s like to be uninspired or have life knock you down constantly.

Here’s hoping to a great 2010.

Comment by Mina 08.25.09 @ 10:18 pm

@leelaa thank you for the kind words. i appreciate you taking the time to comment. i think time will tell what happens to my words.

@mina you are my long time friend and i know you have battled with life as well. i am making sure i remain positive. i am a fighter and i am not going to let any of this drag me down. thank you.

Comment by Gracie 08.25.09 @ 10:36 pm

You’ll get back there, I’m certain. In the meantime remember that we’re all rooting for you *giving you the loveliest big hug imaginable* xx

Comment by roger 08.26.09 @ 2:06 am

Hang in there sis, your muse will appear…

Comment by T.M. Camp 08.26.09 @ 5:40 am

@roger thank you sweetheart. i appreciate it.

@T.M. Camp thank you brother, i am sure it will all brighten before i know it.

Comment by Gracie 08.26.09 @ 10:15 am

Hi Gracie. I have not known you for as long or as well as some of your other readers do, but I so enjoy your blogs. At times you show humor, other times you share your stresses. Always love the stories. Anyone who attempts to write knows how it is to run into a wall. You write, so don’t worry, you will bounce back out of this funk. It will be even better in 2010. ♥

Comment by Kevin 08.28.09 @ 11:35 pm

@Kevin I appreciate your comment. I am glad my words provide some form of entertainment. I hope I can come back to writing again once i get my life settled again. For me, an idle mind is a playground for the devil and I need that.

Comment by Gracie 08.29.09 @ 12:01 am

Seeing your comments I feel hopeful that you will keep the blog alive and just not post for a bit longer.
I’ve enjoyed reading it so much.. I’d hate to see you stop completely.
Take more of a break..see how things go.. and meditate.. never hurts!

Comment by nancy 09.02.09 @ 4:31 pm

@nancy, i am hopeful i will keep it alive. i think i need a long break. i have to reassure everyone that it doesn’t mean i have stopped being deviant. i just lack the luster to write about it. thank you for the comment. i think my first task to order is to reply to all comments and get back into the community again once i make a grand re-entrance.

Comment by Gracie 09.02.09 @ 6:50 pm

Yes Gracie, a a grand re-entrance sounds the best, yet I’ll continue to follow you on facebook. Don’t be surprised if I check up on you occasionally via message. But take your time; I’m one of your “junkies”, so let your mind clear and go idle. 😛

“an idle mind is a playground for the devil and I need that”

Comment by Kevin 09.02.09 @ 9:00 pm

@Kevin, i appreciate the patience. *smile* hey, are you saying i’m the devil? why, thank you.

Comment by Gracie 09.02.09 @ 9:30 pm

Gracie, I am one of the many who has silently read, marvelled at, enjoyed and appreciated your writing.

My pulse often quickens and my breath becomes shallow as I read your evocative words.

I am sorry to hear that your year is not turning out as you had hoped. Taking time to focus on yourself is the best choice.

I will miss reading your new thoughts and adventures but look forward to your return. Until then I will satisfy myself by reading your archives and envy your partner while I await and anticipate your next with bated breath.

Comment by X 09.02.09 @ 11:25 pm

@X, i appreciate you coming out of silence to leave a comment. it’s always nice to know there are real people actually reading and enjoying the filth i spew. *smile*

Comment by Gracie 09.03.09 @ 5:13 am

You call it filth. I call it perverted genius. *grin*

Comment by X 09.04.09 @ 8:32 pm

WTF! You posted this in August and it showed up in my Bloglines NOW. Ugh. But back to the point, I’m sorry you’re struggling and I feel very much the same these days, in lots of turmoil, unhappy, lonely and muse-less.

I’m here, even a month late, damn it, if ever you need anything, please just ask.

I miss your filthy genius. But life takes precedence,

Comment by Tess 09.16.09 @ 6:08 am

@X thank you. *smile*

@Tess that’s the story of my life! *laughing* i know we seem to have the same timing in life’s disasters. you are such a joy to talk with and i am glad i met you. thank you for your support. *hugs n bites*

Comment by Gracie 09.16.09 @ 1:00 pm

Hey, I’m trying to get back into it again, Gracie. And if I can do it, ANYBODY can. I spent some time today going back through my old posts, and that’s kind of helped me get back in the groove. Hang in there, kiddo!

Comment by Rupert 09.21.09 @ 8:29 pm

Good luck hope everything will get better

Comment by stephy 09.22.09 @ 7:30 am

@Rupert you sound like a sex blogger infomercial! *laughing* i know what you mean. i think once this all blows over i will be back to writing, i hope. *smile*

@Stephy thank you.

Comment by Gracie 09.22.09 @ 10:48 am

You’re giving me impure thoughts. Again.

Comment by X 09.23.09 @ 10:30 pm

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