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Wednesday March 21st 2007, 10:39 am
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i get so frustrated as i NEED to get fucked. the more i go without a cock the more my mind trails off into the socially taboo topics of sexuality. i cannot express them on here in fear of something illegal for merely discussing. i will put it like this…if it is sexual in any nature i find arousal in it. it doesn’t necessarily mean i would participate in the act but i will get off on it.

i have this fear again of not getting fucked enough. i have this fear i am going to back to a year ago of just an undying need for the act of fucking. i hate this. it makes me surly and i hate being surly.

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Then embrace it, this surliness. That will penetrate the fear, and it will dissolve, like water on hot concrete.

Just because you want that cock…so thick and hard, filling you, making your once blurry edges clear and sharp again…doesn’t mean you will get it.

Better play naughty, instead of nice, just in case.

Comment by Liras 03.22.07 @ 12:34 am

I find it so erotic, so enticing that you acknowledge the abyss of depravity. I’m there with you, my muse.

Comment by Tom 03.23.07 @ 5:44 am

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