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Tuesday January 15th 2013, 10:32 pm
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kissShe had wavy, brunette hair that was barely past her shoulders. Her skin was porcelain and I could tell she was mixed ethnicity when I stared into her brown, oval eyes.

She was curious.

She was nervous.

She was mine.

I reassured her while suppressing the monster in me. I put my hand to her face near the earlobe and she closed her eyes. My lips touched hers as my hand slowly moved down to her neck against the jugular. I could feel the blood pulse hard through the vein as my fingertips slid down to the base of her neck and I kissed her lightly. She melted as I fought the urge to wrap my hand around her delicate neck. Moans were gathering at the base of her throat but I could feel her restraint to just cave in. Her skin was warm and flushed. She tasted like mint as my tongue invaded her mouth. My fingertips traced to her collarbone and goose bumps on her flesh were raised and erect. Her breath quivered in my mouth as the air pushed through her nostrils.

My hand traveled to her breast, her nipple was hard and waiting for me. I pinched her hard nub and she groaned. My hand moved to the back of her head as I grabbed a handful and pulled her head back. She gasped, my mouth moved to her ear and her hand grabbed at my shirt. She was scared.

“Don’t be afraid. I won’t hurt you… unless you beg for it.” I kissed her jugular. She let out another moan. My teeth scraped against her neck as I gently bit and kissed her down to her other breast. I let go of her hair but her head still hung back as my hands groped at her flesh. Her body was soft and her curves were plenty. I clenched my teeth as I grabbed her inner thigh and she groaned as I watched her arch her cunt towards me. I wanted to devour her but I knew this would scare her away. I could smell the sweetness of her cunt; she was ripe and she wanted my mouth, my invasion…she wanted to come.

“What do you want?” I spoke into her mound. My lips grazed her skin in the slightest way but she quivered immediately to the touch.

Her head still hung back as her hands gripped handfuls of the sheets. She was lost and too timid to tell me what she wanted but her body was screaming volumes at me.

“Tell me.” I said letting my tongue flick her smooth skin. She pushed her cunt towards my mouth and I inched away.

“Tell me or I walk away and leave you in this wet, quivering, horny mess.” I start to sit up and her head swayed to the side to eye me. I saw her fighting the words out of her mouth. I saw her trying to tell me and finally she blurted out, “Fuck me… please.” I saw her face turn bright red as she bit her bottom lip and her eyes beamed.

I smiled at her and moved back between her legs. Two fingers pushed effortlessly inside her hot, soaked cunt and my mouth went to her clit. Her head hung back again and her body pushed into my face and fingers. Her cunt was hot and gushed every time I rubbed her g-spot. Her clit ached as my tongue rubbed hard in circles, sucked and pushed my tongue flat and hard against her. She pulled the sheets from the top of the bed and her body convulsed. Her body moved to the rhythm of my tongue and fingers she was hungry to come. I finally hit the right spot with my tongue and she shook like a bomb ready to explode. I could hardly breathe in her cunt but I wanted to feel her buck against my face and fingers.

“FFFFUUCK!” She screamed into the air as her right hand pounded into the bed, went straight for my head, grabbed with urgency and she pushed her center against me. I was about to gasp for air when her whole body went limp and shook uncontrollably. She was crying and started to curl into a ball. I pushed up to her and cradled her against me. She sobbed and shook. Her hands would tighten and release on my arm.

I kissed her forehead when the crying stopped. “You ok?” I whispered.

“Y-Yes,” she sniffed.


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I remember the first time I went down on a woman. She was much like the one described here, the kind of woman I am attracted to in such way I think it’s programmed in my DNA. The experience was much like the one described here, except I was more anxious as I had little experience with that portion of the female anatomy. In the end, much like this story, the only satisfaction I recieved was the knowledge that I had given it to the one that I desired. That’s assuming she didn’t lie to me, which may be entirely possible.

Comment by Redertainment 01.15.13 @ 11:13 pm

Redertainment, Not sure you can fake those kinds of orgasms. I wouldn’t doubt your abilities. For most women it’s all a mindfuck. Get her mind in that mode and anything will make her come. At least that’s how it is for me.

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 01.15.13 @ 11:16 pm

I’m going to go ahead and speak for a lot of women who read that three or four times, lasciviously remembering being on each side of that equation.

Comment by desuetude 01.16.13 @ 12:25 am

desuetude, Thank you very much for such a lovely comment. I’m honored.

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 01.16.13 @ 12:31 am

Cunnilingus creates the ultimate orgasm.

Comment by RadCocker 01.16.13 @ 10:44 am

RadCocker, I have been craving more oral. It really is a skill.

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 01.16.13 @ 10:46 am

As much as I would love to have an orgasm like that as often as possible, I can’t. Mind fuck it may be but it is hard to work your magic when my own mind has it’s own games it plays to keep from those peaks. I can cum repeatedly , mini explosions that are just short of that you describe. I have gone all the way maybe 10 times in my life and the conditions that had to be met were more about my own mind racing than anything he did or didn’t do..

Comment by Twisted Angel 01.16.13 @ 6:58 pm

Twisted Angel, I know what you speak of and I think a woman’s mind has a lot to do with arousal and achieving an orgasm. We are mental creatures and I have been known to be able to come without even touching myself because my mind is just “there”. Some women do have that mental block and can’t achieve an easy orgasm and that happened to me over the summer time and I was so worried. I even wrote about it on here. I think stress and just not letting your mind relax can really hinder a well deserved orgasm. As I have said so many times… Fuck the Mind and you can Fuck the Body. 🙂

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 01.16.13 @ 7:46 pm

A delightfully, deviously, decadent read as usual Gracie.

Comment by Mina Lamieux 01.20.13 @ 8:46 am

Mina, Thank you very much. 🙂

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 01.23.13 @ 11:57 am

To be in that room … Sublime.

Comment by X 01.24.13 @ 11:55 pm

X, yes.

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 01.26.13 @ 8:50 pm

Delicious. Thank you for sharing.

Comment by Jay Marz 01.26.13 @ 1:37 pm

Jay, You’re welcome.

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 01.26.13 @ 8:50 pm

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