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do you care?
Wednesday February 14th 2007, 9:31 pm
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i am wondering if those that comment on this blog care if i respond to your comments? i am just curious if you go back and see what i wrote. i really don’t want to be wasting my time nor yours. so, please let me know.

what am i doing writing on this day? heh, would you believe that E had to work a double shift? i fought traffic to get home in a decent hour tonight, put my computer back together and just got the voice message that he had work. how nice. so his card and chocolate still sits untouched from this morning in the area where he leaves his wallet and keys.

hmmmm i was hoping for a night of fucking just because it sounded good to do. i have been fiending all day since this morning. not that i need a “lame ass excuse to spend money for supposed romance day” to fuck on.

my idea of valentines day…

new sex toys, scarves, razors, and a night of fucking. not “love making” i don’t do that. i really want to fuck. sweat, blood and tears. instead i get to get off the masturbation way tonight in a dark, cold house.


i hope someone out there is fucking tonight.

i cannot remember the last time i had a real cock inside of me.

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Gracie… i do come back and read comments to see your response. As for vday.. i am alone too. M is away on business for a week. So i say we crank up those rabbit vibes and rock our cold domains!

thank you pan. i wasn’t sure if people were checking back.

yeah we shoulda had a V-Day Vibe party. time love. *wink*

Comment by Pandora 02.14.07 @ 10:08 pm

Yes, i do care for yr responses to my comments onyr page. Also when u comment on my blog , it definitely matters. Just shows that you care !!!

yes ….. definitely fucking away the day and night away !!!

thank you for letting me know kinda.

i know i am behind in reading you. i will get there after i wake up. *wink*

Comment by kindabiz 02.14.07 @ 11:04 pm

I always come back to read the comments you leave after ours. It’s a nice way to connect ๐Ÿ™‚

NB, thank you for letting me know that you come back. it is nice to see everyone’s responses. now i know i am not wasting my time. *wink*

Comment by naughtyboy 02.15.07 @ 8:32 am

Once in a while it’s nice to acknowledge that you’re interested in those who are interested in your blog. I try to reply to comments, simply because back in the old days I was the person who wrote thank-you letters (letters – that’s like email, but on paper)

well since i started this blog, i have responded to every comment made. i just wanted to make sure that effort was not going to waste. as i can see it is not.

yes Tom…i write thank you letters too and the ones with paper and pen. *wink*

Comment by Tom Allen 02.15.07 @ 10:15 am

It is nice to get feedback, especially if you think that your original comment was well received

thank you. i can see that everyone would appreciate that.


Comment by 02.15.07 @ 4:59 pm

I also come back to read your comments, but only cause I know you leave them. I come back anyway. Once is never enough for me. I always want another bite of you.

B you are such a sweet girl that i wanna break in so many ways. *bite*

thank you for coming back. i will pay some homage to your ass on my myspace profile when i get my computer software all updated on this new/old laptop i snagged from work.

Comment by Bad Bad Girl 02.15.07 @ 5:10 pm

Nope don’t care. Do you even comment. Never reed them. Nope why bothe…..wait, Oh sorry, wrong blog ๐Ÿ˜›

Ok, so hahahs aside, never doubt for a minute darlin’ that we don’t deeply appreciate the time and effort you take. Both sharing what you do, and then sharing yourself with us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

And as for “i really want to fuck. sweat, blood and tears”, between you and lola over on her blog, you’ve gotten me excited enough to get out my writer’s slump. I may not have the lifestyle like either of you do to tittilate the breathless masses, but I do have a truly evil erotic mind. Sex and horror, oh my….

aww thank you.

so that means you must have read my response to a comment you made about me trying to comment on your blog (can’t do that or i am lame not to SEE where to do it), then i tried emailing you and it bounced back to me. hmmmmm.

but, thank you for reading, adding me to your blog and all the fabulous things you do to support my twisted blog.

see when someone says…”i do have a truly evil erotic mind.” well i want you to prove it. *bite*

Comment by silence up2nogood 02.15.07 @ 5:38 pm

Gracie, whether or not you respond to my comment doesn’t effect the amount of time I enjoy here. I would read you if you never ever even dignified anyone with a response. I would hate for you to feel obligated to respond to everyone’s individual comment – I feel like that takes away from writing for pleasure. Respond as you like – the people who read you for the literary prowess you show will continue to do so and the people who stop reading you are dicks anyway. ๐Ÿ˜‰

aine you are so sweet. i love your comments.

i will ALWAYS respond to comments from now on.

thank you sweetness.

i don’t think it hinders my writing. i enjoy replying to comments. i wanted to make sure they were being read, that is all.

Comment by Aine 02.15.07 @ 7:30 pm

I do come back to read your responses to comments. Funny that I don’t reply to the ones left on my blog, need to fix that. Sorry you were alone for vday, hope you get fucked hard very soonn!

thank you SMH.

ha ha ha, i guess you might want to respond to some of those comments. *wink*

eh Vday was nothing. i just wish i had a body next to me that is all.

i have a pretty good feeling i will be getting fucked tomorrow (saturday). that is going to be “make up” day for the terrible and trying week E and i had to experience.

Comment by SMH 02.15.07 @ 8:20 pm

I always read the comments, I may not leave a comment, but when I do I always go back to see if they commented to my comment. I’m sorry you had to spend your vday alone sweetie.

thank you kitty for your input.

i appreciate you sorrow for my alone vday. i survived it un-scared. damn. *wink*

Comment by kitty 02.15.07 @ 8:53 pm

I want to talk to you of course. I have to return to see if you’ve answered. From now on I am going to just leave questions in your comments so you have no choice but to play with me.

Gracie baby… what color panties are you wearing today?

you are SO CUTE! of course i wanna play, when time allows it! *wink*

i was wearing black panties today. on Vday i was actually wearing pink for my “V”. yeah i am bad. you see my darling i normally wear black or red panties. i am sure that game will get boring really quick. ha ha ha! at least i don’t wear granny panties. maybe one day i will surprise and just say..nothing. i wasn’t wearing any panties. hmmmm i used to do that all the time. i liked it too. maybe i need to change it up again….


Comment by Desire X 02.15.07 @ 9:14 pm

Yes, of course, I love the feedback, but I certainly understand if such a herculean effort (rarely matched in all blogland) is unwieldy for you.

i know, who doesn’t love feedback? *wink*

thank you for sharing your opinion Tom. sorry i did not catch you online today (friday) i was caught up in a lot of work chaos. i am sure we will find each other again.

Comment by Tom 02.16.07 @ 10:04 am

I return each and every time because I know you will respond and it’s a great way to connect with your audience.

awwww thank you love.

i do love getting to know everyone. especially since to some degree we are naughty deviants.

thank you.

Comment by The Fury 02.16.07 @ 5:33 pm

I go back and read your responses to my comments. I love them.

I’m sorry you didn’t get fucked on v-day. Neither did I if that’s any consolation. I hope you get to fucking soon. ๐Ÿ˜‰

awww thank you chris.

i think a lot of us didn’t get fucked that day.

soon…so very soon.

Comment by Chris 02.17.07 @ 11:01 am

hey, Gracie! I don’t get to visit too often these days but I love to pop by and check out your fun and games and love to read your replies to my comments and others. Makes it all more real.

I haven’t had fun in over a week, my poor pussy thinks she’s been abandoned!

awww jem. of course i will keep commenting.

my week has been no fun either till earlier. 3 times and counting. mmmm. 1 man, 2 more to go…

Comment by Jemima 02.17.07 @ 12:23 pm

“so that means you must have read my response to a comment you made about me trying to comment on your blog (canโ€™t do that or i am lame not to SEE where to do it), then i tried emailing you and it bounced back to me. hmmmmm.”

Sorry, I’m a dinosaur sometimes. The CLP2 site is currently coded in html with no way to comment except via email. It wasn’t originally to be a blog. I’m going to change over to WordPress this month if I can get the issues with the theme sorted out.

As for your email bouncing the only thing I can think about is that once or twice I’ve typed the wrong email address in here. My laptop has started dropping the “n” sometimes. The ones in the more recent posts should be right. Feel free to email anytime.

“but, thank you for reading, adding me to your blog and all the fabulous things you do to support my twisted blog.”

Consider it a small payment back for all the enjoyment I’ve gotten from your blog. I’ve referred to your writing as “Like Sex, On Hardwood”, I don’t know if you recognize the quote. It’s from the recent Antonio Banderas film “Take The Lead”. He plays a ballroom dance instructor who volunteers to teach some local HS kids.

The quote is said by one young girl, when watching the winner of a local dance contest practice, she says “I’d want to dance if I could dance like her (pointing), Like sex, on hardwood.”

The hardwood being the dance floor. So for someone who writes, like I, to read the work of a true master of titillatingly prose, a spinner of tales erotica, is pure inspiration. I can say to myself, “I’d write if I could write like that. Like sex, in cyberspace. Molten, creamy, exhausting sex…

“see when someone saysโ€ฆโ€i do have a truly evil erotic mind.โ€ well i want you to prove it. *bite*”

Your wish then is my command. Be about a month before I get my second blog “Silence, In The Dark” up. This one will be a bit more personal than my current “porn & politics” site is. My alter ego Rasputin has been scratching long dirty fingernails at the door to the closet he’s kept in. He wants so badly to come out to play. I’ll let you know when its online.

As always, your humble servant…

well i appreciate your response, very much. hmmmm what shall i call you? since i cannot wait to see this “Rasputin” i will call you R. yes i have a thing for nicknaming my readers. i would say it makes it even more personal, don’t ya think?

i will have to attempt to email you again in the hopes that it does not get bounced back to me. it’s no fun playing the machines, and better if it is human. *wink*

i like “like sex, in cyberspace.”

talk about anticipation and making me wait a whole month to see your dark side! boy it better be good or i will be one angry demon. *hiss*

have a great weekend. i appreciate you coming back to play. it makes my time in between coming fun.

“humble servant…” better watch what you say to me. i may drag you in my dark hole with me.

Comment by silence up2nogood 02.17.07 @ 5:00 pm

Personally, I don’t respond to comments people leave on My blog; I try to just let them stand as they are. Sometimes I’ll laeve one to thank someone for a compliment or to answer a sepcific qeustion if one has been posed, or to correct what seems like a misunderstanding of something on the commentor’s part.

When I leave comments other places . . . I usually DO check back to see if the author has responded but I understand if they don’t. But I do like it when they do.

Love your blog . . . all the best to you.



i think the reason why i respond is when i read comments i feel compelled to respond. especially if someone asks a question or if they say something that moves me. most of all i try to be humble and thankful and at least say “thank you” for reading.

it is nice that you check back. it is funny seeing everyone coming out of the wood work to leave a comment on this post. i appreciate it a lot. it was a very simple and curious question that seemed to be this “discussion”. it’s like ebay, the things you think you are going to sell for a high dollar never do, it is always the things that you think will sell for a low dollar that gets the highest bids.

go figure.

i like your blog, i skimmed it last night. i will have to poke around it when i have some down time.

Comment by Lenora 02.17.07 @ 7:38 pm

It depends if I feel the response deserves a response or not, such as a question (or a challenge). Don’t feel bad, I didn’t get laid on V day either. Had some yummy crab legs though.

K, well my dear i wish i had at least some yummy crab legs to eat that night. i didn’t eat anything.

at least i got laid last night. i had a great saturday that i started to write about but i had a spell of “A.D.D” and i couldn’t focus. perhaps i will get something up tonight.

i hope you get laid. as i came each time yesterday i felt frustrations leaping from me. it really is a relaxing sensation.

Comment by K 02.18.07 @ 8:47 am

I know that you may bite…
But I dare to invite you to visit my blog and leave me your comments in
In your blog you say words like violence, in my blog I would say pics like words, words like second intentioned thoughts…
Give it a try…
Mr. X

mister x, as much as i love pictures, words are what i need and thrive on. but, thank you for sharing.


Comment by Mr. X 02.18.07 @ 2:07 pm

Yes, I do care. Your comments are like standing close to you, and burying my nose in your hair, to smell your sweet scent.

Things just pull me away, so I still read, even if I do not comment.

I was battling snow on V day, so my empty waiting bed was the best present of all. *smirk*

mmmmm you can bury your nose where ever you like liras. i just want one bite of you.

yes, i have not really slept in “my” bed lately. i am preferring my fuck bed in the guest room. i feel safe in there and there is an odd comfort as i know i get off by myself on that bed.

Comment by Liras 02.18.07 @ 11:36 pm

I go back and read comments. I like to know I have added something, that is why I don’t always comment, if I can’t add to the conversation I don’t want to just add for the sake of adding.

And Pan would that be a girl only party? ๐Ÿ˜‰

thank you my dear ed.

i doubt any party that includes pan would be girl only. *wink*

Comment by Edtime 02.19.07 @ 5:27 am

I go back and read comments too! Glad you at least got fucked on the weekend!

yeah CG! yeah i got my FILL this past weekend. now, if i can only write about it….20+ orgasms in 2 days. did i mention i was sore today?


Comment by cosmic_grly 02.19.07 @ 3:01 pm

Sorry about the double comment mix-up last night. Too much running around moving into the new apt and not enough sleep.


that’s quite all right S. you make me smile. that is always a good thing with me.


Comment by silence up2nogood 02.19.07 @ 8:01 pm

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