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dirty thoughts
Sunday September 10th 2006, 9:43 pm
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sitting there i close my eyes, let the music vibrate through my body and down in between my legs. the music flows in and out of me like water. i stare at E as he plays, studying his body like a piece of desire. he looks perfect with this broad shoulders and muscular arms. he is shaped like a “V” and i want him as i stare intently at him. i leaned forward displaying the cleavage that i immodestly was not trying to conceal. out the corner of my eye i spot S looking my way. i did not care. i was fucking horny watching them play in front of me. i had a front seat to the concert and i was going to bang the guitarist that night.

we leave for dinner and we walk down the narrow hallway that is in a converted warehouse. my thoughts cannot help but linger at the idea of fucking this hallway of men that are standing outside their rooms smoking. i am fascinated with the long hallways envisioning a great place to find a corner and let them all line up to fuck. E runs back to the room as S and i make our way out.

S stares at me again, “you look nice grace…like you are going to model for something.”

i smile in embarrassment with a small laugh, “thanks S.”

we do dinner with E sitting across from me and S sitting next to me. i cannot help but feel awkward with these two crowded around me along with glances from other men at the restaurant. my blood is heated now and S’s leg keeps hitting mine. i cannot help but pick out men that i would fuck. i see men checking to see if there is a ring on my finger…there is not one.

on the way home i cannot contain my need. my hand goes straight for E’s crotch as S sits behind me in the back seat. E grabs at my inner thigh scraping his finger tips deep into my flesh and i sink into my seat aroused. i fucking want him and i don’t care who is in the car. my mind strays to a thought of S groping me from the back seat while E finger fucks me. i know my panties are wet.

we get in the house. S follows in and i go straight to the computer to check emails and read your sentences that make my blood boil with passion. you make me want to fuck urgently. E comes in pulls my breast out the top of my shirt and i breathe heavily with lust. he slaps and pulls my nipple. i grab at him in desperation.

“get in the room, S will leave soon,” he says in a low voice as he tucks my breast back in my shirt.

i get up strip and lay on the bed waiting for him with lidded eyes.

he comes in the room and grabs my cunt. i push into him and moan. i am so fucking hungry it is obvious. he pushes my panties to the side and starts licking my clit. i start to moan and grab at his back and tug on my nipples. i just want him inside of me, so fucking deep inside of me. his cock has not been in my cunt in over a fucking week now. i want his thrusts in me. what i really want are your thrusts in me. i want to feel you fuck me. yeah that is what i really want.

“turn over,” he whispers.

i turn over and sway my ass from side to side. i hear a condom go on and i am not sure if it is your cock or on a dildo. then i feel your cock press against my tight ass.

“oh god,” i moan as you press inside. your condom coated cock forces its way inside my tight ass. i move forward moaning and scared of the pain. i back on to your cock and i feel your hands grip my hips and push all the way in me.

“fuck,” i gasp as you push in me fucking my ass.

i feel my cunt drenching as the fucking increases and my ass gulps your cock trying to milk it in me. goddamn baby. you are fucking buried in my ass baby…you were…all of you.

when you pull out you sink in three fingers deep, fucking my ass. you made me loose baby. so loose like the slut you want me to be baby. when you pull out i lay on my back catching my breath.

you finger my wet clit. i start to beg baby, “please, i want you inside of me. please.”

you make me beg, you tease you start to push inside of my cunt and pull out. i keep begging pushing your hand inside of me. i am on the verge of panic. slowly you push inside one finger…another…another and i moan loudly. i melt and you dig in deep to find my spot…yeah there baby and i flood your hand as you roughly fuck my cunt. give me the pain baby. you cover my nose and mouth, i start to shudder and my eyes flutter. you feel me gush on your hand. yeah baby you do me so fucking right.

you pull out your soaked hand and shove in the dildo. my legs spread wide baby and you fuck it hard hitting the back of me. i don’t fight it and i let the pain course in me with the pleasure of getting fucked. i buck to your thrusts and my cunt flows. you hurt me so good.

yes baby, you fucked me last night and it won’t be the last either.

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Raw and animalistic. Fabulous !! Blessed those that end up with your hand on their bulge …

Comment by Aragorn 09.11.06 @ 6:03 am

Again, fucking vividly written. And the sex sounded outstanding.

Comment by Chris 09.11.06 @ 6:42 am

Gracie and her dirty thoughts .. which are so often translated into acts, and then later on into articles..

Don’t change a thing.. love it!


Comment by dirty thirties 09.11.06 @ 11:02 am

Your blog is awesome… never fails to get me wet!

Comment by Cosmic Girl 09.11.06 @ 7:31 pm

Yes so intense and keeps me curious… about who it is you are really fucking. 😉

Comment by Pandora 09.11.06 @ 10:27 pm

I love your writing…it’s addicting. 🙂

such a hot post, sexy. lookin forward to the next.


Comment by NotSoNormal 09.11.06 @ 11:01 pm

yesss…who is it, you little slut? 😉

Comment by Anonymous 09.12.06 @ 6:19 am

Guitar players have great forearms.

Comment by Bunny Lebowski 09.12.06 @ 6:55 am

Yet another arousing read… thank you!

Comment by Banana Boy 09.12.06 @ 10:51 am

aragorn – mmmm yes, i do like a bulge.

chris – thank you *smile*

dirty – yes dirty, anything for you. *lick*

cosmic girl – why thank you kindly.

pandora – mmmmm i cannot tell my dear.

notsonormal – thank you, i appreciate it.

anonymous – if i know better, you know very well who it is.

bunny – mmmhmmm

banana boy – thank you.

Comment by Gracie 09.13.06 @ 2:15 pm

tsk … tsk …. yr dirty minds tempo !!!

simply … what a FUCK !!!!!

Comment by kindabiz 09.13.06 @ 9:15 pm

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