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Wednesday November 21st 2007, 6:32 pm
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as i read your words my left hand was wrapped under the blanket and
over the center of my warm and flushed chest. perhaps i was trying to
save myself as my heart raced and pounded inches beneath or my breath

i feel as if i am running now as i can’t catch my breath. i feel
your words are stealing the air from my lungs. i almost feel panicked
with the sensation as if you are trying to suffocate me from afar.

how do i feel? you ask me with such sincerity. i feel a longing, i
feel sad, i feel exhausted, i feel dark.

*trying to catch my breath*

*lips parted as i try, try to regain a normal breathing pattern*

*eyes close*

*deep breath in*

*shuttered breath out*


*eyes open*

*shifting in the bed in an upright position to try to breath normal*





*eyes close*

*open eyes*

*my left ring finger that is naked from ornaments goes to my mouth as
i glance upward at your words*

when you look at me, i feel your stare piercing me and right into my
vulnerable soul. my abrasive-ness is my wrapping and very few can shed
the layers. i am shy, i am scared, i am weak.

i want to unwrap you, i want you naked so we can see each other as god
intended. when i touch your flesh i want to be able to touch your very


*lips parted*

*head tilted to the left*

*still breathing erratically*

*deep breath in*

i feel seduced because you write as if you were here whispering in my ear.

anticipation drives me to a new plane of existence. i read you and i
feel i am going to explode. my lips quiver and if you stay still you
can feel the slight shake of my body.

*rubbing my left eye with my left hand*

i fear tiredness is winning over me my sweet. i need to rest my head
on these two soft pillows. now you will roam this mind of mine till i
fall sleep. i wonder if you will invade my dreams…seeing right
through me.

*tracing bottom life with left finger*

*close eyes*

you see right through me.

*open eyes*

*breathing irregular*

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Love it Gracie 🙂

Comment by Jess 11.22.07 @ 2:11 am

Absolutely fantastic.

Comment by Mina 11.22.07 @ 10:38 am

mmmmm, so nice to read, my dear.

Comment by Tom 11.25.07 @ 6:48 am

Wow – That is amazing…really…amazing.

Comment by Story Teller 11.25.07 @ 8:14 pm

I commented in my post about your post, but forgot to comment here.
exceptional gracie. they way you put sensuality into words is exceptional.

Comment by cyris vali 11.27.07 @ 12:04 pm

Fucking beautiful post, Gracie. I love the new style. Very good.

Comment by Chris 11.27.07 @ 8:13 pm

beautiful… just amazing.

Comment by badbadgirlx 11.28.07 @ 2:08 am

…the next time i’m asked how i’m doing, i’m going to reply with: “i feel a longing, i
feel sad, i feel exhausted, i feel dark.”

i hope you’re living vibrantly and awake. i miss you.

Comment by The Provocateur 11.29.07 @ 10:27 am

you have me breathless and panting here….it is amazing the effect words have on us….how they make us yearn and crave….i long so badly for more….a touch….a whisper….

Comment by darkpixie 12.03.07 @ 11:07 am

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