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Death Part 4 (conclusion)
Tuesday January 03rd 2012, 11:43 am
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WARNING: the following is a Deviant Dreams post, read at your own risk. You can read part 1 here: Death (a snippet) and part 2 here: Death Part 2 and part 3 here: Death Part 3.

I grinned at his response and attempts at control himself. His body was tense. His cock strained against the air and my face was inches from it. I am sure he could feel me breath on it as I breathed. His chest quivered.

“Sooo pet,” I said with extra breath and watched his cock twitch and sway, twitch and sway. He sucked in a deep breath.

“I’m hooorrny.” I said with more breath as I came within an inch of his cock.

“Fuck Grace!” He blurted out and caught himself too late. His body was still.

“Problem pet?” I asked with my lips touching his cock.

“N-n-no… Grace,” he heaved from his throat.

My lips rested against the underneath of his cock near the head. My tongue slowly slipped out to barely touch his skin. I pulled my tongue back in and chuckled throwing my head back.

“You baby, are so much fun to torment,” I said with a sigh.

I slipped my body up his thigh, pressing my cunt against the meeting of his thighs. He let out an audible gasp. His cock did all the talking to his arousal. The pre-cum was now spilling down his cock with slow ooze. I pushed my cunt again and rubbed a little back and forth. He groaned and yet behaved himself as instructed. My nails started to dig into his chest. I felt wild. I felt fierce. I wanted to destroy him with sex and domination. I wanted to keep him all to myself and not let anyone else have at his submission but me. It was that “if I can’t have you, no one will” mentality. My nails broke the top layer of skin. He hissed and yet his cock strained.

“You are making me hot pet. I. Could. Fuck. You.” I said rubbing my cunt harder against his flesh.

“Please…Grace,” he sounded desperate, helpless and almost hopeless.

“How long was it this time baby?” I asked as I pulled my cunt away and grabbed his balls. His body jerked with surprise and he forced himself back against the bed staring the ceiling.

“Ung. Uh, a month Grace.” He stammered out.

“A month? My, my that’s a long time.” I said squeezing his balls harder till they were deep red.

He let out a cry in pain and his eyes bulged and yet his cock still strained. He didn’t want it to stop. No, he loved the attention I gave him because it was from me. This was more important than being left alone in my closet and neglected like a houseplant.

My body inched up more and my nails found a fresh spot on his chest to dig into. He had 8 little half moon scratches and now he was about to have 8 more. My cunt nudged his hot balls and he sucked in a lung full of air.

“Don’t get eager pet,” I sternly said.

“N-never, Grace,” he pushed out through the shudder of his body. His hands gripped the comforter on the bed. His knuckles were white and his forehead was damp.

My cunt nudged his balls again. I started to rub against him slow and calculated. I was wet and I wanted to fuck him. His cock looked like it would explode. He was breathing with a jagged breath. This is a scene we had played many times but not with such a time lapse between play. He was more than overdue.

“Want it pet?” I asked in a real low tone, almost a growl.

His chest heaved, “Yes, Grace,” he hissed between gritted teeth.

My nails found a new spot to add 8 more half moons on his chest. I moved my cunt slowly up against the shaft of his cock. He started to groan.

“Can you feel how wet I am pet?” I asked near moaning. My clit was hard and I was on edge myself. It had been too long.

“Fuck, yes, Grace” he growled.

I bit my lower lip as I climbed and my cunt was touching the head of his wet cock. I could not bear it any longer and pushed all the down engulfing his cock. His head pushed back and he gripped the comforter and pulled it up. He let out a deep and loud groan. My nails scratched along his chest in a downward angle creating bright pink roads to his stomach. His eyes were shut tight as I fucked him with no abandon. I was on a mission and I wanted to come. He was on a mission and that was not to come before told.

I rode him like a toy and he lay there motionless besides the twitching of his body or the heaving of his chest. This is what he wanted; his cock buried into my cunt. I felt my body climb. I was getting high and a sense of urgency was building. My nails dug into hallow of his stomach and as my body was about to peak I was drawing small amount of blood. He knew I was almost there.

My hands slowly moved upward and wrapped tightly around his neck. His eyes popped open but all he could see was the ceiling. I started to squeeze my grip as my body slowed it’s pace; almost there. I continued to push my weight into his neck. His hands still gripped the comforter. He didn’t fight me nor push me off him. I watched the colors change in his face. His eyes well up and bulge. His hands still stayed at his side.

“Is tonight the night?” I ask with every ounce of effort.

No response from him. His mouth was gaping for air. Soon he would black out and it would be up to me to end it. I had the power and the control. Everything slowed down to a crawl. I could feel his pulse beating in his jugular against my fingers. It was starting to slow. His was now a deep purple to blue. Yet, his cock remained hard in my cunt. I still fucked him slow as I teetered on the edge of my orgasm.

As I came I lost all control. My hands were still planted around his neck and I pushed down as I road out the long orgasm which led to another and another. His body started to spasm beneath me and I could feel his cock milking into my cunt. By now he was unconscious as I hammered at his body with my own. He was going.

When my wave of orgasms subsided I sat there on top of him staring down at him. My eyes welled up with tears. They streamed down my face before my lungs could react. I slowly moved my hands from his neck that was now heavily bruised. His eyes were empty and open still staring at the ceiling. His skin was pale and blue. It was nothing like the movies. Hollywood made death look too good or too grim. He was the empty shell of a human.

I pressed my head on his chest and listened. Nothing. My hand covered over my mouth as I cried into his chest. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him but he wasn’t there any longer. He was gone.

“I love you,” was all I could whisper from my lips into his chest.

Slowly, I slipped from on top of him. Quietly, I put my clothes back on. Carefully, I slipped the heels back on to my feet.


I grabbed my keys from the kitchen counter.


I opened the front door. Stepped out and started to close the door. At the last inch I hesitated and let out a small sigh as I focused on the small gape. I closed my eyes, wiped my face and shut the door all the way and locked it.


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Comment by mzulfakar 01.03.12 @ 5:06 pm

My God. Amazing.

Comment by Fluence 01.07.12 @ 12:43 pm

Fluence, thank you very much.

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 01.09.12 @ 11:11 am

Unexpected: Preying mantis style.

Comment by X 01.11.12 @ 8:55 pm

I’m very sorry, but I’m a little concerned. Did this actually happen? Did you actually kill somone? I have loved your blog so far but I think this is too much for me. Please let me know as soon as possible, but I’m taking a break until you can get back to me. Thanks for the interesting stories at any rate.

Comment by Morgan 05.27.16 @ 12:57 am

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