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Death Part 3
Wednesday November 23rd 2011, 2:02 am
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WARNING: the following is a Deviant Dreams post, read at your own risk. You can read part 1 here: Death (a snippet) and part 2 here: Death Part 2.

“Like what you see pet?” I ask with my eyes still closed.

“Yes, Grace,” he replied quietly.

“Should I just lay here and nap while you watch or should we do something?” I asked with my eyes still closed.

There was silence. He was thinking about what the correct answer should be versus the answer he wanted to say. He chose his words wisely.

“You should nap Grace if you are tired,” he replied.

I knew he was hesitant about his response. I knew that’s not what he really wanted to say. He wanted attention. He wanted to be rewarded for being such a good pet while she was away and left him very neglected.

“Come here.” I whispered. “I want to tell you something in your ear. And if you touch any part of my body on your way up you will wish you were back in the closet and forgotten.”

“Yes, Grace,” he said.

I felt the bed shift with his weight as he carefully crawled on all fours up to my face. He was there on my right hand side and I felt his head close to my face and I opened my eyes to see the side of his face in my view.

“You poor thing,” I whispered softly, seductively and sweetly into his ear. “I am just horrible for leaving you in there like that. I should have at least paid for a sitter to come by and yet I failed to do so. Can you forgive me?”

He shook his head up and down. I brushed the outer part of his ear with the tip of my tongue and his whole body shuddered. My right hand moved and held his face and I could feel the goose bumps residing.

“What can I do. To make this right with you?” I asked slowly.

“Uh..”, was all he could push out as my nails slowly dug into his cheek and then my hand moved to his throat. In one physical act I sat up while moving my hand to his throat and pushing him on his back against the bed. I was towering over his face on all fours and resting my weight on to the right hand around his throat. I looked straight into his eyes and looked deep. There was a sense of fear and yet there was also the look of arousal from him. We had played this scene many times and he trusted me even when I would push a little too far. We pushed the boundaries but there were still boundaries. We wanted to live to fuck another day.

His eyes started to well and water. The color of his face was deepening red and I continued to stare him straight in the eyes and determining my next move. I let my right hand up to let him catch his breath.

My head neared his right ear again and I whispered, “Miss me?”

“Y-yes, Grace,” he sputtered trying to get a regular breathing pattern again.

I glanced down at his cock and it was still hard, very hard. He was enjoying the attention he was getting. He was not in any shape to walk away just yet.

“Did you behave while I was away or did you slut around looking for handouts?” I hissed in his ear.

“No Grace!” he answered sharply with a trickle of fear.

“I know how you get, I know how you want, no need attention,” I spat out.

“I-I was good Grace, I swear,” he said with conviction.
“Hm.” I pondered out loud. “Does that mean you should be rewarded for your efforts pet?”

“Th-that is up you, Grace,” He answered quietly.

“Aren’t you just spewing out the right answers tonight,” I exclaimed.

My body shifted and I moved to straddle around his knees with my hands resting on his chest. My face hovered over his cock. I could see his pre-cum puddle at the tip and near spilling over the edge.

“Don’t you dare look at me. You keep your eyes on the ceiling.” I demanded talking right at his cock.

“Yes…Grace,” he said breathlessly. He was near an orgasm.

“Don’t you fucking come without my permission. Do you understand?” I said through gritted teeth.

“Y-yes…Grace,” he breathed out slowly to control his whole body.

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Gracie Strikes Back.

Comment by X 11.23.11 @ 10:56 pm

X, I just finished this story this evening too. I just need to decide when to post it.

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 11.23.11 @ 11:32 pm

Thanksgiving was an interesting choice.

Comment by X 11.26.11 @ 6:28 pm

X, I didn’t post it on Thanksgiving but that’s when I was writing and trying to get my book done.

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 11.27.11 @ 1:09 am

There’s something to be said for completing a book. I hope the turkey wasn’t the only one that got lots of celebratory stuffing. 😉

Comment by X 11.27.11 @ 4:06 pm

X, sadly no. I have to wait till Friday. I’m dying here.

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 11.27.11 @ 4:14 pm

I love the way you lay out the details … the mechanics of control … the literal play by play of a mind fuck. You are a delicious mind Gracie. Above everything you are that 🙂

Comment by Pyrhonik 12.06.11 @ 8:31 pm

Thank you so much Py, you are such a sweetheart. 🙂

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 12.07.11 @ 9:32 am

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