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Monday February 08th 2010, 8:37 pm
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the room was almost pitch black with thin lines of parking lot lights creeping through the black out curtains of the room. i was nervous laying nearly naked beside him. his hand grazed my skin and the nerves struck even more. i wasn’t certain i was ready for this and that meant to some degree coming out of my dark spot. i was functioning like person should but inside i was torn apart. if you really paid attention to me you would notice i was focusing too much on the easiest of tasks and that my hands were shaking every so slightly. i was trying to fool the world i wasn’t in a dark place and yet who was i fooling?

he kept the soft touches and this went on for longer than it really should. usually i was “on” within seconds. i was worried his patience would be worn thin and i almost felt the vibe of him getting ready to give up. for a moment i just felt him touching me and finally it clicked. my breathing was growing heavier and it felt so nice to feel that again with him.

his hand moved down between my legs. he rubbed my thin panties and my hand pressed his harder against the fabric. i was vulnerable but i was on and i wanted to feel that oneness with him. my hand reached down to feel his hardness and once i feel him, it’s mere moments before he crawls between my legs pushing them apart and pushing inside of me. it’s always that first push that makes me crazy along with the slight hurt of being stretched to accommodate him. i held on to him tight, i wanted the closeness with him. this time, this moment it felt so emotionally intense for me. he was caring for me, loving me and it was what i needed to snap out of this sexual recession.

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Very good. He broke through to the hiding place.

Comment by Liras 02.10.10 @ 7:52 pm

yes, he did.

Comment by Gracie 02.14.10 @ 2:07 pm

yo girl getting what i need

Comment by chrissi 02.19.10 @ 3:11 pm

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