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cursing you
Friday April 20th 2007, 7:55 am
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i sat there spaced out trying to write. then you of all people tried to be sneaky leaving me a comment. i smiled because i just knew it my gut this “random” comment was from you. i laughed at your short, blunt words. i waited a few moments and then wondered if you would answer an email. i made a very bold accusation in the email and hit send. waiting, which i hate to do, i was hoping you would respond but nothing was certain. mmm, you do.

our emails go back and forth growing more and more arousing. it is not what we say to each other, it is that same plane thought process that causes our bodies not to lie about this connection. more accusations on the state of our arousal is made but nothing confirmed. but, we know, yes, we both know very well.

i claim victory when you curse me knowing that i have put you in a very uncomfortable state. yet, you curse me more and say it’s a “draw”. hmmm, a draw?

so, i respond with, “by the time you read this… i would have whispered your name as i came so fucking hard. mmmmmmm, sleep good baby. i will.”

more obscenities fly my way and i just smile as the orgasms hit me like the wind whipping from within storming outward. i can’t count them and i am hushed with near silence since E is preparing a bath for us. i make mention of seeing if E can tell i was freshly mindfucked.

i end the round with:

“i’m not sorry….you sent the comment first.

so…you started it baby. i just finished it..and finished.

that’s what you wanted hmmm?


sleep tight baby.”

E starts to call for me as the water stops flowing out of the facet. i jump up strip what very little clothing i had on to begin with and move into the bathroom. he looks up at me and stares.

“stop starring at me,” i hiss. i don’t like it when he stares at me with that emotionless look on his face without words.

“i can stare at what i like,” he blows back.

i step in the tub, “wash me then if you are going to stare.” i stand up and bend over in front of him. his soapy hands trail my swollen cunt and keep lingering around my sensitive clit. i keep jerking when he gets near there. all i want right now is for his fingers to slip inside of me.

“get in the water to rinse off.”

i squat down in the water and let him rinse away some of my sin. but i know hidden in the void of my cunt is the rest of the sin of you. it is not my wetness, it’s your wetness. i can’t stop thinking about you and his hands still roaming in the folds of my sex and he finally without much warning tries to force a finger inside of me. he makes a slight grunting noise as he tries to push into the area that you own for that moment. my lips part wide and i let out the moans i wanted to earlier when i came cursing your name over and over in a hushed whisper. my eyes closed and i pushed my head against the wall with my hands and let the wind that was trapped within me escape free. i panted and groaned against the smooth surface letting it echo in the room.

when his fingers pulled from me i smiled. i knew at that very moment i had to write about it. i knew it would make you even more crazy reliving that brief moment of fucking. i hope you suffer in that state i put you in. you know i will just get off on it even more. tell me about, i know you will with a curse word in between each point. i know you too well.

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Stunning and piercing and touching. Feels so good to wash off sins, at times.

Do you look in the mirror and congratulate yourself on your mastery with words?

Darling, you should.

oh my dear Liras, i am not self centered. i always smile to myself on the inside. that is a mirror enough for me.

Comment by Liras 04.20.07 @ 8:04 am

Oh you are deliciously naughty.

mmmm yes, i do take pride in being so naughty.

Comment by Mina 04.20.07 @ 8:34 am

i might not have a clue about what’s going on, but that doesn’t mean i’m not being turned on. and once turned on, y’know, all i do is sit here and idle.

*laughing* oh Arty, if you ever have a question, do not hesitate to ask it. i am an open book. i have nothing to hide.

perhaps i times i may write in code, but at least you are getting the gist of it all…the arousal.


Comment by ArtfulDodger 04.20.07 @ 10:23 am

very sexy mindfuck–love the way you play

thank you.

Comment by david 04.20.07 @ 2:12 pm

mmm, delicious. you leave me breathless. and wanting.

then i did something right, eh B?

*evil grin*

Comment by badbadgirlx 04.20.07 @ 5:47 pm

But your center is so delicious… *wink*

you think my dear?

come a little closer then…

Comment by Liras 04.20.07 @ 10:37 pm

and all the more that you know that presently jerking off is next to impossible. goddamn you.

what the bathroom isn’t good enough for you baby? need to put on a show for someone?

i love your suffering.

go ahead…curse me. it just makes me more wet.

Comment by vslut 04.21.07 @ 12:31 am

You are a wicked tease! I like it. 😉 I love the duality of the sexuality here. Very hot.

you got that right chris….”wicked” *smile*

thank you love. i hope you feel better soon.

Comment by Chris 04.21.07 @ 10:22 am

That was yummy to read first thing this morning 😉 Thanks, Gracie

any time love. *smile*

Comment by The Teacher 04.22.07 @ 5:36 am

my slut girl nisi got quite wet reading you these last few days grace, thank you. Her blog links back to a couple posts she found most wettening.

And yes, you’ve made me stir nicely too, with your mix of fiction, fantasy and mindfuckable thoughts (smile).


thank you very much. i will have to take a peek.

however what is posted on here is far from fiction and fantasy. it is all real here.

Comment by John 04.23.07 @ 9:15 am

Damn, woman, I’m in physical pain from the delectable discomfort you’ve induced…


Comment by Tom 04.23.07 @ 4:09 pm

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