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Tuesday January 17th 2006, 9:14 pm
Filed under: Sex

i wanted him to cum inside me. i love feeling hot warm cum in my hole. when he did thrust that lovely thrust that spurted inside me, i started to milk him dry. he had enough and fell off. i could start to feel his warmth escape me. i did not want any of it to leave me. i was half way tempted to masturbate to suck further inside me.

he turned me on my stomach and spanked my ass. i started to arch my ass upwards to show him my submissiveness to him. he would spank and rub. his hand would trace downward to my hot, slippery slit. i would arch up even more. i wanted his fingers to violate me.

continuing to spank each cheek, i could feel his cum leaking. his fingers again traveled down to my lips. i am sure he could feel the hot lube and i am sure he thought it might have been my juices. two fingers entered inside me and my back arched upwards as he grinded inside me. the slipperiness of his fingers made me cum on him. with his free hand he smacked my ass more and would shove my face into the bed. i came a second time while his fingers were deep within my hot, slippery cunt.

i was thinking to myself…”dominate me, violate me, take me, make me…i am yours”

can i not say this enough, i love being so submissive to him.

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