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Wednesday September 19th 2007, 7:31 am
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Warning: this is a Deviant Dreams post. read at your own risk.

“I was also thinking about you standing over me, one heel on each of my inner wrists, crucifying me, denying my pulse, making the blood drain from my body. Standing over my face, hovering, rubbing your cunt and getting off on my exasperation and pain. Masturbating for me when I can’t enjoy it happening. Loving my frustration.”

T wrote that to me when i shared with him a website that had various sculpted high heels. i did not realize the images would spark such a desire in him.

i can see what he describes. i have on shiny steel pointed shoes that rest beneath the heel of my foot ready to pierce. T laying naked with his arms splaying just enough for me. it is sac religious and that doesn’t make me flinch one bit. i haven’t said a word to him and already he is fully erect ready to burst. that is what enrages me the most, his eagerness for his erections and his sense of pride to have them. i would rather scare him flaccid and that would turn me on more.

i want 100% control and power over him. i want to decide whether he lives or dies.

standing over him and looking down through his eyes. he knows what i am going to do but that doesn’t stop the blood racing to his cock. i stand on my toes as the heels raise gleaming against the light. i step into place with the sharp points over each wrist. i can’t see his chest rise and fall nervously. i keep starring into his eyes. i want his fear, his nerves and his life. i know very well i am not the holder of these things. but i will take his life from him.

the points close down pressing into his delicate skin. he probably prefers one quick jab piercing through his wrists but that is not what i am going to give him. the skin dimples trying to give to the push of the point. a little more i press down and his face scrunches up as he winces through his teeth.

“still want this?”


“that is the last time i will ask you. there is no safe word tonight.”

“i know.”

my calves burn as i regulate the pressure of heels into his flesh. a little more and they pierce the taunt skin. his eyes squint in pain as the crimson red pools over his milky white flesh. my hand slithers between my legs. T has a clear view of my naked cunt. but his eyes are focused on mine. my eyes twitch a little as i stimulate my clit. i start to snarl as i peak. once my orgasm hits i slam completely through his flesh. the top half of his body jerks upward at the quickened intensity of pain. his face is twisted into utter shock and his lungs expelling screams of torment.

the blood starts to pool around his naked flesh. his body falls back to the floor. i stare into his eyes as his body starts to calm with random sputters. his eyes start to look blank and his skin pale. watching the life escape his body makes the act surreal.

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Baby I love ya, but I’m not sure I’m ready to give you my life for your orgasm. *wink* Still enjoyed the read from your deviant mind!

i would never ask that of anyone.

Comment by Mina 09.19.07 @ 7:54 am

Holy shit. This post was hot and intense. As always from you. Never fear crossing the line.

Comment by Chris 09.19.07 @ 3:32 pm

i love entering your deviant mind gracie…wow. xoxo

Comment by darkpixie 09.20.07 @ 8:44 pm

This is what excites me, my dear.

Comment by Tom 09.21.07 @ 6:02 am

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