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Monday January 30th 2006, 12:29 pm
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i strolled in the computer room in silence, freshly woken and in need. i had thrown on a half zipped hoody and some thin sweats. i did not even pull the hood from my head. he starred at me and got up from the chair.

he pulled a breast out from the opening and pulled on my nipple. was he going to tease me? he pulled out the other breast and plucked at that nipple. i felt the cold zipper against my flesh and he yanked my sweatshirt down to my elbows pinning my arms at my side. like a toy he pushed my head to the left and kissed my neck. my eyes closed as he bit, sucked down to my exposed shoulder. his hand enveloped my neck and he flipped my head to the right. he sucked and bit at my flesh and my breath became heavy. his hand slid on my neck and with one smooth action he pushed my head back. he kissed my neck and my knees buckled as he supported me against his body.

he guided me into the bedroom without one single word. i could hear his clothes slip off behind me as i stood there timidly. he yanked off the hoody and pants to reveal the shiny, black thong i had on.

“get on the bed”, he commanded.

without hesitation i got on the bed. he turned me on to my stomach and straddled my legs closed. he started smacking my ass repeatedly. my ass moved to the rhythm of his hits.

“you know what i want you to do”, he barked.

i knew what he wanted from the moment he clamped my legs shut. i started to squeeze and contract. he continued to punish my ass and my mind started to focus on sexual thoughts. i could feel his hard on jabbing at my wanting pussy when he slapped me. it would slide in and away as it traced the crease of my thighs wedged together. i could feel his balls sliding on my flesh. i wanted him buried inside of me. without much of build up i flood with pleasure. loud cries pulled from my parted lips as i arched upwards exposing my breasts. i started to pant while clinging to the edge of the bed. my hair stuck to my hot, sticky face. i could not have came again even if demanded and he could tell as he let me free from his control.

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