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Tuesday May 14th 2013, 10:26 pm
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Photo by The Rick Legal

Photo by The Rick Legal

Years ago when I first met Tim online he told me how he enjoyed hearing his wife “confess” to him her actions during sex. Being younger, I didn’t quite understand this as I found myself unable to string multiple syllables together let alone confess my sins to my lover. I spent the beginning of my sexual exploration under my parent’s bedroom so noise wasn’t an option and it left me rather quiet. I know Tim tried to engage me in this when we finally were in the same bed but I was unable to talk with him. I know now he was after a specific experience with me and I am not sure I gave that to him.

Fast-forward years later and I am very acquainted with my sexual awareness. I can’t even state that who I am now will remain this way for long. I am constantly evolving and changing sexually. Some things will always remain me: the need to hear, the pain, the fear and the mindfuck. I now understand what Tim was trying to express and the arousal that resulted from the act.

The whole confession plays into the aural aspect of my arousal. Hearing him tell me the things he has done with a lover, the details and me asking questions against his lips. Hands roaming each other’s bodies but no real efforts are made because this is all foreplay. Heavy lids as I soak in each description and reactions, small gasps that leap from my parted lips and the minute moans that vibrate in my throat. More and more build up and my panties are drenched.

He shifted himself behind me and I knew his mouth was going to press against my ear and I even knew he would suck in a small breath as well. What I didn’t expect was what he was going to say to me.

“You’re bad…” he whispered. My skin was instantly riddled with goose bumps, my body curled into a hot ball of arousal and I let out a breath that felt was fucked out of me. “…texting me that you were watching porn while I was in my meeting with other guys around.” His hand found its way under my blanket and grabbed at my naked breast. Everything is electric, my eyes fluttered into my skull, lips quivered and my cunt pulsed in my panties. “Did you come?” His voice was a little more forceful and I blurted out in response, “No.” I’m hypnotized by the tone, the closeness and it felt like my heart was beating between my legs. “Good,” he calmly said with his lips touching the rim of my ear. My body was jerking into convulsions. I never thought innocent and yet naughty text messages would come back to me in this manner. I like being bad, doing very bad things and being told I’m bad.

He fisted my hair and pulled me down to his crotch while still laying on his side. This snapped me from the aural state I was transfixed in. My mouth took the whole length as a growl filled the air; both his hands pushed and held me there till I started to gag. He shifted on to his back and I crawled between his legs as I kept him buried inside me. This is the magic angle with him. The second my mouth was in the right position his hands let go of my hair and they started to shake as I fucked his cock with my mouth and throat. His body convulsed as he spat out curse words and groaned. I felt his cock swell as my tongue pressed against the underside of the shaft to that sweet spot near the head.

“I’m gonna come.” He grunted. I moaned around the base of his cock in acknowledgement. His body jerked as he spurted into the back of my mouth and I swallowed. Every muscle in his body tensed with each release and I kept sucking and swallowing. When the last twitch subsided is when I released him.

Song: We All Fall In Love Sometimes by Jeff Buckley

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Every syllable made my breath catch in my throat my cock grew in my pants as I read your words. Slowly my hand travels up and down my hard cock. My thumb rubs my sticky precum over my throbbing tip. Faster I jerk faster I breathe. My balls fill with cum. My hand urges it up my shaft. I groan and moan as I spurt thank you Gracie I whisper as I lick my fingers.

Comment by Robbie 05.15.13 @ 3:01 am

lustfully good…

Comment by 1ManView 05.27.13 @ 9:23 pm

1ManView, Thank you.

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 05.31.13 @ 12:43 pm

Aural and oral: The perfect confession. 😉

Comment by X 06.03.13 @ 1:07 am

X, yes. 🙂

Comment by Dark Gracie ® 06.05.13 @ 9:12 am

Thank’s for sending me this post… enjoy your posts very much. Also enjoy the photos by Rick Legal

Comment by Sadie Miller 08.20.13 @ 12:18 pm

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