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come with rage
Friday November 10th 2006, 8:42 am
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i was waiting for him in the bed when he came home. he had left before i woke up. he crawled into bed naked and started to play with my nipples. he pulled me next to him and pushed his tongue in my mouth. we were hungry for each other as we moaned into each other’s mouth. he yanked me on top of him as i rubbed my pantied coated cunt over his hard on. my dark brown hair draped down to his face with the loose curls as a shield from the surrounding light.

he pulled me down and my hand went for his hardness. i felt his hand grab my hair and thrust me downward towards his cock. i devour his cock in my mouth as he pushes me up and down on him. he lets me run my mouth up and down on him before he yanks me off and pushes me back on top of him.

“ride me.”

i grab his cock and sink my cunt down on him. i wince a little as he pushes inside of me. it doesn’t hurt as bad as the other night but i feel a pain when i take all of him inside of me. i push up and down on him clenching around him. i can feel sweat starting to lightly coat my back as i work his cock in and out of me.

my hands moved to his shoulder area as i concentrated on fucking him. images and words were flashing in my mind like a crazy mental strobe light. i couldn’t focus on anything that was going to mentally stimulate me. it felt as if i had too much stimulation coursing through my brain. the flashes seemed to be from the last week moving at the pace i was fucking E. i could feel my tension, frustration and rage mounting. my nails started to dig into E’s flesh. i glanced down at him as he was wincing in silence. my nails dug in harder and harder. my lip started to curl as my teeth clenched i was angry and i was fucking it out of me and into E like some strange hand off. i felt my orgasm hitting slow and hard. my eyes closed and fluttered. the sweat was more prominent. i growled with a rage as i came as all ten finger nails were embedded into E’s flesh without a hiss on his part.

i couldn’t fuck anymore as i fell off of him. he wanted me to get back on top as he tried to pull my dead weight on top of him. i physically was incapable. he got up and rounded to my side of the bed and i don’t even know where the latex glove came from but two of his latex fingers were deep inside of me as i groaned into another helpless orgasm. i felt myself coming hard and wet on him as he covered my nose and mouth. perhaps it was some sort of punishment for using him as a metaphoric punching bag that i fucked with fury. his hands pulled out as i came hard soaking the bed beneath me.

i was literally spent and fell asleep.

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I’d love to fuck a woman so hard and so long that she’d be spent enough to just want to sleep after, absolutely drained and pleasured beyond belief!

Loved the post.

Comment by naughtyboy 11.18.06 @ 1:04 pm

Love your new site! i mentioned on my comment on this in your old place that i’d like to link this; I’ll direct people here, unless you’d rather they go to the old spot–please let me know.

much love,

thank you doll, i appreciate it a lot.

Comment by O 11.20.06 @ 1:05 am

I have been there, that place where there in nomore to be given. Delightful, isn’t it?

Comment by Liras 12.01.06 @ 5:16 pm

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