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come undone
Friday January 12th 2007, 4:07 am
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i can’t sleep.

i thought maybe if i wrote about the other night it would help me fall back asleep.

i laid on the ground face down and pushed my hand to the fabric that laid thin across my cunt. you were in my head like a jagged 8mm movie reel. the images were in black and white yet the words made me feel color. my forehead rest on my free arm and i closed my eyes to watch this movie we created. i could only hear my breathing become more and more ragged as that was the only sound i could focus on. i felt you push your hand down on me teasing the creases and folds. you tease as you slide the fabric to the side.

touch me…touch me…touch me…

fuck…i’m wet.

my breath was raspy going in and out.  it felt like the first time i was hearing myself in arousal.

i started to feel nervous in my efforts to come. the build up to this point only made my insides writhe with frustration. the worry sat in the back row of this theater.

it has to be good…

you took me so close and let me slide slowly back down, over and over. my body twitched and started to jerk. i felt myself grind into you wanting more and more. my skin crept with you as your words draped across me like your flesh. how do you do this to me? i could see your eyes pierce me seeing all of my inner thoughts and dimensions. i never felt so naked with anyone.

let me come…let me come…let me come…

it has been so long and you were taking your time. i could feel my limbs tense. just as you were to pierce me with your cock, i fell apart. my body was riddled from head to toe with intensity as my eyes welled up with tears. my nails dug into the shag carpet and i yearned for flesh as i reached out for anything i could sink my nails in. i let out moan after groan and my body jerked hard into an immediate sob. i cried like a child using my whole body letting the tears roll down. i panted as i pulled myself back together and wiped away the frustration from my face. i felt like a tight rose that was pulled from its center one petal at a time.

with all the chaos of this long awaited release, to unravel, i still cursed your name with that last desperate breath of air from my lungs.

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Wow. Vivid. Sensual. Expressive. Honest. Intense. I loved this post.

thank you chris, i am glad you enjoyed it.

Comment by Chris 01.12.07 @ 3:26 pm

How in the world would this hot tale help you sleep?? Delicious description, vulnerable and so real.

it didn’t help me sleep. that is why E ended up “helping” me fall back asleep.

Comment by Bad Bad Girl 01.13.07 @ 12:16 pm

Oh, yes… You have a talent for creating tension.

thank you peony. feeling tense? i wonder if that can contagious.

Comment by peony 01.13.07 @ 5:20 pm

Very sexy. Definitely the stuff good dreams are made of.

thank you nikki.

Comment by NaughtyNikki 01.14.07 @ 2:51 pm

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