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come hard
Sunday November 05th 2006, 9:39 pm
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“ahhh,” i murmured from my lips when E walked into the room.

“what’s wrong?”

“my neck is kinked up.”

“you want a massage?”

i nod my head yes as i grab at the back of my neck.

“turn over.”

i roll on to my stomach as he positions his leg right between my legs as he smacks my ass hard and loud. i don’t grind up against his leg, i am trying to rub my ass against his crotch. he keeps taking hard hits in the same spot and i yelp out. he makes a deep laugh and hiss.

my eyes close as he lazily rubs my neck and back. i keep grinding against his crotch. i felt so starved for a physical sexual interaction with him. i haven’t had an intense orgasm in quite some time. needless to say a cock in my cunt.

grabbing me to the side his lips press to mine with a need. his hands grope at my breasts.

“should i take it easy on that cunt?”

“a little,” i moan. “i want you to fuck me though.” i grab at his cock in his thin pants.

he pulls them down so i can see his hard on and pushes between my legs. his hand pulls my thong to the side as he rubs his cock against my cunt. i feel everything, his head rubbing up and down my slit, him adjusting to push inside my not so ready cunt. i yelp in pain as he sinks slowly inside of me. the pain is intense as he moves in and out. i groan with pain, it feels like i am a virgin over again as it hurts as he digs deep inside of me. i want him to stop, yet i want him to keep hurting me. when he pulls out to tell me to turn over i am still groaning as my cunt aches.

“you ok?”

“yeah, just feels like you fucking me like i am a virgin.” i groan at him.

“i tell ya what, i will set up the table and i will give you an oil massage, ok?”


i can hear him putting the table together and i walk out there and lay down stomach first on the massage table.



that would be the latex gloves fitting on to his large hands. i love the smell and feel of them. he runs his oil coated, gloved hands over my body. this is one thing E enjoys immensely is my body covered in baby oil and the light bouncing off of my skin. i feel him rubbing out the kinds in my body and i turn my head as he comes within view. i see his cock hard and i watch him stroke it. i start to squirm on the table. he brings his cock to my mouth and he lets me suck on it a few minutes with his hands still rubbing my skin. he pulls out and leaves the living room.

i lay there dozing off to the sound of fall outside.

“put your head up.”

i raise my head and see a black scarf come in and out of view as he wraps it around my neck. i start to get excited.

“come on whore, rub it out, come hard.”

i squeeze my legs tightly together and push my hand down between them. i start to grind and he starts to squeeze. i feel this rush and with in an instant i start to come very long and intensely. my body arches upward so i can see his face as i moan out loud with my mind and body racing.

“again,” he demands and squeezes.

i am barely coming down from my orgasm as i move right into a second one. a throaty groan pushes from my core as i grip the edge of the table. my head falls to the pillow as my body heaves to regain calmness. the scarf still wrapped tightly around my neck he lets me lay there a few minutes and yanks again.

“come hard cunt.” i feel his spit hit my neck and back.

my body shudders and shakes. i come harder then the previous orgasms.

“oh god,” i sputter from my wet lips.

i turn over onto my back. my chest still heaving from the orgasm. he pulls and tugs at my nipples. i spread my legs to the width of the table. his hand ventures between them teasing me. he tests the waters by sinking a finger in. i give out a hungry moan. he pulls out and positions two fingers inside my eyes flutter as his other hand covers my nose and mouth. i feel my cunt flood around his two fingers. i start to gasp under his hand and he pulls up enough for me to grab a couple of breaths and he pushes his hand back down. i clench his fingers as i come and my eyes roll back into my head.

damn it has been much too long. the weekend is not over yet, it has only begun for us.

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Y’know, I truly love to read your posts, and even though I am not into S&M, I find the connection you share with E extremely stimulating. Often I am impressed by how deeply you must trust this man. You intrigue me for many reasons, but I thought that I would share this one. In my minds eye, the vision of you in full orgasm, with your eyes rolling back, chest heaving, lips red and parted to reveal some teeth, and toes curled, is boner inducing 8)
Cheers Babe,

thank you py. that connection is over 10 years of trust and understanding. i trust him completely without doubt. i appreciate the kind words. you are too kind. it is nice to have your eyes on my words again.

Comment by pyrhonik 12.03.06 @ 7:32 am

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