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collar me, own me
Saturday July 01st 2006, 11:38 am
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i asked my husband last night about collaring me. i asked him if he has always wanted to collar me…own me. he responded very enthusiastically with….yes. i had found the collar i wanted. i told him it was up to him to purchase this collar for me. he asked about a leash and i responded with…of course. i want him to feel that he owns me. he then mentioned about registering on The Slave Register website and i am for it.

a few nights ago he had grabbed under my chin where his pointer finger rested upon the starting of my jawline by my ear. he expressed how he wanted me to get an “E” tattooed in this very area. needless to say i was rather aroused at that thought. knowing that every time he grabbed me in that way his finger would rest upon my modern day “branding”.

i will do it for him. i want it.

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