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Monday April 09th 2007, 8:49 am
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his words were flowing like a forbidden act between the two of us. i kept pressing my cunt into the bed hearing only the sound of my irregular breathing. i would close my eyes every so many lines to see images to his words, to feel it and feel myself growing wetter. i had to touch it, i had to see just how wet his words and images were affecting me. mmmmm, i sat there rubbing and slipping my finger inside. i love that good wetness.

he decides to save his real cum to share with me. i want to fuck madly when we part. i lay there contemplating an orgasm. i watch his video, fuck i watch him cum for me over and over. i love the cum that spills out of him like a fountain of arousal. it makes me soak through my panties. alas…i save my orgasm for him. it just isn’t fair.

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Fuck, woman, this is so damned wonderful! I love the expressiveness of it, makes me forget about everything in the world except what’s happening on this screen…

mmm i like that i can do that to you. thank you for sharing.

Comment by Tom 04.09.07 @ 2:45 pm

Saving an orgasm is a true act of devotion there. I have done it. The thought itself turns me on so much it nearly kills me in the waiting.

yes, however, i caved in the next night. yeah, i’m a slut.

Comment by Chris 04.10.07 @ 6:43 pm

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