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Tuesday March 27th 2007, 1:36 pm
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because Art insisted on a new post. *wink*

i nestled into his chest sniffling slightly and his arm wrapped around me holding me tight. through the blankets and his clothing his cock was hard and my hand started to rub it. i kept squeezing and stroking it through the blankets wanting his cock, wanting it inside of me, wanting all of it.

“go under the covers,” he whispered as he shifted to allow me inside.

i touched, squeezed and stroked his cock with the material of his boxers blocking skin on skin. i could feel his heart racing against my ear, i could sense slight spasms of his body as i touched him. i started to hear his breathing grow unpredictable.

his hand shoved under the covers and he pushed his boxers down to expose his cock to my flesh. i ran my hand up and down his warm hard cock stopping right underneath the head. i ran the length of my hand downward to his balls and cupped them gently in my hand. i love the feel of his soft flesh that fill my hand. his hand reached inside and started to stroke himself as i held his soft balls in my hand as i touched, and lightly squeezed.

i ached to see him stroking with his hand. i pushed the covers down to expose him and watched his hand meticulously jack himself off. my mouth found his nipple and i sucked him with need and i could feel his balls tighten in my hand. my tongue and teeth ravished that bit of flesh in my mouth as i eagerly sucked, nibbled, bit and kept one eye on his massaging hand. this moment i didn’t want to end for once it game me what i needed from him, this tiny bit of normalcy.

as i teased him with my mouth i wondered for a moment if he would cum. his hand was going faster and i could feel his body jerking harder then before as his balls were shrinking slowly in my hand. i kept my eye intently on the act, would his cum shoot up my skin? would it hit my face?

he rolled on top of me and pulled my see through t-shirt over my head and sucked my tender nipples. i winced and groaned as they hurt in a good way. his hand roamed my flesh and rubbed my cunt through my panties. i wanted him inside of me, i ached for him inside of me and it has been so long that his cock invaded the folds of my cunt that i yearned for it.

i was pushed on to my stomach as he pinched at my exposed ass causing me to put my ass in the air like a needy slut. he started to switch my flesh with a bamboo cane starting at my thighs, my ass, my waist and across my back. certain hits would arouse me while others stung as i winced in pain. either way i was soaking my panties and i could feel the wetness press against my flesh as i moved ever so slightly. the curiosity inside of me wanted to stare at the welts on my backside, i wanted to bask at the red lines that decorated my skin.

he pulled my panties from my ass and i heard the rabbit switch on as he fucked me with it. i kept my face in the bed as i grunted to his defiling me. the penetration almost felt real as it would hit the back of my cunt pull out and back again. i closed my eyes and thought of being fucked from behind and as his thrusts grew harder and faster i gripped the comforter in my hands as i held on tight.

feverishly i pushed against the cock trying to get all that i could from it. the vibration against my clit sent me lost in the moment as i came against the thrusting cock and i fell to the bed in a lump of flesh and bones.

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So wonderful! I love the alternation between the intensity of the sexual tension/ emotion and the need for pain. I’m so attracted by the nipple “play” and the caning you received, juxtaposed against the brilliant, breath-quickening passion of the rest of it. Damn, woman, you can write!

thank you tom. you always make me blush a little with those words of yours. *wink*

Comment by Tom 03.27.07 @ 2:48 pm

Is that all it takes?! Sheesh, I gotta be more forceful around here. 😉 Loved it and will end up re-reading it a few more times before the night is over… purely for research purposes, or something like that. *wink*

oooo yeah Art you get forceful. just remember i bite back…and hard.

you do all the “research” you need and let me know if you need tutoring. *wink*

Comment by ArtfulDodger 03.27.07 @ 3:21 pm

Mmmmmm wonderful. There was so much here in so little words. It’s a full post. Very sexy too.

thank you my darling chris. sometimes it is hard for me to “write enough”.

Comment by Chris 03.27.07 @ 6:38 pm

You are my kind of woman !!!

u bring loving pain to my sex life !

yes K, if i could only really hurt you sometimes.

Comment by kindabiz 03.28.07 @ 1:21 am

Great post, I love it!

why thank you OS.

Comment by Owned Slave 03.28.07 @ 3:48 am


*laughing*….oh Al, you are ever so clever. *wink*

Comment by Al Sensu 03.28.07 @ 11:57 am

mmmmmm, so very hot Grace. I love how you crave him. The pain, the fuck.

thank you B. now if i can just a little bit more of him my eyes wouldn’t wonder like they do.

Comment by Bad Bad Girl 03.28.07 @ 12:18 pm

Go by Sears and pick up a 12″ machinist ruler. It’s a thin (1/2″ wide) little piece of very flexible steel that is sooooo great for spanking with. Should be no sharp edges, but run a bit of sandpaper over it and it gives such a delightful sting.


you know…i will do just that. i’ll let you know how that works out. you men and your tools. mmmmm.

Comment by silence up2nogood 03.28.07 @ 8:06 pm

I really enjoy the way you describe your ache and need…and of course you’re willingness to be ravaged with no notice. Another well crafted entry.

thank you so much TF. trust me i am soooo willing.

Comment by The Fury 03.28.07 @ 8:52 pm

I’ve missed reading you.

I love watching men jack off 🙂

i miss your posts too Jem.

isn’t watching a man jack off the best thing ever? mmmmmm just thinking about it.

Comment by Jemima 03.29.07 @ 2:56 pm

Very hot post! I love it

thank you nikki. *smile*

Comment by Naughty Nikki 03.30.07 @ 3:01 pm

Sore nipples. Delightful to receive, lovely to have, so hard to keep.

Tweak, twist, and repeat. Until you cry.

you would know all about that wouldn’t you my sweet sweet fluffy one?

Comment by Liras 04.01.07 @ 6:35 am

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