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The Room
Tuesday August 25th 2015, 9:07 pm
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Photo by Rick Legal

Photo by Rick Legal

The room had one pathetic excuse for a lamp lit. There was a haze that lingered at the ceiling from tobacco smoke and other vices. The black out curtains had been drawn the whole weekend unless they were thrown open to fuck against the frigid bay window overlooking the city lights.

He was sitting at the small wobbly table frantically writing away in a worn notebook. You could always tell when he was in a trance by the cigarette burning away loosely between his lips. He never bothered to wipe away the fallen ashes.

She was lying on her stomach watching him from the bed. The covers littered the floor along with clothes that were strewn from two nights prior. The maid hadn’t seen the inside of the room since the previous occupants vacated.

There was a slight mannerism that caused her to crawl to him from her comfortable spot. He had extinguished the cigarette and licked his lips. His oral fixation was already nagging. This very act caused her insides to stir and she made her way to him. He didn’t even notice she was on the ground beside him. It was when she grabbed his left hand and pushed his lean fingers into her mouth that he snapped to reality. She licked the tobacco stained fingertips. He dropped the pen to the table and it rolled to the floor.

Eyes locked. Lust filled as if it were the first time. Over and over.

He pulled her up, pushed her to the bed, spread her legs and devoured her. Her arms flailed about reaching for a savor and found his head full of hair. She pulled him into her. She wanted to meld into him so there would never be this separation of the world between them. His mouth and fingers pushed her into another plane of existence. She was out of her body in the smoky haze above the bed. When she screamed obscenities into the stale air he knew he found the right spot and rhythm. He wouldn’t stop. She yelled in one syllable words and words he had never heard before. She saw bright lights and her body erupted without her consent. She wanted to ball up but he never allowed it. These orgasms were not for her but for him.

The tears flowed. She didn’t want him to stop. She knew in fifteen minutes she would be pining for more.

“No” and “Stop” were not in her vocabulary.

He always knew just when to stop and also knew when she would crawl back for more. It was when she passed out from the intensity of it all that he moved from the bed back to the wobbly table. Found his pen. Found a cigarette and lit it. He was back in his writing trance.

Special “Thank you” to Urban Sanyaasi for the inspiration.

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Sex Dream
Thursday April 30th 2015, 9:56 am
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Photo by Rick Legal

I’m lying in some small room or maybe even in some kind of vehicle. Two guys accompany me: one behind me by my head and the other in my view. He dips his dirty middle finger inside my cunt.

“Oh, she’s wet,” he gloats.

I distinctly remember seeing the glisten of my wetness on his finger when he pulled out to show his other male companion. I am not happy with this man in front of me. Yet when his finger penetrated me, I had no choice but to feel this longing ache somewhat triggered and satisfied.

I push the dirty man away from me and choose the silent one behind me to take over. Our bodies shuffle around and he chooses to put his head between my legs. I was not expecting this act but his head goes down I gasp. It has been so long that the anticipation had gotten the better of me. His face shoots up in alarm. I close my eyes and try to calm down. I’m sure in reality I was moaning in my sleep. In the dream I pushed my head to the back of his head.

My alarm goes off and I don’t come.

Fucking dreams.

Fucking life.

I need to get laid. Even my subconscious tells me so.

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Tuesday May 14th 2013, 10:26 pm
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Photo by The Rick Legal

Photo by The Rick Legal

Years ago when I first met Tim online he told me how he enjoyed hearing his wife “confess” to him her actions during sex. Being younger, I didn’t quite understand this as I found myself unable to string multiple syllables together let alone confess my sins to my lover. I spent the beginning of my sexual exploration under my parent’s bedroom so noise wasn’t an option and it left me rather quiet. I know Tim tried to engage me in this when we finally were in the same bed but I was unable to talk with him. I know now he was after a specific experience with me and I am not sure I gave that to him.

Fast-forward years later and I am very acquainted with my sexual awareness. I can’t even state that who I am now will remain this way for long. I am constantly evolving and changing sexually. Some things will always remain me: the need to hear, the pain, the fear and the mindfuck. I now understand what Tim was trying to express and the arousal that resulted from the act.

The whole confession plays into the aural aspect of my arousal. Hearing him tell me the things he has done with a lover, the details and me asking questions against his lips. Hands roaming each other’s bodies but no real efforts are made because this is all foreplay. Heavy lids as I soak in each description and reactions, small gasps that leap from my parted lips and the minute moans that vibrate in my throat. More and more build up and my panties are drenched.

He shifted himself behind me and I knew his mouth was going to press against my ear and I even knew he would suck in a small breath as well. What I didn’t expect was what he was going to say to me.

“You’re bad…” he whispered. My skin was instantly riddled with goose bumps, my body curled into a hot ball of arousal and I let out a breath that felt was fucked out of me. “…texting me that you were watching porn while I was in my meeting with other guys around.” His hand found its way under my blanket and grabbed at my naked breast. Everything is electric, my eyes fluttered into my skull, lips quivered and my cunt pulsed in my panties. “Did you come?” His voice was a little more forceful and I blurted out in response, “No.” I’m hypnotized by the tone, the closeness and it felt like my heart was beating between my legs. “Good,” he calmly said with his lips touching the rim of my ear. My body was jerking into convulsions. I never thought innocent and yet naughty text messages would come back to me in this manner. I like being bad, doing very bad things and being told I’m bad.

He fisted my hair and pulled me down to his crotch while still laying on his side. This snapped me from the aural state I was transfixed in. My mouth took the whole length as a growl filled the air; both his hands pushed and held me there till I started to gag. He shifted on to his back and I crawled between his legs as I kept him buried inside me. This is the magic angle with him. The second my mouth was in the right position his hands let go of my hair and they started to shake as I fucked his cock with my mouth and throat. His body convulsed as he spat out curse words and groaned. I felt his cock swell as my tongue pressed against the underside of the shaft to that sweet spot near the head.

“I’m gonna come.” He grunted. I moaned around the base of his cock in acknowledgement. His body jerked as he spurted into the back of my mouth and I swallowed. Every muscle in his body tensed with each release and I kept sucking and swallowing. When the last twitch subsided is when I released him.

Song: We All Fall In Love Sometimes by Jeff Buckley

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Monday April 01st 2013, 10:27 pm
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ringMy phone chirped when I was about to pull off the freeway to his place, “Home now. Door is unlocked.”

I had been waiting for this moment all week. Due to the nature of the beast I hadn’t come since the last time with him. I was clawing at everything.

Carefully I walked up the stairs. My right side was still tender from acupuncture and I’m pretty sure the Dr. told me to take it easy the rest of the day. Pfft. I can’t seem to stop nor slow down unless I’m really sick or post surgery. The thought escaped my mind when I opened the familiar door, leading to the familiar entryway, to the familiar hallway and to the familiar bedroom. He was in bed wearing just boxers and I smiled shyly at him.

I pushed off the flip-flops, put my bag down, stood up, turned around and he was right behind me. I was scared and let out a low whimper as I looked up at him. His hand reached up and tangled into my hair and pulled my head back. My mouth fell open and my eyes were heavy. I thought he was going to kiss me but his pull yanked me downward and I fell to my knees where his hard cock greeted my mouth. His right hand joined his left hand in my messy hair; he shoved himself all the way into my throat and held me there. My hands found their way to his thighs as I swallowed the full length. He let out a sigh. He controlled my mouth on his cock. Sometimes he would yank me back and forth but he would shove and hold more often. My eyes watered and I would gag lightly at the intrusion. Usually I had this control but not now. I felt his body start to tense and I thought he was going to come in my mouth. I felt my panties getting wet as he fucked my mouth.

His hands pulled my hair upward; I hesitated and still felt attached to his cock. He turned my body towards the foot of the bed and he bent me forward. His hands reached around, unfastened my jeans and he tugged everything down. I felt the cold, black iron frame dig into my thighs as my right hand grabbed the metal bar while my left hand gripped the sheets. I started to breathe heavy as he pulled my hips back on to his cock. I let out a loud groan as he pushed the full length inside me. He started to pound and the whole bed moved to his rhythm. The bar dug into my thighs and I loved it. My head was buried into the mattress and I felt like I was being used. I couldn’t have been happier.

Abruptly he pulled out of me.

“Get on the bed.”

All I could see was a blanket of my hair as I pushed off my jeans off to the floor, walked around to my side of the bed and lay on my back. He wasn’t in his spot but sat at the foot of the bed. I spread my legs and his head fell between them. His tongue found my hard clit and I started to speak loudly in tongues. I felt a cold bite push against my cunt and it was the Njoy Eleven making its way inside me. I started to pant at the coldness and the excitement. His tongue swirled as the metal inched inside causing me to stop breathing and my body convulsed. I gripped at a bar in the headboard. I was holding on for dear life. My body violently erupted with orgasm after orgasm. My cunt bucked at the metal dick, every so often my hand would find his head and thrust against his face. I was hardly breathing the whole time his head was between my legs. My skin grew hot and wet. It was a beautiful chaos that felt out of body.

Slowly the invasion stopped. The metal bulge was removed and his face backed away. He found his spot in the bed and I curled into him. His arms wrapped all around me and for as much as I want this man to abuse me, I always find safety in his arms.

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Oral Fixation
Tuesday February 05th 2013, 8:54 pm
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oral_fix“What do you want to eat?” he asked as we were on our backs catching our breath from morning sex.

“Hmmm,” I really wasn’t thinking about food and all I could think about was fucking him more.

“Persian?” he asked as he got up all of a sudden. I watched him shift down the bed and between my legs. I thought he was reading my mind but it was not quite the right reading. He parted my legs and I knew what he was going to do.

“Yess,” I moaned as his mouth touched my cunt.

My mouth was agape and my eyes fluttered back into my skull as he licked. I always feel the world stop when he goes down on me. Time stands still and I have to remind myself to breathe as these sensations bombard my body and mind at once. It’s overwhelming and not enough all at once. I wanted his fingers to push into my wetness but his hands stayed wrapped around my thighs. I started to buck against his tongue as I reminded my self for the second time to breathe. I suppose if I didn’t remind myself to breathe I would gladly die from such an act.

I started to feel the need for penetration. My hand inched down between my legs and snaked into his hair and grabbed a handful. I pushed my cunt into his face. It’s a force that I have no control over. My hand started to spread my cunt open more for him. It was my way of pleading for his fingers to push inside.

The bed shifted and he came up to my mouth kissing me and pushing his cock inside. Instantly I came with a spurt all over his cock.

“Come on my cock,” he demanded.

I came.

“Yesss, come all over my cock.”

I came again.

It’s time like this when I wish he had a clone or a twin. I wanted his cock in my mouth as he was fucking me. My mind kept obsessing on my need for his cock in my mouth. Honestly, I have missed it and I had been very fixated on sucking cock all week. It has been overdue.

“I miss your cock in my mouth.”

His body tensed as he continued to thrust in and out.

“I want your cock in mouth.” I started to push him out of me and before he could lay all the back against the bed, I had his cock in my mouth.

There is nothing quite like the moan he lets out when I first take his cock all the way inside my mouth and throat. I can’t help but moan as I am taking his cock in and out. I was almost frantic sucking on him. It really had been far too long that I had him like this. The last time we were together, I hardly got to suck his cock. It might seem strange to NEED to suck cock but I really NEEDED to do it. Knowing I am giving him pleasure without him having to give any effort makes me happy and aroused. His pleasure is my pleasure.

Every so many seconds his body would tense up and then release. He wanted to come and it was bad. I kept moaning as I relished in pushing his cock in and out of my mouth and throat. His hand snaked down and I think he wanted to jack off so I let him and watched while licking at any part of his cock that wasn’t covered by his hand.

“I want you to come in my mouth.” I said as I kept watching. I love watching him stroke and it was to also know where he focused his hand or what area got the most attention. It was a science. There’s always a reason to my madness. His hand let go and I swallowed him all the way down again. Every once in a while I would gag a little being a little overzealous.

I let me mouth go of his cock and I stared at him, “You’re so hard still.” I shifted my body and mounted his cock. He let out a long, “Yessssss,” as I rocked back and forth. Feeling his whole length up inside me made me dig my nails into his chest. I kept fucking him till I couldn’t contain my orgasm any longer and let out a scream and fell off beside him.

My chest heaved and I glanced at the clock, “Shit, we missed our lunch opportunity.”

I glanced back at him lying there, “It was well worth it.”

He got up and I sat up to tie my hair back to wash up. He was pulling his boxers up when I walked by him and grabbed his cloth-covered cock. I looked at him and smiled with amazement, “You’re not all the way soft!” I squeezed and stroked his cock.

“N-n-no, no, no…” he pleaded and looked worried as I turned his body sideways, pulled his cock out, got down on my knees in front of the mirrored closet doors and pushed his cock in my mouth.

I slipped my mouth off his hardening cock to look up at him and say, “If it didn’t get hard, I would stop.” Then continued to suck his cock as I saw from the corner of my eye, him watching me suck him. He wanted this and I wanted to give him that. I wanted him to watch me sucking him.

We may have missed lunch but it was well worth it. Our sex just keeps getting better and better.

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