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17 Hours
Monday June 18th 2012, 9:48 pm
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Seventeen hours was all we had. Not twenty-four, not forty-eight. Only seventeen hours to catch up, make out, fuck and sleep. Time was not on our side but this is all we had for the moment.

It had been two long weeks since we had seen each other. I had been on edge the whole week. I no longer had any fears of reaching an orgasm because I was teetering on one for 48 hours. I wanted his brutality and even disclosed a safe word to him. I told him not to expect much sleep because I wanted to get the most out of these seventeen hours.

I could kiss him for hours. It’s all I needed to make a puddle of wet in my panties. We spoke in moans, gestures and grunts. There were times when audible words were made but most times it was me crying out to “God” and “Fuck”.

When we kissed, his hand wrapped around my throat and I gasped. My body was stiff, then limp. I could feel the orgasm collect in my wet panties. His fingers pressed against my jugular and I could feel the world close around this pinpoint of a moment; his tongue invaded my mouth, the wetness dripped to my thighs and my body wanted him inside me. His hand let go and I gasped for a breath and a shudder rippled through my body.

Our bodies shifted and my left hand grabbed his cock. He let out an audible sigh of relief. There are times when gripping his cock makes me feel animalistic and this was one of those times. His hand wrapped into the tangle mess of my hair and I knew my mouth was going to meet his cock. He pulled himself up and pushed me onto his cock. I pushed his cock into the back of my throat. Both hands grabbed my hair and pushed my head to take in every inch of his cock. I gagged, sucked and licked. His cock was rock solid and throbbed with two weeks of pent up sexual need.

I pulled my head off, “Suck my tits.”

He lay beside me and shoved my nipple into his mouth. My body arced as I felt every bit of frustration escape from my cunt. His other hand toyed with the free nipple. I was overwhelmed with pure lust. I wanted nothing more than feel any part of him penetrate me. I hadn’t even pushed a toy or even a finger in my cunt in the two-week absence.

I was more than aching.

I was more than grouchy.

I was more than ready.

His hand inched torturously to the edge of my panties. I was near hyperventilating. My hands grabbed at his hair, his arm and his back. I was focused on one thing and it was that very moment a finger would slip so effortlessly inside my two-week tightness. Panties pushed down, my legs spread and I was the needy slut near begging with my body for him to take me.

Invade me.

Finger me.

Fuck me.

His had hovered over my cunt. I sucked in a lung full of air. He slapped at my cunt and I came.

Slap, orgasm.

Slap, orgasm.

Slap. Orgasm.

My groans were pleading with him. Give me what I need. Not want, but need. Finally, finally he pushed his finger inside me and everything erupted. The wetness sprayed from any space he left with his hand and my cunt.

“YESssss,” he grunted as his finger pressed every button in me to come and flood the bed beneath us.

I couldn’t take any more of this as I clenched his cock the whole time. “Fuck me.”

I watched him climb between my legs, felt the head of his cock push and I couldn’t stop the orgasms one after another. I soaked his cock with every thrust he angled inside me. I wrapped my legs around his body as he fucked me till he was out of breath and panting.

“I want your cock in my mouth,” I said pushing him off me and letting him fall on to his back.

I grabbed his swelled cock that was drenched with my orgasms. I stared at how hard and big it was. I pushed the tip in my mouth and he let out a moan. I tasted, licked and sucked myself from the length of his cock. His legs were already tensed and I knew he was almost ready. I started to stroke his cock while lubricating the head of his cock with my tongue and stopped to shove his cock in my mouth. I stroked faster and his body would jerk and lurch.

“Oh fuck,” were the magical words as I shoved his cock deep in my mouth to swallow his come. I sucked slowly and gently taking every bit of him inside me.

I pulled myself back up next to him. We rested for a bit and started the whole process all over again.

Best seventeen hours of my life.

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An Open Letter To Future Male Lover
Tuesday January 24th 2012, 1:17 pm
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Dear Future Male Lover,

You might think it’s so cute that I am always horny or even think it’s novel but it’s not. You won’t think that after you have left your seed in my ass, completely spent and I am pawing at you because I need to come again. I am insatiable when it comes to sex I only require mere minutes to feel this need to be used again.

I like porn.

I like watching porn with you.

I like watching porn with your cock in my mouth.

When I say I like filthy sex, I mean it. That means I enjoy your cock shoved all the way inside me with your hand wrapped around my throat and I don’t mean in a loving way. I want to let out aggression and I want you to let out your aggression on me. This means you can inflict pain upon me but never slap my face. Leave a mark because I want a reminder of our time together.

If you desire my ass and know how to fuck one, then by all means help yourself. If you want to make me come, rub your cock against my asshole. If you want to make me wet, spit on my asshole. If you want me to lose it, come against my asshole. I get very wet so no lube is required.

I’m not a fan of bondage but that doesn’t mean you can’t pin me down. I’m not a fan of flogging props but that doesn’t mean you can’t spank me with your bare hands. I am a fan of toys and especially shiny steel ones so please use as frequent as you like and along with your fingers and cock.

I’m very open minded sexually so if there is something you would like that will get you off, please speak up. It’s even better when we are talking about our sex life in public with people all around us.

If I am sleeping and you are horny, this is an open invitation to fuck me. I want you to want me and I want you to want fuck me whenever you feel the need.

If and when I cry after coming really hard you just need to hold me. We don’t need to talk about it and trust me it’s not you. If anything, be proud because when I come very intensely I will either: cry, be very angry or laugh. Just know you did a very good job.

I have a fantastic sense of humor and I don’t take things too seriously. If you want to crack a joke post fucking, please do so. I have a sick sense of humor so please indulge me.

I love to be wanted and when we are not together please feel free to text or email me that you want to fuck me limp. Knowing one is wanted is key to a sexual relationship and I never grow tired of being wanted.

I get off when you get off. I enjoy making you come and I enjoy swallowing your come. It’s not all about me but us and I want to make sure you getting off as much as I am when we are together.
I love foreplay. I love kissing. I love hearing your words in my ear. You want me “on” then make sure you do the part. I can make out for hours and have plenty of orgasms just by the heightened sense of arousal from those little gestures that are sometimes forgotten when two people engage physically.

Fuck my mind and you can fuck my body.

With Lust,
Dark Gracie

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Little Things
Wednesday December 07th 2011, 11:52 pm
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It’s the little things I notice when I am with him. Like when his cock twitches in my mouth when his hands wrap into my thick, long hair.

Some things I discovered on my own with him but he has given me little hints like how the underneath of his cock near the head is quite sensitive. I always make sure to give this area extra attention with my hand, tongue or mouth.

I love the little sighs he makes when I first envelope his cock into my mouth. Or when he grabs the headboard when he is near coming in my mouth.

He enjoys it when I lightly bite the front of his throat along with licks in between. His throat will vibrate against my lips.

What we share together is the gasp when he first pushes his cock all the way into my cunt. We are both lost for that moment and savoring the feeling. I always want it to last longer than it does.

He never admitted to being much of a sadist but when he is pinching or biting my nipples I can feel his cock rage and pulse with hardness against my thigh.

Then there are the little things that he does that trigger me. His breath in my ear. Him whispering how he wants to fuck me. There are times I orgasm just with this act.

Or the times when my ass is propped up in the air and his hand would trail between my legs. I never know if he would plunge his fingers inside me or do the rare slap on my wet pussy, which always made me gush.

The moment I enjoy the most is that feeling of animalistic need wash over me when we kiss and I grab the back of his head and pull him closer to me by the hair. Those are the moments when I bite and scratch and don’t remember a thing. The only thing I do remember is the panting from a post-orgasmic trip.

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The End
Saturday November 19th 2011, 1:49 am
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I claim that writing is therapy but sometimes it might just be too soon. You don’t want to close the door just yet. You want to leave it hanging open by a crack in the hopes that it’s just not the end yet. But it is.

Writing this year’s NaNoWriMo book has really struck the heartstrings for me. It’s hard to accept the fact that it really is over. No more. Because of this fact it makes writing about it terrible. It comes and goes but when it comes it’s only for a sentence or two and it vanishes.

The masochist screams, “I need pain.”

His hands cup my breasts from behind. His mouth near my ear but not quite at the magic spot just yet. His fingertips squeeze my nipples but my hand reaches to force his fingers to pinch even harder. Probably harder than he should. His mouth moves near my ear. It’s at the magic spot and my ass bucks against his hard cock. My left hand reaches behind to grab at his cock. He sucks in breath and I let out a moan. He hesitates his breath out as if he will say something, a short sentence or a word. I groan. I pull his cock from his boxers and rub the head against my ass. I need him. I need to feel.

I shift on to my back and his hand push into my panties. His fingertips trace the part of my lips. My mind and body anticipate his next move. Deeper they push parting my flesh away. My hand grips the bed while the other grips his back. He teases by slowly tracing and pushing. I feel like my body is going to erupt. He thrusts inside. I’m wet and he hits that spot and my body stiffens and my cunt gushes. I shake as the liquid soaks my panties to the sheets.

“Yesssss,” he hisses so proudly in my ear.

I’m lost. I’m consumed. I’m not in my body.

“H-h-hurt… m-meee.” I stutter.

He pushes another finger inside and more fluids seep out. My nails dig into his back and slowly scrape upward. I can feel his body tense in the pain as his fingers dig deeper in my cunt. Slowly, very slowly he pulls his fingers free with even more fluids falling out. I gasp at the release.

I roll to my stomach pushing my ass in the air. His hands pull my panties from my ass as he rubs his cock against my cunt. My face buries into the mattress as I feel him push. He teases his way inside, then with a final thrust he is all the way in and I grunt into the sheets. I grip the edge of the mattress as he fucks me.

“Fuck me!” I demand.

His hands grip my hips as he pounds harder. He pulls my ass up making his cock swell more and my moans graduate to screams. I feel his cock swell and fill me. I can tell when he is about to come when his body starts to sputter with his thrusts. He is getting close.

“Come. In. Me.” I barely push from my lips.

My brain is mush with a hyper focus on his cock nearing an orgasm. I can feel it. His grip is getting tighter. Almost.

“Come. In. Me.” I say a little louder with gasps and quakes.

My cunt is tightening around his swelling. I am trying to milk him before he is ready.

“Come. In. Mee.” I plea.

He lets out a ground with his fingertips digging into my flesh. Holding. Pushing. Deeper. Hold. Thrust. Spurt.

We stay locked till his cock falls out and away.

“Finger me,” I pant.

He doesn’t question me. He obliges with three fingers forcing their way in my cum soaked cunt and I push back against him. I push hard. I want the pain. I pull forward and push back hard.

“Fuck. Me.” I groan.

I pull and push. I feel the burn of his fingers stretching me. I pull upward gripping the headboard.

I pull and push.

I’m riding his fingers. I’m fucking his fingers.

I pull and push.

My body seizes. My thighs shake. I fall to the bed panting. Heaving.

Slowly he lies beside me. I crawl into his arms and hold tight. My heaving turns into an uncontrollable sob. The tears flow but I’m quiet. I cry into his chest. I’m overwhelmed. The emotions are flood like my orgasms and I am at the mercy of my mind.

“You ok?” He whispers into the top of my head. He’s concerned.

I shake my head yes. I’m ok but I’m not. It’s not him, it’s me.

I wipe the tears away and plant a kiss on his flesh. I can’t wait to write “The End” on this book.

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Thursday October 27th 2011, 7:19 pm
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My legs were wrapped around his waist. His cock was buried deep in my cunt. I was grinding against him as hard as I could. His hands gripped my legs as he fucked me.

I am not sure why all of a sudden I did this but I started to pull him down towards me. I started to whisper into his ear as he continued to move in and out of me, “I don’t want you to come yet. I want to watch porn with you tonight, suck your cock and have you jack off into my mouth.”

“Huh?” He replied, “Say it again.” He panted.

The blood was obviously not in his brain at that moment.

I repeated it all back to very slow and very clear and punctuating with slowly pushing his cock from me.

“Can you wait?” I asked with a smile.

He fell beside me on the bed. I wasn’t quite sure if he might have fallen into a bad mood.

“I suppose,” he said catching his breath.

I seem to enjoy prolonging his orgasm or anyone’s orgasm for that matter.

The tease…

the tension…

the wait.

We went to dinner like we normally do. We talked like we normally do. The only difference was he hadn’t come since the night before and I also knew he loved my mouth around his cock.

We settled on to his futon and he played the porn I had selected. Yes, this particular one had James Deen in it so already I am aroused. We watched several scenes. He had his clothes on and I had a tank top and panties on. My hand would trail around the crotch of his jeans but no stirring just yet. After a few more scenes and more aggressive groping his cock grew. Slowly he unbuttoned, unzipped and dragged his jeans down. I pulled his cock out and watched him play. I found watching him fondle his cock was much more arousing than what was on the TV. I squirmed and would touch here and there.

My head moved closer and my mouth closer to his cock. I pushed the head into my mouth and as I did he let out a sigh.

A sigh of relief.

A sigh of pleasure.

A sigh of gratitude.

His hand still gripped the base of his cock as I sucked and licked. Anything that was happening on the screen was being ignored. His free hand tangled into my mess of hair and pushed my mouth further down his cock. As my mouth engulfed his cock he let out another sigh. I pushed down as far as I could slightly gagging as his cock invaded my throat. I tried to take all of his cock inside till was I near panting in his crotch. I pulled off his cock and watched him masturbate with more vigor. My body was squirming and pushing into the futon. My cunt was jealous of my mouth and as I paid attention to his response to his own hand I knew he was about to come. I pushed my mouth back down on to his cock while his hand continued to play with his cock. His body tensed and he let out a groan as his seed spilled into my mouth. I moaned around his cock slurping and swallowing every bit. I kept his cock in my mouth till it slowly grew flaccid.

He sat there very lax.

“You look like you have done this before,” I smiled up at him.

“Hm? Yes.” He replied.

I sat up next to him and whispered in his ear, “Make me come before I leave.”

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