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Email Cyber-Masturbation
Thursday July 26th 2012, 11:23 pm
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Photo by: Violet+Rye

Photo by: Violet+Rye

Sometimes I wake up in a mood and this particular mood was after a weekend of fucking. I snapped a photo and sent it to Tony with, “I woke up this morning with my panties half way down. I think my body expected to get fucked.”



Tony: In the middle of the night, I woke up furiously fisting my cock…I was fucking you!

Me: Mmm, that explains a lot then. I need a fucking right now.

Tony: So do I. Wouldn’t it be cool to fuck right now!?

Me: Yes, it would. All the windows are open. It would be perfect.

Tony: Fuck yes!

Me: Show me something.

Tony: Mmm, suggestions?

Me: Your hand wrapped around your cock.

Within a few seconds I get another email with an attachment and it’s a very impressive hard cock with his hand wrapped around the base.

Me: You look crazy hard. There’s enough room to put in my mouth.

Tony: I am crazy hard.

Me: I want your crazy hard cock.

Tony: Can I put in your ass?

Me: Yes. Only if you come in my ass or come on my asshole.

Tony: You wet? I’m about to pee myself I’m so hard.

Me: Mmmm yes. I want to come. Roommate is in his room.

Tony: Show me something.

I smiled, grabbed my phone, went the bedroom and shot my hand down my panties. There was no second-guessing or hesitation and I emailed it off to him. I grabbed the vibrator and shoved it down my panties and pressed it against my clit. I rubbed, slipped the tip of the vibrator to the wetness pooling at my slit and dragged it back to my clit. I bit my lower lip thinking about Tony’s cock, thinking about him fucking my ass and wanting him to come.
Then Tony sent me a photo that will always make me feel so warm and tingly inside. The photo was him jerking off to my photo blown up on his laptop with, “Us. Now. We are fucking.” I felt the climb of my orgasm and I was dizzy with lust.

Me: Goddamn, you make me crazy.

Tony: I’m going to come soon… you?

Me: I can…

Tony: Come!

I stared at his photo… couldn’t hold it in anymore and I came so hard but stifling the noise was almost impossible as I groaned into my pillow. I lay there panting with my heart racing and my legs shaking.

Me: Fuck. I came so hard thinking about you fucking and coming in my ass.

Tony: Me too.

Me: You are a bad influence. Now I don’t want to finish my work. I just want to masturbate thinking about you the rest of the afternoon. Thank you. You are so fucking hot.

There you have it, an emailed cyber-masturbation session with Tony.

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Thursday June 28th 2012, 9:49 pm
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Photo by: C.H.S. Regime

There was a crack in the drapes from me hastily closing them the night before. The morning light was peeking through, lighting up the room in a dim glow. The sheets were crisp and white, and the wet spot from last night had dried up. He rolled over to half play with my breast before drifting back to sleep. I was up and I wanted to play.

I pushed the sheets past he waist and revealed his completely naked body. I slid down the bed and pushed his flaccid cock into my mouth. He immediately let out a sigh and rested a hand on my head. His cock grew in my mouth as I kept my mouth completely around his cock slowly sucking. I was savoring every inch, the taste, the skin and it put me in a dreamy state.

I love sucking cock and I get wet when I have a man’s cock in my mouth. It’s like foreplay for me. Hearing him sigh, moan and curse. Seeing him look down at me enveloping every inch of his hardness and gagging as it hits the back of my throat and penetrates the tightness. Feeling his hands wanting me to take his cock all the way to the base and holding my head down till I gag. It all makes me wet. I can’t get enough till he yanks me off or he comes in my mouth.

His cock was swollen in my mouth when he grabbed me and pushed me back on the bed. I was pinned and he kissed me without hesitation. One hand grabbed my breast and I sucked his tongue that was pushed deep in my mouth. He was moaning and very awake at this point. His hand started to slide down my body and rubbed the smoothness of my skin. His fingertips parted my lips and slid in and he groaned when he felt my wetness.

“You’re wet,” he said this pleasantly surprised against my lips. I thought he knew this already about me.

I pushed my mouth to his ear, “Sucking your cock always makes me wet,” I said as his finger dipped and slid but not fully penetrating.

He moaned, pushed his finger all the way inside me and I came very violently.

“Yesssssss,” he pushed from gritted teeth as the wetness sprayed from between my thighs and drenched his hand.

He fucked me till I was screaming in the hotel room and managed to soak the bed again.

The next morning started with my mouth on his cock again.

Days later I have to say, I miss his cock in my mouth.


Photo Credits:
Models: Bella Black and Derrick Paul
Photography by: C.H.S. Regime


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The Rules For Cock Sucking
Thursday March 01st 2012, 7:09 pm
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Last night I was getting a sphinx wax by my esthetician and the subject broached about sucking cock. She started in as she was ripping hardened wax from my cunt area, “I suck at sucking cock.”

I looked at her a little puzzled. We have talked about sex plenty of times but because she was older than me I just assumed she knew what she was doing orally for her man.

“First off,” I told her, “you have to act like you want to do it. Guys are visual and they get off knowing you want to do it.”

I started explaining to her with hand and tongue gestures how to give decent head to a guy.

She looked scared at first but I think by the end of our long talk she felt more comfortable about the topic. I even told her to get in the right headspace first by being aroused prior to the act. I recommended Anais Nin’s Delta of Venus to her because she was a classy older lady but also a MILF to my standards.

It doesn’t stop there. I posted what I had done on my Twitter feed. This sparked responses asking me what I had said and I thought people were shitting with me or it was just guys wanting a rise with the details of giving a proper cock sucking. I really paid it no mind.

This morning I sat at my computer ready for work and it dawned me in a  Fight Club inspired way there should be some short and sweet list of rules for sucking cock. Maybe just maybe there were people out there that wanted to know if they could be missing something. Plenty of books have been written about the subject and every cock is different but I thought, why not. I will claim now that I am not some cock-sucking master either. I know from my experience and what men I have been with enjoy. So without further ado, I give you:

The Rules For Sucking Cock as inspired slightly by Fight Club by Dark Gracie

First rule about sucking a cock: You have to want to suck the cock.

I would like to think this rule is self-explanatory but let me reiterate: YOU HAVE TO WANT TO SUCK THE COCK. Yes, YOU want to do this. You are not pouting or making a face or huffing and puffing. Want to do it.

Second rule about sucking a cock: Lick. Lick the head, the underside and down to the balls. Don’t forget the balls.

It’s a tease at first. Guys hate it but it makes the anticipation that much greater. Swirl the tongue around the head and make sure to focus on that area of the head on the underside. It’s super sensitive and as one guys said it’s the male clitoris. I like to suck and lick this area very well and move down the underside of the cock and give the balls proper attention. Be gentle and lick and suck away.

Third rule about sucking a cock: Prove it! Softly moan, eye contact, put his hand on your head and rub his cock on your lips and face.

This rule is to actually prove you want to suck cock. Show it and don’t be shy now, you are already between his legs with a cock in your face. You can take what you want from this rule but I know he enjoys when I do those things by his reactions and gasps. Your job is for his arousal. For me, his arousal is my arousal. It pays off trust me.

Fourth rule about sucking a cock: Start at the head, a little down and back up at a time. Keep your tongue flat against cock as you suck.

Again adding to the tease but you will notice his gratitude once your lips wrap around the head of his cock. I like to wrap my hand around the base and start to slowly suck down a little and back up, down a little further and back up again. Slow and then start to speed up a little.

Fifth rule about sucking a cock: Every so often take the full length of his cock into your mouth. It’s ok to gag on it. Yes, they like that.

Don’t just focus on sucking on the head of his cock. That is the easy way out in getting him to come. This is not the point. Swallow the length of his cock and keep swallowing to open your throat. It’s ok if you gag because that just lets him know he is well hung and you can’t take it without some gagging. Watch the teeth and keep that tongue running along the underside of his cock.

Sixth rule about sucking a cock: Get creative if your jaw becomes sore or you need a slight break.

Yes, even my jaw gets sore and I am pushing the limits because I want my man to have a fucking good time. However, when you just need a few seconds to close your mouth there are few things you can do: You can lick, you can jerk him or my favorite: have him jerk off with your lips grazing the head of his cock. I don’t have a problem grabbing his hand and giving him the notion I want to watch him jack off. I will start to lick and suck the head of his cock as he strokes and then I will forget about the pain in my jaw and start sucking him with his hand still stroking at the base.

Seventh rule about sucking a cock: Observe his body language for the cue of him nearing an orgasm.

Each guy is different and yes some guys can’t even come by oral sex but the body doesn’t lie. When I see his body starting to stiffen and his cock starts to feel like it’s swelling even more in my mouth then I know it’s “go time”. Get your sucking lips on because now it’s time to suck hard and fast. I will cup his balls with my hand while still grabbing the base of his cock. I will plunge his cock deep in and out and suck more than before. Don’t stop at this point, your mouth my hurt and your muscles will be screaming with burn but it’s about to pay off.

Eighth rule about sucking a cock: Swallow.

Again each guy could be different and maybe he does like giving titty sprinkles but a lot of guys I talk to prefer a woman to swallow his cum. You are thinking: gross or it tastes bad. Here is what I have learned about not making the taste as foul as it can be. Right when he is about to come, push his cock as far into your mouth/throat as possible and just swallow constantly as he is coming. You will taste some but not the full on taste that would make a sour face. He will appreciate your efforts I assure you. Nothing says, “I lust you”, more than swallowing his orgasm.

Ninth rule about sucking a cock: YOU’RE NOT DONE!

Look, don’t just swallow his cum and jump off him. It’s not quite over and what I like to do is just gently and I mean gently continue to suck him till his cock grows flaccid. The penis is super sensitive after an orgasm so don’t suck hard. Be gentle. Be caring.

Yeah, I couldn’t come up with an even number of rules so deal with it. This concludes my dissertation on sucking a cock and I hope you found it informative and arousing. I didn’t include rimming or anal play and I didn’t include uncircumcised cocks but I’m not perfect.

This Isn’t A Love Story
Tuesday February 14th 2012, 12:03 pm
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This isn’t a love story.

This isn’t about a romantic evening we had together on a corporate-ruined holiday. No, this is a story of lust.


Don’t buy me flowers.

Don’t buy me candy.

Don’t bother with the card.

Show me.

Tell me.

Touch me.

Give me orgasms. Give me wetness. Give me goose bumps. It doesn’t cost anything but your time and effort. We both will benefit from this transaction, I assure you.

Fuck me.

Use me.

Hurt me.

A lasting mark, soreness and a memory is going to be substantial and shows me that you really care about my wants, my needs and me.

Give me what I want and I will show you my appreciation with my mouth. Dragging my body down as your hand is wrapped around your hard on. Flicking the head of your cock with my tongue. Pushing your hand around the base of your cock as I slowly suck up and a little further down, back up and even further down. Making my way to your hand. Hearing your gasps and your moans. Your hand falls away as I push your cock into my throat. You slur, “Yessss” and your hands hold my hands that are placed on the bed. As I suck my tongue runs along the underside of your cock. I know this area is sensitive to you and I know how much you like the tip of my tongue pressed against the head as I make my way back up. I pry my mouth from your cock licking down, down and lick at your balls. Sucking your balls into my mouth. You like this with another slurred, “Yessss”. I love pressing your cock against my face and then sucking the underside back to the top again.

I want you to come.

I want you to come in my mouth.

I want to swallow your come.

I start to fuck your cock with my mouth. I can feel your body tensing and slightly releasing. Tensing. Tensing. Tensing. Your hands grab a hold of my left hand as my right hand wraps around the base of your cock. I can feel the veins pulsing and filling as you let out an audible, “Fuuuckkk.” Your body jerking as your cock unloads into my mouth. Swallowing every drip down. Softly and tenderly sucking as your cock retreats. Your grip loosens and your panting subsides.

This wasn’t a love story, no; it was a story of lust.

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Cock Starved
Thursday July 21st 2011, 6:45 pm
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We were comparing our calendars trying to figure out the next time we would see each other. Just when I thought it would not be that bad, it became bad. We are staring at three weekends of not seeing each other, which comes out to four very long weeks. Sure we have done this before but not in this state that we are in. I am in the process of a new lover, which means my mind is in hypersexual mode. How is this any different than my usual state? Very different.

The beauty of another lover coming into the picture causes even more arousal. My mind wanders more and I always have this stupid grin on my face. Most girls know this grin, it’s the “I have a secret and I will tell it, if you ask.”

This causes the sex I have to be more intense.

This causes the thoughts I have to be more intense.

This causes my masturbation to be… more… intense.

We were lying on his bed and I nestled into his chest, “I can’t believe it’s going to be four weeks before I see you again.”

He hugs me to comfort me. I know he is wondering why I am having such a fit over this. He tells me it will be ok. We’ve done this before.

The moment I knew it was going to be weeks my body went into a panic. I will not be having sex for how long? The panic turns into dread. The dread works into my already elevated emotions. I tear up.

We start have sex and it’s the most intense sex I have had in a while with him. He is behind me moving all the way in and out. The head of his cock is perfectly hitting my g-spot every time. I am moaning and pleading with God. Each orgasm causes my body to shudder and clench tightly around his cock. There are times when I push him completely out to ride out the orgasmic quake and he forces himself back inside me. This invasion eventually causes me to push him out again with my feet propped against his planted knees. For once, I can’t take his cock constantly making me orgasm violently.

He falls beside me as he usually does. I am balled up trying to catch my breath. Trying to find myself again. I am lost somewhere between my mind and the wall behind his bed. My hair is tangled in a mess. He can’t see my face. I am hiding as I regain myself.

I push a handful of hair from my face.

“There you are,” he says.

I let out a small gasp for a laugh and I see his cock half erect. I really can never walk away from a not fully spent cock and there won’t be a first. I slide down his body with him still on his right side. I am already envisioning him fucking my mouth from this angle. I lick the tip and swallow him whole. I wrap my arm around his backside because I want to gag on him. I want my eyes to tear. I want him to use my mouth. He is making noises above me and I feel his hand lightly near the back of my head. I grab his hand with my free hand and slam it into the back of my hair as my other hand digs my nails into his ass. I want him to force my head on his cock. He lets out a gasp when I do this and I feel his hand push my head down on his cock. I let out a moan. I want more.

The saliva in my mouth starts to seep from the seal I have around his cock and I don’t care.

The tears are streaming from my eyes and I don’t care.

I am gagging at his cock invading my throat and I. don’t. care.

His hand releases me as he grabs on to the black iron headboard and I push him on his back. I straddle his right thigh as I grip his cock with my right hand as I continue to move my mouth up and down on him. His body is starting to tense and shake. I know he is about to come.

“Fuck,” pushes out from his mouth as I feel his seed spurt in waves in the back of my mouth. I swallow every drop of him while gently moving up and down on his cock.




I pulled my cock-stained face up to his chest and fell limp.

“That was persistence. Thank you.” He said.

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