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captured, tortured & teased
Friday November 25th 2005, 9:36 pm
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I am working from home and trying to be a good little employee, but my husband called in sick. I was horny since I woke up. I kept leaping from my desk to visit my husband on the other computer to have him tease my body and grab my breasts. At times he would come in and lift up my shirt and play with my breasts really rough. I was so wet, hot and bothered. I wanted him so bad. I pleaded with him to ease my horniness. He entertained me for a moment and fucked me from behind for a few minutes and sent me back to work.

The minutes inched along ever so slowly…till it was time.

I get ready for him. Bathe, pull my hair back as he requested and he picked out the thong. As I was shutting down the computer, without my knowledge he comes up behind me, puts his hand over my mouth, grabs me and guides me backwards. I almost stumble a few times as he leads me quickly towards the dim lit living room. He forces me onto the padded table.

He proceeds to tie down my legs spread open, arms, gags my mouth and places a scarf around my neck. He grabs my breasts and pulls on my nipples. Grabbing the scarf he starts to tighten it around my neck. I try to make any sound that it pleases me, but everything comes out muffled with the gag in my mouth. I am drenched, I want attention to my pussy. I dare not ask, I can’t ask…I am unable to.

Out the corner of my left eye I can see his hard on. He is jacking off. It turns me on to watch him rub his hard cock.

“I am going to cum on your face.”

I go wild with such a thought. He removed the gag and untied my right arm and guided it to his nipple. I pinched and teased his nipple as I turned my face right in front of his masturbating cock. I wanted it. He grabs my right breast so firmly. The grip is hard and I can tell as he slowly started to climax. The grip grew tighter and my tit was popping out of his hand. He was going to cum and he shoots his load around my mouth and up my face and it starts to run off. I swallowed what landed in my mouth and he rubs his cock on my face. It felt so dirtily good.

He lets me wipe off my face and unties my limbs and tells me to turn over. I feel cold liquid on my back. He starts to massage baby oil on to my back and legs. He starts talking to me, how he has always wanted me like this. It was a fantasy of his, to have me “captured” and all oiled up on a table. He starts to spank my ass and pinch me. He keeps talking and basking in this reality. He grants me permission to masturbate on the table. He sits on the couch and strokes his cock as I squeeze my legs together and experience two long, wonderful orgasms.

He runs a bath and tells me to get in the tub but not to sit down. He wants me to lean up against the wall so he can soap off the baby oil from my backside. I feel like his little sex slave standing there ever so obediently.

“Get on all fours.”

“Oooo you are so wet.”

He easily slips in the dildo and works my pussy till I cum.

What a lovely ending to a tempting, torturous day.

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