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can't remember the…
Tuesday December 19th 2006, 5:25 pm
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i crawled into bed. i wanted him so bad. all weekend it was this ritual morning and evening tease session that would just leave me wet and frustrated. i couldn’t complain, we weren’t in the comfort of our own bed. i would fall asleep and wake up with my shirt pulled up over my breasts and my sweats pulled past my hip.

one morning i actually pushed my hand down his pants to touch his hard cock. touching it was a mistake as it made me want it even more. i would grind my ass against his hard on and even though there was fabric that blocked flesh on flesh, it still felt so good. i kept thinking in the dead of the late night and early morning he would just pull my sweats down and push himself into me while covering my mouth so i wouldn’t make a noise. i hoped for his dark shadow to loom over me and i would know i would be getting fucked.

the ongoing line “i can’t remember the last time we fucked” started to become more frustrating then amusing. time was not on our side when we thought we could find just a moment to fuck before we had left. my patience and demeanor was wearing thin the more i went without a decent orgasm. i felt i was sentenced in this strange public prison where i was being punished of not being able to come.

i come back home to pre holiday chaos. this past week was this strange haze of me putting off this “let’s give the corporations and their board members larger bonuses” holiday. i am this drone moving with exhaustion and when we crawled into bed i could not muster the lust. i felt it widdled away into the cold air.

“you tired?” E whispers to me.

“yes.” i answer in frustration. too fucking tired to fuck.

he kisses me and my lips split from being outside in the cold for hours. i feel more frustrated and in pain. fuck. he can sense there is something not quite right. i turn on my side dreading going to work in the morning and feeling like this.

moments later his arms comes around me and yanks my body into his. he pushes upward and pushed me on my back as he towers above me. he pulls me arms up as his free hand tugs my shirt over me. i start to struggle, i am too tired for this shit. his hand starts to fight my panties down and off one leg. once his hand glided over my freshly shaven cunt i stopped resisting.

his head went down between my legs as his tongue met my clit. i felt the frustration gasp out from between my lips. his fingers parted my lips even more to gain more access to my hardening nub. his tongue licked and flicked. the whole time my mind was racing at the thought of him sinking his fingers inside of me. “i need it, i need it” was chanting in my brain.

he pulled away and his hand traced my slit. “when, when, come on” raced in my mind. “i fucking need this, please”. his fingers pushed inside of me and i bucked upward. my body was so hungry as i pushed into him. my legs started to wrap high on his body as i fucked his fingers. the lower half of my body was in the air as he dug inside of me making me come and clench around him. the room was filled with my panting and grunting. it went from a desire, to a need, to insatiable lust. words no longer formed in my mind as it was blank with this only thought of what was happening at that very moment. the focus was purely on feeling his fingers thrust in and out of me and search out that spot. that spot that makes me flood, that spot that makes me come.

goddamn he found it.

i still need a cock inside of me. i still need to get fucked. i can’t remember…

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Now that IS tired! 🙁

All work and no play …….

yes my dear. i am hoping that all will stop shortly. E and V will appreciate that. *wink*

Comment by pyrhonik 12.19.06 @ 10:00 pm

That should stop immediately. If you require a good large one for your free use…

ha ha NC, always ready to offer up a cock.

Comment by NC 12.20.06 @ 9:53 am

Very well written. I love that feeling “insatiable lust” when the higher brain functions shut down. I call it caveman. Grunt, drool, and thrust!

thank you. yes, i do enjoy that carnal feeling.

Comment by Wild One 12.20.06 @ 12:12 pm

I have been in the “can’t remember when” cycle many times. I too get insanely frustrated and bitchy. No sex makes Chris a very dull girl 🙂 But your writing remains vivid even in your craving.

i almost feel when i am in this state i get very poetic and angry. i like it for the creative aspect, but not for the physical aspect. *wink*

Comment by Chris 12.20.06 @ 6:23 pm

u ro sooo tooo much ! with all that pent up craving and yet not yet bowng down to it ?

plss get on o it …. i need u alive & screaming with lust !

sometimes things are out of my control. be patient, it will come and when it does, it will rupture.

Comment by kindabiz 12.21.06 @ 11:55 pm

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