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Sunday November 20th 2005, 9:35 pm
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It is so nice to be back on track. All I can remember is this bondage and some little tid bits for some reason…hmmmmm.

Friday Night

I am thinking that it will just be a late night of laundry because he had to work the next morning. Sitting at the computer in a very skimpy thong, he comes in and alerts me that he has called in sick to work and grabs my breasts. I leap up and say, “let’s fuck”.

Moments later…I am on all fours on the ground. He grabs that skimpy thong and rips it from my body. Then uses it to tie my hands together. That was so hot using my soaked thong to bound me.

Saturday Morning

We fuck and it is awesome. I am bent over with my hands on the ground and he is on the edge of the bed. I am fucking him. Felt amazing I had to get on top of him and fuck him till I came.

Saturday Afternoon

He takes a scarf and ties it at my elbows from behind me. This keeps my arms at my sides. He then takes another scarf and ties my wrists at my body width apart. Very interesting bondage, he must have learned this recently. It made for great restriction and amazing sex. At one point I am bent over the bed with a scarf around my neck as he is fucking me and pulling the scarf.

I am bent over his knee as he is spanking me hard and my ass is bright red. He admitted later he had to stop in fear that he was going to bruise my ass.

We are taking a bath and I say something smart to him and he makes me get up with my hands on the wall with my soapy, wet ass sticking out. He spanks each ass cheek as he shoves his finger in my ass. What a punishment.

I was so close to skipping the wedding we had to go to, so we could just stay home and fuck…mmmm.

Sunday Afternoon (we did not get to bed till 4am)

He lays me on a padded table. I am his prize in submission. He fondles my body. I am getting creamy wet. I want him so bad. He spreads my legs and teases my pussy with just little touches. I cannot bare it. He allows me to get off the table and on the bed. He starts to fuck me. He covers my nose and mouth and once he allows me to breathe I go wild and start to buck while he fucks me.

I cannot wait till he gets home tonight…I have a surprise for him.

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