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Tuesday April 17th 2007, 7:51 pm
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i am utterly exhausted and this training takes a different toll on me every week. i know today i nearly did not eat enough and perhaps that is some kind repercussion  of how i ate yesterday.  on top of all of that i am at a road block with writing. how many different times can i write about getting fucked? i have done this for a year and half going on two years and i am sure it is all starting to sound the same.

i can’t stop thinking about fucking another man. it courses through my brain so strongly this spring. for me to “behave” is going to be a miracle at this point in time. the blood is hot beneath my flesh along with the longing that sits at my core. however, there is a particular man i want. it is not just any man you see, it is someone remarkable, someone that makes me sputter and i have yet to find him.

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I get writers block often. Only it comes in the form of photographers block, writers block, designers block…lacking inspiration is my curse. Luckily I usually know just where to look to find it 🙂

I still enjoy what you write about so keep on writing no matter how “old” you think the “fucking” writing is 😉

Comment by Cha0sByDesign 04.18.07 @ 8:16 am

It does not all sound the same, hon. I promise you. Our own lusts and desires and sexual experiences evolve and grow as we do, as we do more things. Honestly and bluntness creates variance and interest. I often feel that my sexual misadventures is repetative. I mean how many times can I write about fucking the same guy? But in the end, I write it because it gets ME off. If it gets other people off, even better! So basically, don’t stop! 🙂

Comment by Chris 04.18.07 @ 6:00 pm

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