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bleed for me (real)
Thursday January 18th 2007, 8:11 pm
Filed under: Deviant Dreams

he was groping his cock outside his jeans. i wondered just how long he would sit there rubbing his cock. i was finishing up some tasks and when i glanced at him randomly he was still stroking and grabbing. i watched his wedding ring flash against the lighting of the room.

“lemme see it.”

slowly he unbuttoned his jeans and slid the zipper down like a stripper.

“such a goddamn tease.”

“uh huh.”

he had my attention as he revealed his hardon to me. he started to stroke it slow enough for me to see the detail of his action. watching him jack off triggered this uncontrollable need to masturbate. my hand shoved down into my sweats and not surprisingly i was already wet. i lifted my leg over my chair and continued to watch him.

i watched his free hand go off from view. i saw the shadow of an exacto knife come into view. my hand sloshed in my wet cunt as it came into view. he slowly scraped the sharp blade on his cock and my breath grew ragged. i was quiet with my interactions with him i wanted to see what he would do next.

the blade started to shove delicately into the base of his cock. i gasped not knowing if he was just teasing or actually going to draw blood for me. i watched his fingers squeeze and i started to see a dark spot grow from his flesh. my finger tips slipping over my clit with a need and a moan gurgled in my throat. he was bleeding for me and i was getting off on it.

i kept cursing at him as he swiped the building glob on to his finger tip displaying it for my view. i watched him move his finger upwards towards his open mouth cleaning his finger with his tongue. the blood smeared and mixed with his saliva creating a diluted blood color. i looked down and watch more blood seep from his fresh wound, he wiped and smeared this blood away. the whole time stroking his hardon and i knew this was not all talk, he was getting off on this just as much as i was.

my body started to jerk and my moans and breathing was jagged as i kept cursing him with the weak breath from my lungs. i was soaking the fabric around me and my motions were frantic and needy as i was focused on his bleeding, hard cock. i started to come hard and was riddled with tenseness. i sat there panting, trying to regain my breath with my hand still in my wet heat. my body was shaking.


i watched him take hold of his cock firmly and up against his belly. i watched the white ooze shoot out immediately. i love that he can cum on demand.  i kept rubbing my sensitive clit to another orgasm as i gazed at his cum covered flesh.

that image was burned into my mind and was the very thought that caused my orgasms for days to follow.

thank you V.

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Very intense and sensual.

thank you Chris.

Comment by Chris 01.20.07 @ 12:21 am

Brutally sweet.

mmm thank you liras.

Comment by Liras 01.21.07 @ 7:07 pm

oh that was wonderful. i so missed you while I was away.

thank you pan. i missed you too. i need to email you when i get a moment to myself.

Comment by Pandora 01.23.07 @ 4:23 am


heh thank you honey buns.

Comment by Bunny Lebowski 02.07.07 @ 4:05 pm

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