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before dawn
Saturday January 13th 2007, 8:57 am
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i heard his alarm go off at 4:15am and i had been up since 1am. when the alarm was silenced and i did not hear him stir i decided i should try to get back to sleep. the second time the alarm went off he stirred.

“what were you doing?”

“reading…writing,” i creaked.


“couldn’t sleep so i thought i would get up and try to get tired.”


“talking to your boyfriend?”


my hand reached under his blanket to find his cock. i started to gently stroke it and fondle it. my hand traveled downward to cup his balls in my hand. he moaned in his throat a little as he tried to wake up. my hand felt his soft skin and squeezed his hardness. i enjoy feeling him grow hard to my touch.

he pulled out of bed and walked over to my side. he pushed my blanket from the lower half of my body and pushed his hand between my legs and cup my cunt. my ass rose to his grasp and his hand grazed across the folds without an intrusion.

“turn over.”

i turned on to my back and spread my legs cheapishly. he sat on the edge of the bed with his back towards me and placed his right hand between my legs and ran two fingers up and down my opened slit.

“you’re wet. why are you wet?”


his fingers pushed inside of me and i groaned. i tried to explain to him but his words pushed over mine, “were you talking to your boyfriend huh?”

“n-noo,” i gasped as he hit my g-spot. i couldn’t think nor muster a response at his lashing words that were equally matched with his invasive fingers.

“were you talking to him is that why you are wet?”

i tried to force out the words but instead they were replaced with guttural moans. his fingers pulled out slick and wet as his finger tips moved to my hardened clit. he rubbed rhythmically as i started to squirm uncontrollably. i tried to focus on being still and it wasn’t working. my mind was in fast forward with flashes and a lust panic as my nails started so dig into his thigh while the other hand grabbed the bed sheets. his fingers glided back inside for a rub on my g-spot and my back arched. i felt like i couldn’t breathe as i gasped for air. again he slipped out, rubbed my clit causing more squirms, then back inside and i lost it. my body shuddered and then my mind floated back down to reality. i was panting and soaking the bed beneath me.

after his “goodbye” i pulled the covers up over my naked flesh and managed to get a couple more hours of sleep.

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I was going to leave a comment when I read this earlier, but your sexy writing inspired me to do some of my own. The thought of you “squirming uncontrollably” leaves me wet and breathless.

yeah? gonna write about it BBG?

i always enjoy it when i can affect someone with my words. i would love to see and touch that.


Comment by Bad Bad Girl 01.13.07 @ 12:11 pm

My wife has rarely had the pleasure of feeling me grow hard in her hand. I love that feeling too, but I’m almost always hard before she gets to it. She calls me “old reliable.” Both words true.

that is cute al. i like both “old” and “reliable” very much.

Comment by Al Sensu 01.13.07 @ 9:36 pm

Early morning sex. Delectable. Addictive.

it is quite a thing to start the morning off with cursing and wetness. it gives the mind something to arouse the rest of the day.

Comment by Liras 01.13.07 @ 10:06 pm

That’s something that will put you back to sleep. Orgasms always lull me. And I love morning sex. 🙂

mhmm that did the trick.

Comment by peniscradle 01.15.07 @ 4:05 pm

Ooops. Wrong persona. Didn’t realize I was still logged in on wordpress. Let’s try same words from this identity. 🙂

ha ha! i just got that once i poked around your blog. *wink*

Comment by Chris 01.15.07 @ 4:08 pm

I bet it all sounded quite familiar. So many blogs, so many personas. How can one keep it all straight…?

indeed, very true.

Comment by Chris 01.16.07 @ 4:10 pm

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